4 Simple Solutions To Fix Brother Sewing Machine Error E6

Brother sewing machine error E6 occurs when the motor in the sewing machine locks up due to a tangled thread. A thread may get stuck inside the motor and stops the sewing machine from working. Moreover, improper threading or use of an incorrect type of needle can also cause the problem. If these are not the reasons behind this issue, then the problem can arise due to bugs in the system. If the error persists, then you cannot continue your sewing task. So let us go deeper into this matter and try to fix it as quickly as possible.

Ways To Fix Brother Sewing Machine Error E6

Try out any of the given fixes whichever you feel suitable and resolve this issue.

Solution 1

If you are using third-party Bobbins, then also this error can occur. So, first of all, make sure that you are using genuine Bobbins and then complete the following steps:

Remove the upper thread and any loose threads. Then raise the pressure foot and the needle to rethread the sewing machine. Take away the Bobbin and its case to remove the lint or the loose threads. After that, reinstall the Bobbin case to its original position and align its projection with the spring. Replace the needle if it is bent and run the sewing machine to ensure that you are no longer encountering the error code E6.

Solution 2

You can encounter this error because of fabric feed issues. Most sewing machines have a setting that facilitates free motion sewing. Feed dogs are parts of the sewing machine that moves the fabric under the needle of the device. Check the settings to find out whether the feed dogs are able to move the fabric or not. Then, reset the settings that have lowered the feed dog and causing the problem.

If there are no such settings that control the feed dogs, then remove the throat plate carefully from the sewing machine. Then use a soft cloth to clean out dust, lint or threads stuck inside the throat plate. If required, oil the sewing machine by following the instructions in the user manual.

Solution 3

  • Check that the thread is not getting stuck on the thread spool or by a nick or notch at the end of the spool. If so, then change the direction of the thread in the spool of the sewing machine.
  • If you are using an old or inferior quality thread, then you will undoubtedly face Brother sewing machine error E6. In that case, you will need to run the sewing machine by using a new and superior quality thread.
  • Make sure that the needle has not sewn over pins. If so, it can break or shred the thread and result in such errors. If you are using special threads, then use specialty needles with a larger path.

Solution 4

If you are using knit fabric, then use a ballpoint needle. On the other hand, if you want to use a woven fabric, then use a sharp needle. Remember not to force the fabric through the sewing machine and let the machine feed it on its own. Re-thread the topmost thread to bring the threading line indicator on the hand wheel to its level.

If you consider the minor factors mentioned in this article, then you will easily fix brother sewing machine error E6 without many difficulties.


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Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa