How to Fix Error 0x8007045D And Other I/O Issues on Windows 10?

According to many Windows users, the notification regarding error 0x8007045D is one of the most annoying errors for them. You can experience this problem due to some kind of technical issues in the I/O (Input/Output) device. It can also occur when someone attempts to utilize an external storage drive or device for backing up the system. However, some users have reported that 0x8007045D error code can appear while using a USB stick or DVD to install/re-install Windows. As per many experts, having this error doesn’t affect your PC dramatically with long-term issues. But, ignoring this error code can destroy the integrity of system files on your computer. Hence, before this error triggers any critical damage after corrupting your hard disk, you need to apply some technical fixes.

In this article, you can learn the underlying causes of this error message while installing Windows on your PC. It will also cover some of the best possible solutions to troubleshoot 0x8007045D error code on your system.

Why you are Encountering Error 0x8007045D and What are its Common Signs?

When your Windows device starts encountering error 0x8007045D, it starts giving some solid indications. You will observe that this error code is responsible for halting the installation process of Windows. However, if you are getting this error after installing Windows, it will affect the process of Windows Update.

Some Common Symptoms to Identify Error Code 0x8007045D:

Now, there can be multiple symptoms due to different causes. Hence, in order to troubleshoot 0x8007045D, you need to have a proper understanding of the signs and its underlying reasons.

Symptom 1

Let’s consider the situation when you receive this error while attempting to load Microsoft Windows on your hard drive. Here, the system will generate the message that Windows is unable to install the files that are required for this installation.

Error Notification 1

So, it shows the Error Code: 0x8007045D and asks you to ensure that all the installation files are available. Otherwise, you will not be able to install Microsoft Windows unless the error message 0x8007045D is resolved.

Symptom 2

Users can come across 0x8007045D error notification while performing the full backup of their Windows-based systems. So, when this is occurring on your PC, you can receive some kind of error message before finishing up the backup process.

Error Notification 2

When your device shows symptom 2, it can generate the following error messages.

First, it can notify that due to an I/O device error (0x8007045D), your request wasn’t performed by the system. It will also urge the users to rerun the backup after resolving 0x8007045D.

Second, it can also produce this error message that states the request was not executed due to I/O device error (2147943517). It is also accompanied by a statement that tells you to reinitiate the backup process when 0x8007045D is fixed.


Now, many of you can think why two types of error codes 0x8007045D and 2147943517 are generated. So, you need to understand that this entire problem with the I/O device error can generate both these error messages. However, the meaning and causes of them are quite similar and can be displayed in the form of any of these codes. For more clarity on this issue of 0x8007045D, it is recommended to consult a hardware professional.

Reasons Behind Getting IO Error 0x8007045D:

Your system can be affected with 0x8007045D error code due to various reasons. So, let’s discuss a few of them in the following points.

If the DVD disc in your Windows-based system has become corrupted or damaged, it can generate this error. This error can also occur if the same thing happened with the USB stick attached to your system.

In case, the USB port on your computer is physically damaged or having a technical issue, it can produce 0x8007045D.

Any corrupted sector on your storage device including RAM, hard drive and components can cause this I/O device error.

If Windows Registry has got corrupted or the memory modules have damaged somehow, it can result in 0x8007045D.

Step-Wise Instructions to Fix Error Code 0x8007045D in your Windows:

If you don’t want to deal with the IO error 0x8007045D anymore, you can try the following methods to resolve this issue.

Fix 1- Boot your PC in Safe Mode

In many cases, rebooting the computer in Safe Mode can troubleshoot the error message 0x8007045D. Hence, apply the steps discussed below to see the results.

Step 1

First, launch the System Configuration tool on Windows by opening the Run dialog box. Hence, press the Windows logo and R key at the same time and write ‘msconfig’ in the box. As you click on the ‘OK’ tab or press ‘Enter’, the System Configuration window will appear on your screen.

Then, navigate through the Boot Options and select the ‘Boot’ tab. Now, click on the ‘Safe Boot’ option and hit the ‘OK’ button. So, Windows will then display a message prompt to either press the ‘Restart’ tab or exit the screen without restarting. Hence, choose the tab for restarting your device later and try to check if the copying feature working on your system.

In case, you are able to copy any random files successfully, it indicates that error 0x8007045D is occuring due to a startup item or third-party program on Windows. So, if this is the actual reason behind causing this I/O error, then clean booting the PC can help. This will assist you in detecting the 3rd party apps responsible for generating 0x8007045D.

Step 2

Once again, open the Run dialog box and type ‘msconfig’ in it. Then, click on the ‘OK’ button and go to the ‘General’ tab. Now, tick the checkbox ‘Selective Startup’ and remove the checkmark from the box of ‘Load Startup items’.

Next, click on the ‘Services’ tab and put a tick on the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ checkbox. Finally, hit the button for ‘Disable all’ and click on the ‘OK’ tab.

Wait for your Windows-based device to hide the services from Microsoft and hit the ‘Restart’ button to start the booting process. Whenever your system reboots, check whether you are able to copy files in a clean state and without error 0x8007045D.

Fix 2- Run Windows Disk Check Utility

Many users have observed that whenever they attempt to download any file using P2P applications, it has the tendency to have corrupted clusters. This can further lead to hardware problems or damage to the hard drive. Hence, the best way to resolve these issues is by performing a scan of your device using a built-in disk checking tool. So, let’s take a look at the sequence of steps.

Steps to Follow

To try this fix, click on the Windows Start button and use the Search box to access Command Prompt (Admin). Otherwise, simply open the Run dialog box (press Windows logo and R key) and type ‘cmd’ in it. If you are using Windows 10, you can hit the ‘Run as Administrator’ option after finding the Command Prompt on Cortana.

As you press the ‘Enter’ button or click on Command Prompt (Admin), it will show the window with a blinking cursor. So, write the command ‘chkdsk e: /F /R /X /B’ and hit the ‘Enter’ tab.

By executing this command on Windows, you can scan the desired disk drive on your system. Hence, based on your requirement or possibility of 0x8007045D due to a specific drive, you need to mention it in the command.

This entire process of scanning can take up to several hours if there are huge files in your hard drives. But, make sure to restart your PC after the scan report shows that the task is completed.

Now, you can attempt to copy the files on your Windows in order to confirm error code 0x8007045D has been resolved.

Fix 3- Install Updated Version of Device Drivers

You can apply this solution if the above fixes have failed to troubleshoot 0x8007045D error code in Windows. So, type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the Run dialog box and click on the ‘OK’ button.

This will open the Windows Device Manager window along with the list of devices available on your computer. Here, you will have to figure out the devices which can trigger this error code in the system. You can also take help from a hardware technician or Windows expert to locate these problematic devices.

Then, right-click on the device which includes Universal Serial Bus Controllers, IDE ATA/ ATAPI Controller, and CD-ROM/DVD drives. So, check the stability of your internet connection and select the ‘Update Driver Software’ option.

Now, give some time to Windows to search online for the best possible drivers for these devices. Next, you need to follow the technical instructions to install the updates and check the status of 0x8007045D after restarting your computer. You can also manually install the device drivers updated by obtaining the software from a Windows professional.

Fix 4- Shrink the Volume of your Hard Drive

Now, this solution is exclusively for those users who are unable to fix 0x8007045D with the previous fixes. So, if you are experiencing any technical problems while saving or copying files to your new internal or external storage device, you can try out this solution. Here, you need to follow the step-wise sequences to shrink hard drive volume on your Windows-based computer.

To apply this fix, boot your PC with administrative rights and click on the Windows Start button. Then, select the ‘Control Panel’ feature and go to the ‘System and Security’ option.

Next, hit the link for ‘Create and format hard drive partitions’ and open the ‘Disk Management’ window.

Now, select the drive that is responsible for causing this error and right-click on it. Then choose the ‘Shrink Volume’ option to troubleshoot error 0x8007045D. In case, if you are unable to fix this I/O device error yourself, then it’s better to contact a professional to resolve 0x8007045D.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa