Resolve Error 3835 for MS-Access & Video Streaming Platforms

You can witness error 3835 in Microsoft Access and EngageMe.TV. The error can occur due to various reasons. A fault within the video streaming networks, improper proxy settings, an increase in hardware acceleration, and other similar conditions can result in this issue. 

In Microsoft Access, the user will not receive any warning at all. An error message box will appear with the error code written on it. According to the tech experts, this can happen due to the virus and other malware. Sudden disconnection of the internet connection can be a possible cause. So, let’s get to understand the problem in detail.

Fix the Error 3835 for Microsoft Access

Before you begin, make sure that the MS Office installed on your computer is a licensed version. As per the statistics, a few people also faced this issue when they are using the cracked version of the software package. Now, proceed to the solutions. 

1. Eliminate Software Priority Conflicts

When more than one application is running in the background, they search for the priority process. As a result, the priority clash can easily take place which can lead to the error 3835 MS Access.  Navigate to the Task Manager, and carefully observe the applications that are consuming more memory. Select them and hit on “End Task”. 

2. Resolve the Runtime Error of Internet Explorer

If the default browser of Windows faces the runtime error, then there is every chance of the error 3835 to take place. So, if Microsoft Access gets affected, reset the settings and disable the scripts of the browser. When you are using Windows 7, navigate to the Control Panel, select the “Internet Options” as well as the “Advanced” tab. Here you will find the “Reset” option. 

Your next task will be to disable the debugging of the script. In the same “Advanced” Tab, look out for the “Disable Script Debugging”. Now, uncheck all the boxes and click on Apply. After that, restart the system to make the changes effective. 

3. Clean up the Disk Drives 

There is a high possibility of residual files that might be present in your disk drivers. That is why the error 3835 pops up in Microsoft Access. Navigate to the “My Computer” or “This PC”. You can easily see the disk drives. First, verify the system drive, generally, it’s C: for every system. Right-click on the drive to open “Properties”. In the “General” tab, hit on “Disk Cleanup”. Wait till all the residual files are gathered, and delete them. From now onwards, Microsoft Access will not show the error.  

4. Software Fighting for Highest Priority? Remove them All

As per the professionals, most of the third-party applications try to function with the help of the highest priority set by the system. So, you can easily remove those third-party applications with the help of any dedicated uninstaller of the system. Hopefully, error 3835 will not occur again. 

5. The Run-time Libraries: Get the New Version 

The system runtime libraries consist of Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable files. Getting its new version might help you to resolve the issue. The Microsoft support website will provide you with the latest version of the package. You have to extract them and install them. After that, for changes to become effective, restart the system. 

Fix the Error 3835 for Video Streaming Platforms 

The users of Smores.TV (now known as Hideout. TV) and EngageMe.TV are facing the error 3835. These two video streaming platforms are built to provide you with entertainment packages. 

Recently, Hideout.TV is facing a problematic situation in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Sweden and Netherlands. If you are a permanent citizen of this country, then have a look for easy solutions, and we have summed all tried and tested recoveries here. 

1. The VPN and Proxy: Stop it Temporarily

Access to the Task Manager will help you to stop the VPN application. Other than that, regarding the proxy, you need to navigate to the “Internet Options”. From the “Connections” tab, choose LAN Settings. There, uncheck the “Use a proxy server for your LAN”. 

2. Never use Hardware Acceleration 

Running the hardware acceleration can result in the occurrence of error 3835. Therefore, it is better to turn off the feature from the browser settings. After toggling the button, save changes to eliminate the error. 

3. The System Hardware: Check and Report 

Try to download a system repair tool to detect any issues in the system. On the other hand, you can also try to access the Hideout.TV or EngageMe.TV via other devices. The change in devices will make you log in to the account, once again. 

Are you Banned?

If you haven’t renewed the subscription, then the authority of these two video streaming platforms might restrict you. Due to obvious reasons, you might not receive any notifications via mail or SMS. In this kind of circumstances, you have to keep in mind the expiry date of your current subscription and renew it with the given duration.

What about Mobile Applications?

When you get the error message while watching videos, the application that you are using might be corrupted. In such cases, clear all the cache files of the application. If the problem persists, remove the application from your mobile devices. Restart the device and install the application, one more time. Hopefully, this method will work. 


If the above-mentioned steps didn’t work out, it is time to contact the support center. Call the executives using the toll-free number and narrate the entire situation. After some detailed analysis, they will surely come up with an effective solution. Hopefully, they have a solution that will definitely eliminate the error.