Dropbox SSL Error: Can’t Establish Secure Connection | Learn the Proper Fixes

Dropbox is a wonderful cloud storage service. By having the Dropbox storage signed with the same account you will get all its storage information from other devices. Dropbox cloud storage is supported in Mac, Windows, and Linux Operating systems. But many are certainly facing Dropbox SSL error. Here in this article, we are focussing on this topic including the easiest methods for solving it.

Probable Reasons Behind Dropbox SSL Error

Many of the Dropbox users are not been able to get the full utility of this storage place. So, if this happens to you and you are searching for the causes behind this particular error, then you are at the perfect place. Listed below are the probable reasons for the Dropbox SSL error.

  • Firewall blocking the Dropbox to connect with the internet
  • Security program issue
  • Time is not set properly in the device

Proxy Settings is also a major reason which blocks Dropbox to use the internet connection.

If any of these above are the causes for the Dropbox SSL error then you will get the complete solutions for solving this issue. Thus you will be able to use your Dropbox storage error-free.

How To Fix Dropbox SSL Error In An Instant?

Fixing this issue is a bit difficult and risky task for individual users. But after studying this article thoroughly you will be able to apply all these methods on your own. So, let us begin with effective solutions to fix this error code.

Fix 1: Set Your System Date And Time

If your system date and time are not fixed according to your current location, then this creates a problem to connect with the internet. So check the time and date of your system before using Dropbox storage. If this basic system information does not match with the present location then this is the major reason which is causing this problem. Hence, have a look at the below guide to get rid of the issue.

Firstly, take the mouse cursor near the taskbar which shows the date and time and right-click on it. After that, select the Adjust date/time option from this menu list. On doing this the Settings window will open. By using the section of this window you will be able to set the Date and Time. Hope by doing this you will be able to use Dropbox without SSL error. This process works only if there is an error with date and time otherwise escape this step and proceed with the next one.

Fix 2: Disable The Firewall Protection

Many of the unknown applications have been blocked by the Firewall security to function. If this is the reason for which you are not able to use Dropbox on your device, then you can try the below explaining method to fix this.

To begin this, at first, press the Windows button to activate the search bar. Then, on this search bar, type firewall and click on the “Windows Defender Firewall” option. Then, from this window, select  “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall”. After that, scroll down this window and get Dropbox, among the available options. Now enable both the Private and Public sections. By doing this process you will get rid of this Dropbox SSL error. However, if this process does not help then go for further fixes.

Fix 3: Disable The Antivirus Software

Many of the Antivirus software (especially trial version) is the key reason which is resisting the Dropbox to use the internet connection. If this is the case, disable your Antivirus software. The process of disabling antivirus software is different for different products. Here, in this below paragraph, you will get the general way for disabling the antivirus software.

Open the taskbar, which symbolizes an upward arrow on the taskbar panel. Then on this taskbar, you will get your installing antivirus icon, right-click on it. After that, from this opening menu list, select on the Antivirus shields control. Without letting this menu, navigate to the next menu window. Here you need to select the time period for which you want to disable the antivirus software. On doing this, the Antivirus software will be disabled.

Now, try to open Dropbox, to check if it works. If it works well then you can uninstall your antivirus software.

Fix 4: Turn Off The Proxy Settings Using Dropbox Menu

As stated earlier, a proxy setting can also restrict the Dropbox to open and stop functioning. This mainly happens due to the changes made by external software. So by disabling the proxy settings, you can be able to get rid of this issue. The process of doing this is explained below.

At first, open the Dropbox menu and select the “Preference” option. After that, under this Preference window tap on the Network tab. Then, alter the Auto-Detect into No Proxy. This is the complete process to disable the proxy settings under the Dropbox menu. Hope, by doing this, you are enabled to use Dropbox without an error.

All these methods are proven and you can easily proceed to solve your glitches instantly.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa