How to Overcome Issues on Intel Delayed Launcher?

Recently many users have complained about a drastic drag in boot-up speed in their computers. Most of the time the cause of this problem is related to the programs, services, and apps. Especially those that are launched during the booting process. The greater the applications are launched during the startup, the lesser the bootup process becomes. But it is not necessary that all the programs will slow down the booting process in the same amount of time. Some of these pre-startup applications add a few seconds to the boot time whereas others can add up to a couple of minutes to the launch time. After digging a little bit deeper into the problem, we have found that among all the available pre-startup programs or applications, Intel Delayed Launcher or IAStorIconLaunch.exe is the booting time for a user’s computer.

Even though some computer users have already seen or heard about this exe program but the main problem is that only a few know what this program is, why we need it, or is it safe to disable it or not. If you are also one of them and don’t know anything about Delayed Launcher, then no need to take tension anymore. This is because, in this article, we will briefly explain what IAStorIconLaunch.exe is, and how you can disable it if you wish to do. So, follow the rest of the article carefully.

What is Intel Delayed Launcher or IAStorIconLaunch.exe?

When people open their Task Manager and see the IAStorIconLaunch.exe name for the first time in the active program list, out of 10, 7 people think that it is a type of malware or virus file. But the reality is completely different from it.  Delayed Launcher is a system recovery function that is a part of the Intel Rapid Recover Technology (a feature of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology). Intel Rapid Storage Technology is introduced to Windows devices for faster speeds of the drive. It also helps in boosting the launching speed of applications, be it a single SATA driver or multiple RAID storage. For devices that use multiple RAID storage, Intel Rapid Storage Technology improves their data safety by mirroring data on each drive. Thus, it prevents any kind of data loss in case your drive fails for some reason.

How Delayed Launcher Exactly Work in a Device?

Now arises a question, how does the Delayed Launcher or IAStorIconLaunch.exe exactly work? Well, when you log into your Windows device the Delayed Launcher will automatically execute with the help of the local run registry setting. This whole process of IAStorIconLaunch.exe delays the Windows OS startup time by 30 – 60 seconds. During this time, Intel® Rapid Recovery Technology (RRT) will restore the hard disk from the recovery partition before viruses or malware can access system files.

So in short, Delayed Launcher will allow you into your computer’s operating system before any system files can be accessed by virus/malware and protect the device. But the downside of the function is, it always adds 30 to 60 seconds to the device boot time whenever you try to log in to the device. So, if you end up never using the function, then you will have to waste about 1 minute of your life every time you boot. But the function is extremely useful for running a small server or a small data storage with multiple drives.

Is it Safe to Remove or Disable Delayed Launcher?

If you are asking whether disabling the IAStorIconLaunch hampers your Windows OS? Then the answer will be no. Disabling this function will not harm your computer. But if we consider that this function helps your device to prevent malware or virus attacks, then disabling this program will not be a smart choice. If the slow booting is really giving you too much problem for work or other important things, only then you should consider disabling the system. But in that case, you have to protect the system up to a great extent from virus and malware attacks.

How to Disable the Delayed Launcher?

Currently, there are only two methods available to disable the Intel Delayed Launcher. These methods are simple and can be used by any user even if you don’t have too much knowledge of the computer’s technical field. We will recommend keeping your primary anti-virus activated during the process. If you don’t have any, then install a third-party application before trying out the below methods. Now, without further delay, let’s check them out

Method #1: Use MSConfig to Disable Intel Delayed Launcher from the Startup Programs (Recommend for Windows 7)

If you don’t need the IAStorIconLaunch right now and want to disable it from your Windows 7 device, then the best choice for you will be using MSConfig to disable the function from the startup programs list. If you need this function again in the future, then you can enable it using the same method.

  • At first, use the Windows key+R key to open the Run dialog box.
  • Once the dialog box opens, type msconfig and hit the Enter button to launch the System Configuration window.
  • Now, in the System Configuration window, you will see lots of tab in the top section. Select the Startup tab and look for Intel Rapid Storage Technology or Delayed Launcher name from the list. Once you find it, uncheck the box beside it and then click on the Apply button to save the changes that you have made.
  • After completing the above process, press the Ok button to exit from the current window and then restart your PC. If you follow the whole step properly,s then the bootup time will be faster than before.

Method #2: Use Task Manager to Disable the Delayed Launcher (Recommend for Windows 8 and 10)

If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10, then Method 1 will be not effective for you. So, in that case, you can use the Task Manager to disable the function from your computer.

  • At first, turn on your device and then press Ctrl + Shift + Esc key to open the Task Manager.
  • Once the Task Manager opens up, click on the More Details icon to expand the window.
  • Now, look for the startup tab and then scroll down a little bit to locate the Delayed Launcher.
  • Once you find it, click on it (you will see that its startup impact is high – will cause a longer startup time).
  • Now, simply select the Disable button located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

After completing the above steps restart your PC to see the result.

Is it Possible to Uninstall Delayed Launcher?

If you feel like uninstalling the Intel Delayed Launcher completely, then there’s also an option available for you. But before uninstalling this, you have to switch back your drive from RST RAID to SATA (From BIOS).

To uninstall Delayed Launcher, go to the Disk Drivers option and then look for RST drivers from there. After locating all the drivers for RST, uninstall them one by one. You can also perform these steps with the help of your Programs and Features window as well.

Wrapping Up

We hope our article will be able to provide you with a proper guide on Delayed Launcher. We try our best to make the whole article simple and at the same time rich in information for a better outcome. By any chance, if we forget to provide any important information about Intel Delayed Launcher, then let us know. We will update the article as soon as possible. If our article is not able to give you the answer you are looking for or if our troubleshooting methods not work for you, then we will highly recommend contacting an expert for better guidance.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa