Most Effective Techniques To Solve Error Code: M7363-1260-00000026

Error code: M7363-1260-00000026 is one of the most common errors encountered by Netflix users while using the Netflix application on their system. This error code is generally related to browser issues on the system. 

In most cases, this error code shows up when you are using the browser in Private mode. Sometimes, an outdated version of the web browser application can also cause this error.

If you do not have enough storage space on the system, then you may find this error code to pop up. If the Widevine Content Decryption Modules have not been updated or it is turned off then also this error code shows. 

In order to help those users who are facing this problem on their system, we have come up with this post. Here, in this article, you will get to know all the possible fixes for this particular error. And applying them accordingly will hopefully, resolve this glitch in your system.

Reliable Solutions to Fix Error code: M7363-1260-00000026

Before going to any solutions, the first thing you need to do is to reboot the system. After rebooting the system, check if the error still persists or not. If you still find this error, then try the solutions explained below.

These fixes which we are going to discuss can help you get rid of the Netflix error code: M7363-1260-00000026 on the system without any hassle. Hence, read the instructions carefully and apply them accordingly.

Solution 1 – Clear Browser’s Local Storage

This is one of the easiest solutions to solve this error code on your computer. Cleaning the browser’s local storage solves this issue on many occasions. To clean it, follow these directions:

  1. Hold the Windows button and press the E key to launch the File Explorer window. 
  2. From the Explorer window, select This PC and then choose the drive that you want to clean.
  3. Right-click on the drive to open the list and select the Properties button.
  4. From the Properties window, go to the General tab and then select the Disk Cleanup button. 

Once it is cleaned, reboot the system and then check if the issue still appears or not. 

Solution 2 – Delete User Profile

If there is a problem with the browser’s user profile, then the error code M7363-1260-00000026 can come up on the screen. So, you need to remove the user profile to fix this issue. 

If you have Mozilla Firefox then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox application.
  2. In the Mozilla Firefox window, go to the Profile section and then select the Remove button to delete the user profile.

If you are using Google Chrome, perform these steps:

  1. Launch the Google Chrome application.
  2. When the Google Chrome window opens, move the cursor to the Profile tab, select it to open the list. 
  3. Select the Manage people button from that list and then choose the profile that you are using. After that, click on the Remove option to delete the profile. 

After deleting the profile, create a new user profile and then use the Netflix application on the system. 

Solution 3 –  Check the Internet Connection

A poor internet connection is often the reason this error code pops up on the system. So, before using the Netflix application, you need to check if the internet connection is working correctly or not.

If you are using a WiFi connection and face this error code, then you need to restart the Wifi connection. After restarting the connection, if the problem still shows, then you can use the Ethernet cable and check if the problem is solved or not. 

Solution 4 – Refresh the Page

Sometimes, refreshing the page can solve the Netflix error code M7363-1260-00000026 on your computer. So, when you see this error code on the screen, you should click on the reload icon which is located next to the address bar of the page. Then try to open the Netflix application. 

Solution 5 – Close Private Browsing 

An alternative solution is to close private browsing from the browser. The following steps will help you:

  1. Close all open browsers.
  2. Wait for a few seconds and then again open the browser. 
  3. Try to use the Netflix application. 

Solution 6 –  Clear the Cache Data, Cookies, and Browsing History

If you do not remove the cache data, cookies and browsing history from time to time, then you might see this error code on your computer. So, you should remove them from the browser. 

If you are using Google Chrome, then try to follow these directions:

  1. First of all, open the Google Chrome application by double-clicking on the Google Chrome icon. 
  2. When the Google Chrome window opens, go to the Menu section and select the Settings button.
  3. In the Settings window, scroll down the page until you find the Advanced tab, and select it.
  4. From the Advanced window, click on the Clear Browsing data button from the Privacy section. 
  5. From that window, set the time range that you want and then mark on the Cache Data, Cookies Data, and Browsing Data. After that, click on the Clear Data button to remove them.
  6. Next, again go to the Browsing Data window, navigate to the Advanced tab, select all the items and then click on the Clear Data option.

After performing these steps, relaunch the Google Chrome application and then use Netflix. 

If you have the Mozilla Firefox application, then follow the steps cited below:

  1. Firstly, open Mozilla Firefox. 
  2. When the Mozilla Firefox window opens, go to the menu icon and then select the Options button.
  3. From the Options window, go to the Privacy section, click on the Clear your recent history button. 
  4. In the next window, set the Time range to clear to Everything and then select the Clear Now button to clear them.
  5. Next, go to the Advanced tab on the left side panel and then navigate to the Network tab. 

Scroll down the page until you find the Cached Web Content and then click on the Clear Now option. After doing this, open Mozilla Firefox and then use the Netflix application.

Solution 7 – Update the Browser

If you are using an older version of the web browser, then you may face the Error code: M7363-1260-00000026 on the browser. So, you need to update the browser to fix this issue.

For Google Chrome   

  1. Open the Google Chrome application.
  2. When the Google Chrome window opens, select the Menu icon and then click on the Help button.
  3. In the Help section, select the About Google Chome option. In the next window, Chrome will check whether any updates are available or not. 
  4. If yes, then it will automatically update the browser. After updating the browser, use the Netflix application. 

For Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch the Mozilla Firefox application 
  2. Navigate to the Menu list and then select the Help button.
  3. Click on the About Mozilla Firefox option to open it. 
  4. In that window, Firefox will find whether an update is available or not. If yes, then it’ll download them automatically. 

Once the download is complete, install them properly and then use the Netflix application. 

These are the major solutions to get rid of the Error code: M7363-1260-00000026 on the browser. Hope, this post is useful to you. 

So, go through this article carefully and perform these fixes one-by-one on your computer to eliminate this error. If you’re still, you are getting this error code, then we suggest you consult with an expert for further guidance.  

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa