10 Methods to Resolve Dev Error 6178 Modern Warfare [Call of Duty]

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of the most popular games in the PC and Console gamers community. The game provides a solo and multiplayer mode on every gaming platform. According to the recent reports, some users are facing Dev error 6178 Modern Warfare. The message pops up on the screen in a small dialog box as “Fatal Error: Dev Error 6178”. 

There are obvious reasons behind the issue. If the graphics and other drivers are outdated, then there is a possibility of this error. When you are using an NVIDIA graphics card, then the G-Sync feature might create an issue while launching the game. 

We understand that the full-screen mode grants a spectacular look while playing the game. But, it can also lead to a fatal error, such as activation of game overlays, error in virtual memory allocation and others. 

Dev Error 6178 Modern Warfare: Fix with Easy & Quick Methods

According to the gamers and other tech professionals, it’s better to run the game in its Compatibility Mode. This will help you to understand whether the game is compatible with your system or not. You have to open the properties of the game setup file, and tick the check-box of “Run this program as an administrator”. Now, let’s begin with the solutions. 

1.  Graphics Card and other Drivers: Opt for its Latest Version

Navigate to the Device Manager, try to find the graphic driver adapter. Right-click to get the option for updating the driver. Don’t worry, it will take a few minutes. To save the changes and make it effective, you have to restart the computer. Hopefully, the dev error 6178 Modern Warfare will not take place again. 

2. NVIDIA G-Sync: Shutting Down the Dedicated Gaming Feature

Refresh the Windows Explorer a couple of times, right-click on it and you will find out the “Nvidia Control Panel”. After navigating to the application, locate the “Display” drop-down feature on the left side. As usual, remove the tick mark from the check box “Enable G-SYNC”, “G-SYNC Compatible”. Reboot the system to make changes effective. 

3. Play the Call of Duty: MW in Windowed Mode

Playing the game in the dedicated graphics card windowed mode might resolve the dev error 6178 Modern Warfare. Follow the exact same procedure as given in the previous section. Below the G-SYNC, the windowed mode is present. Hit on the radio button to enable it for the full-screen mode. 

4. Turn of the Call of Duty: MW Overlay 

Here, the exclusive NVIDIA GeForce application will come in handy. Navigate to the application and choose the “General” tab. Now, drag the toggle of “In-game Overlay” and disable it. After completing the task, close the current window and launch the game to check the recurrence of the dev error 6178 Modern Warfare

5. Valid Changes in the COD Game Settings 

Navigate to the game settings and observe all the options present there. First, you have to select the “Graphics” tab and set the Text resolution and texture Filter Anisotropic to the Normal mode. Scroll down and activate the “Cache spot shadows” to “Cache sun shadows”. Finally, find out the “NVIDIA Highlights”, and disable it. Apply all the settings and reboot the system to save all the changes. 

6. Unnecessary Background Apps Running? Turn all off

If the volatile memory is occupied by other applications, the dev error 6178 Modern Warfare occurs. Thus, the solution is quite easy. Navigate to the Task Manager and carefully check those applications, whether they are consuming a lot of system resources. Finally, choose and hit on “End Task”. Hopefully, now you will be able to play the game without any further issues. 

7. Check the Windows Page file

With the help of the “sysdm. cpl” command in the Run dialog box, you have to gain access to the System Properties. From the section “Performance”, select “Settings” to make changes in the “Virtual Memory”. Choose C drive and enable the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”. Click on OK to apply the change and surely this will help you to fix the dev error 6178 Modern Warfare. 

8. The COD System Integrity Files: Verification Underway 

If you are playing the game in a launcher or a gaming platform, then surely there must be a “Scan and Repair” option available. Navigate through that option and scan all the game files. The scanning process will automatically repair any corrupted files that are responsible for the dev error 6178 Modern Warfare. 

Most people use Steam for playing COD: MW and other types of games. Therefore, the Library option of Steam will be effective. In the “Local Files” tab, select “Verify Integrity of Game Cache”, as usual, this will repair the corrupted or bring back the missing files. 

9. Game Process Modification 

From the list of running applications in the Task Manager, select the game and right-click. Change the “Set Priority” from Normal to High. This will provide the game, with the highest priority among all the other applications. Technically, the dev error 6178 Modern Warfare will not appear again. 

10. Display Refresh Rate: Necessary Adjustments

The necessary modification of the display refresh rate might reduce the chances of dev error 6178 Modern Warfare. From the default System Settings, you have to navigate to the list of Display options. Change the refresh rate, you must select “Display adapter properties” to get the “Screen Refresh Rate” drop-down menu. 60 Hertz would be a better choice, as per the expert’s suggestions. 

Any Other Solutions?

Yes, there are a few additional solutions that might come in handy apart from all ones mentioned above. Turning off the overclocking feature might help you to eliminate the error. Switch to the Recovery mode of the system and try to navigate to the “UEFI Firmware” Settings. When the BIOS opens, choose “Advanced” to get the “Overclocked” option. Press the F10 key to save the settings.  

Here is the last option which will genuinely work when all the other solutions fail. Remove the game from the system, and download a fresh version. This process will obviously delete all the files, clears the registry, and helps you to resolve minor technical glitches. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why does modern warfare keep crashing Dev error?

Modern Warfare could crash, especially if you are getting an error code Dev Error 6178, for not having enough texture. Depending on your computer specifics, many gamers find Texture resolution to be Normal or High to solve their crashing problems. Play again Modern Warfare to see if the problem remains.

What is Dev error 6065 modern warfare?

The modern warfare problem with Dev Error 6065 also happens when config. cfg file records the incorrect information for the graphic card. STEP 1. Close the game completely, and complete the Task Manager task.