What is ERR_SSL_Version_Interference on Google Chrome & How to Fix it?

The ERR_SSL_Version_Interference error code is one of the most common issues on web browsers. It means that you cannot access the web page you want to open. And, this issue has quite a wide range of possible causes and solutions. You might want to try out some fixes for this issue right now. 

Wondering how to fix the ERR_SSL_Version_Interference error on your browser? Then, try the steps listed below to get an effective solution. In most cases, you can fix the issue all by yourself with these simple solutions. 

But, you might have to try out various solutions before you find the right one. 

ERR_SLL_ Version_Interference Error: Causes and Solutions

The error you face might simply mean that the web page is not available at your location. Apart from that, there are also many other possible causes to consider. As mentioned earlier, there are various ways to fix this error depending on the cause. 

Here are the fixes you can hope to resolve the problem:

Clear the Browser Cache & Cookies

The cache and cookie files on your browser are a common cause of the error. You might have an older web page version saved in your browser’s cache. As a result, you would be unable to visit the current version of the web page. The cache and cookie files might also get corrupted under various circumstances. 

Clearing the cache and cookies is the only way to fix the issues they cause. So, you must try that to get an immediate solution to the ERR_SLL_Version_Interference error. 

Go to the browser settings and opt for deleting your browsing data. Then, select the cache and cookies among the type of data you want to delete.

Relaunch the browser and open a web page again once you are done. If you still cannot reach it, you must ensure a good internet connection. 

Fix Internet Connection Issues

Internet connection problems can prevent you from accessing any web page on your browser. So, you must make sure that you have a proper internet connection on your device. Reconnecting to the network might fix the problem by refreshing the connection. If that is not sufficient, you can forget your router network and reconnect to it. 

Are you using a Wi-Fi connection? Then, the problem you are facing might indicate interference from nearby networks. And, you can resolve that by simply switching to an ethernet connection. Changing your router’s wireless channel can also help you reduce interference to your network. 

Use a VPN Connection to Reach the Web Page

Are you unable to access the web page after trying the previous steps? Then, the site you want to visit might be restricted in your region. In that case, you can still access it using a VPN connection. Download a suitable VPN app on your device if you do not already have one. 

Select a region other than your own and try to access the web page. 

Are you able to open the site this time? If yes, you must keep using the VPN to connect to it. But, if the ERR_SSL_Version_Interference error persists, the problem lies elsewhere. 

Disable Transport Layer Security 1.3 (TLS 1.3)

The Transport Layer Security provides end-to-end protection to your connections on Chrome browsers. But, it might often prevent your browser from viewing specific web pages. Disabling TLS 1.3 can help you get an effective solution in such situations. So, you must try that out if the previous fixes did not work.

Enter the address “chrome://flags” in a new window and enter “TLS” in the search box. Click on Default next to TLS 1.3, and select the “Disabled” option. Save the changes before you exit the page and reboot your device. Then, try to open the site again and check whether the ERR_SSL_Version_Interference error persists. 

Correct Your Device’s Date and Time

If the error keeps showing up, check the date and time on your device. Do you find that your device has the wrong date and time? If yes, then that could be why you cannot open the website on your browser. You can set the right date and time on your device as a solution.

Navigate to the Control Panel if you use a PC, and open the Date and Time section. Then, click on Clock and Region and opt for changing the date and time on your device. 

Make sure to save any changes before you exit the window. Open your browser again and check on the ERR_SSL_Version_Interference error. 

Disable Your Antivirus Software

If you fail to access a website repeatedly, your antivirus might be preventing you from accessing it. Do you want to continue to a website that your antivirus has blocked? Then, disabling the antivirus can offer you a very effective solution. You can browse freely through the web after doing that. 

So, launch your antivirus app and disable it. Then, open the browser and try to revisit the web page. You should be able to access the website without any issues this time. If you do, you must consider a DNS problem as the cause.

Flush Your DNS Cache

A corrupt DNS cache would cause problems visiting any website that you want to. So, you must clear this cache to rule out DNS problems as the cause of the error. You need to open the Command Prompt as the administrator for doing that. Then, enter “ipconfig/ flushdns” there to clear the DNS cache. 

Restart your device and connect to the internet to renew the DNS. Then, launch your browser to check on the problem. 

Other Possible Solutions

Does the ERR_SSL_Version_Interference error repeat after trying all the aforementioned steps? Then, you should try updating or reinstalling the browser you are using. In many cases, resetting your browser to default settings might also do the trick. Alternatively, you can also simply switch to another browser or device for a while.