7 Methods to Resolve Discord Screen Share Flickering

Discord is one of the most well-known applications for creating podcasts, sharing screens and chatting. According to the users, the application is facing an issue – Discord screen share flickering. In the other words, the tech experts also coined the issue as Discord overlay flickering. 

The reasons behind the issue are disabling the GPU, improper graphics card settings, outdated Discord application, presence of residual files and many more. To resolve the issue once and for all, you need to apply a few solutions. 

Bring Back Discord Screen to Working Condition 

Before diving into the solutions, make sure that your system is free from any kind of issues. In addition to that, the internet connection you use must be active so that it doesn’t become a barrier in the download process. 

1. Paint.net Settings: Necessary Alters 

You need to turn off the hardware acceleration with the help of Paint.net version 4.0. This has a good chance to eliminate the Discord screen share flickering issue. Navigate to the Settings and uncheck the “Hardware accelerated rendering”. Now, close the window and restart the application. 

You need to perform the above-mentioned step because the overlaying feature of Discord sometimes affects the Direct 2D stack of system graphics. This 2D stack is operated by the Paint.net feature. Thus, the disabling of the hardware rendering will work. 

2. The GPU Activation

The absence of the GPU in the application might lead to Discord screen share flickering. So, you need to activate the GPU from the Discord user settings. Before that, make sure that the application has system administrator rights. Now, navigate to the “Appearance” tab that is present under the App Settings. Turn the GPU on and restart the application to make the changes effective.

3. The Discord and OSU: Synchronize with the same GPU

You must sync both Discord and OSU together with the same GPU. Surely the elimination of Discord screen share flickering is inevitable. Navigate to the Settings and open the “Display” option. After that, select “Graphics Settings” and choose another application by hitting on “Browse”. After selecting, you will witness the “Graphics specifications” window, select “High Performance”. Now, save the changes and restart Discord. 

4. Recover the missing Administrator Rights 

When you are facing a Discord screen share flickering issue, there might be an absence of administrator rights. Now, the process is very easy. Hopefully, the Discord shortcut is present on the File Explorer. Right-click on it and choose “Run this program as an administrator”. Discord will open and you will not face the screen flickering issue. 

5. Discord: Switching to the New Version

If you are using the outdated version of Discord, then it’s obvious that you will face Discord screen share flickering. So, there is one solution to this. Switch to the latest version of Discord. You can either update the application from the Services window or download the latest setup file. 

6. Opting for the Graphics Driver Update

Outdated graphics drivers can result in Discord screen share flickering. Navigate to the Services, find out the name of the graphics driver and update it. You can also use any third-party application for updating the graphics card driver. The official support website of the graphics card manufacturer will also help you with the update. 

7. Discord Latest Technology Feature: Turn it off now

If you want to capture the screen and share, the “Latest technology” of Discord comes in handy. But, it will also create screen flickering issues in the application. Thus, navigate to Discord’s dedicated settings and choose the “Voice and Video” option. You will see the “Use our latest technology to capture your screen” option, turn off the toggle button. 

What if Discord has Corrupted Files? 

Due to some obvious reasons, the Discord system files might be corrupted. So, you need to delete those files. So, how are you going to do that? It’s easy, remove the application and get a fresh and new version of the Discord. If you cannot uninstall the application, don’t worry, just install the application which will automatically delete and overwrite/replace the old corrupted files. 

Recover System (OS) Corrupted Files

If none of the above solutions works, then you might have to format your computer. You can do it easily with the help of a bootable storage device. Restart your system, load the OS, format the system drive and set the installation location. The entire process will take some time to complete. After the format of the drive, let the system do its job. After that, get all the necessary drivers and the Discord application. Hopefully, you will not face any error in your system and also in the Discord application. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa