Fix Dns_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config Error

The error dns_probe_finished_bad_config can appear specifically on your Google Chrome browser. This error can crop up whenever you try to access websites on the Chrome browser. Usually, when the Mac computer has an incorrect DNS configuration, then it cannot establish a proper connection with the server at all, thus giving you this glitch. There are many reasons why this issue occurs after all. Among some common causes you should know that if the DNS cache gets full or is corrupt, then you can get this error. Also, if the DNS server IP starts to malfunction, then you can meet with this issue. Moreover, if the hardware like the router malfunctions, then there is a high possibility to get this problem, etc.

About DNS

DNS is the short form of Domain Name System, which is a server that translates any domain names into their corresponding IP addresses. Since all the domain name is alphanumeric, therefore, they are very easy to remember. But, due to the fact that the internet is based on IP addresses, so this translation is necessary. When you encounter the error dns_probe_finished_bad_config, then it actually means that the domain name cannot be translated to its specific IP address.

Simple Solutions to Eradicate this Error!

This is the section that will help you to remove the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error within the article easily and efficiently. So, keep following:

Refresh/Renew IP on Your Mac

Sometimes, you can encounter this error if there are any IP conflicts. The most simple way to eradicate this issue is to refresh the IP address, that is already set on the computer. Here are the steps on how to renew the IP address within the Macintosh? Hence, take a glance through the steps below:.

  • First, power on the Mac computer, then on the desktop go to the top left corner and tap on the ‘Apple’ logo. This will launch a popup menu, in it click on the option ‘System Preferences’.
  • Now, a new window will show up, that has the same name as the option you chose in the previous step. On this window, there will be all the settings for the Macintosh computer on a list, which you can alter any time.
  • From that list, locate and then choose the option ‘Network’. This opens a new window having a similar name as the option present on the last line.
  • Within this window, choose an active network, to which this computer is currently connected to. Next, find and then choose the button ‘Advanced’.
  • After that, on the page that appears within this window, choose the tab ‘TCP/IP’. Under this tab, go to the section ‘IPv4 Address:’, then click on the button ‘Renew DHCP Lease’ present at the extreme left.
  • Wait for a second, so that the IP address gets renewed.
  • At last, tap on the ‘OK’ button and restart the Mac.

Steps to Flush DNS Cache

DNS cache is a provisional database, that is present within the OS of the machine. This database has information about all the websites that were visited recently and includes the unsuccessful visits also. The main purpose of the DNS cache is to keep data of the domain names and their corresponding IP addresses so that the machine can load the site quickly. When the data inside the DNS cache gets corrupted somehow, then you can meet with the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error. The solution to getting rid of this issue is to flush the DNS cache.

How to Flush DNS Cache in a Traditional Way?

Here you will get steps to flush the DNS cache from the Macintosh computer in a normal procedure. In order to do it follow the steps below:

  • First, tap on the combination of both keys ‘Command + Spacebar’. This will launch the search area called ‘Spotlight’.
  • Within ‘Spotlight’ type the following text on the blank space – “terminal”.
  • After that, from the result of this search, locate the option ‘Terminal’ and double-click on it.
  • Now, a new window will come up, where according to the version of the Mac OS type a specific command to flush the DNS cache. Since the ‘MacOS Mojave’ is the Operating System version of the Mac, thus type the following command – “sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder; sleep 2;” and then, tap ‘Enter’ to execute.
  • Wait for a minute, so that contains within the DNS cache are cleared.
  • Once it is over, quit the ‘Terminal’ and restart the machine.

Method to Clear the DNS Cache within Google Chrome

The easier option to flush the DNS cache from the Mac is via the Google Chrome web browser than the traditional method. Follow the steps beneath, in order to do it:

  • First, launch the Google Chrome web browser on the Mac. After that, go to the URL bar and type the following address – “chrome://net-internals/#DNS”. Then, press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Now, on the new page that comes up, navigate to the left pane and then from the list of items present there, choose the option ‘DNS’.
  • As soon as you do that, then a single button will show up on the right panel of this window that says ‘Clear host cache’. Just click on that button to delete the contents within the DNS cache.

Alter the DNS Address

If the DNS settings are obsolete within your Apple computer, then you can get the glitch dns_probe_finished_bad_config mac. The best answer to resolve this problem is to update the DNS settings. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, go to the top-left edge and then click on the ‘Apple Menu’. Next, from the popup menu choose the ‘System Preferences’ option. Now, a new window having the same name as the previous option will show up.
  • On this window, go to the section ‘Internet and Wireless’, then select the option ‘Network’.
  • Next, on the ‘Network’ window, move to ‘Network preference’ panel and then choose the current network, which can either be ‘Airport’ or ‘Ethernet’. After that, hit on the ‘Advanced’ option.
  • Now, a window that has many tabs will come up. So, out of those, choose the tab ‘DNS’.
  • Then, under this tab just below the list ‘DNS Servers:’, tap on the ‘+’ button to add the public DNS of ‘Google’ – ‘preferred DNS Server 1:’, ‘alternate DNS Server 2:’ respectively. Next, click on the ‘OK’ button.
  • Lastly, reboot the Macintosh computer.

Setup the Google Chrome Browser Once Again

Resetting Google Chrome is one of the simplest solutions to resolve the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error. To set up, the Chrome browser again performs the following steps below:

  • First, launch the Chrome browser on the Mac.
  • Then, go to the URL bar and type in the following address – “chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings” and after that, hit the ‘Enter key.
  • Immediately a popup message box will come up at the top of the window, in it tap on the ‘Reset’ button.
  • Now, wait for the reset process to complete. Once it is over, then close and restart the Chrome browser again and see if this error reappears or not.

Reboot the Router/Modem Device

If none of the methods above can solve this error, then as a last resort all you can do is simply reboot the router/modem. Follow the sentences below on how can you restart a network gateway device:

  • First, press the Power button on the router/modem to shut it down. After that, take out the power wire from the wall socket and then the Ethernet, LAN cables also.
  • Now, let them sit for sixty seconds.
  • When the time is over, then plug-n all the cables back into their respective places and turn the router/modem on.
  • At last, check internet connectivity.

If you follow all the steps from the previous section very carefully, then the error dns_probe_finished_bad_config can easily be rectified. But, even after following every point that is in the above section, if you still are unable to mitigate this error. Then, do not worry. Just provide the details of your query on the comment section below this page and get a satisfactory answer instantly.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa