Fix The Blue Screen Of Death Windows 7 Error

Blue Screen Of Death Windows 7 is a very common problem for Windows users. This error happens at the time when the Operating System reaches a situation in which it cannot operate safely. If you are facing this kind of trouble while using your device, then this article will help you to resolve the issue. We are giving you an effective solution to get rid of this trouble.

Solutions For Blue Screen Of Death Windows 7

Not everyone can be a tech-savvy person. Hence we understand that you may be unaware of how to resolve the Blue Screen Of Death Windows 7 glitchIn that case, we have something for you. Follow up with this content to eradicate the issue.

Solution 1

At first, right-click on the My Computer option. Now click on the Properties and move to the Advanced tab. Then go to the Startup and Recovery option and click the Settings button. Next, make sure that the Automatically restart option is unchecked and not the System failure division. Then click OK to confirm the task. This may solve your problem.

Solution 2

Another way to resolve the problem is by trying the Safe Boot Mode. If you are facing any problems while booting into Windows, then you should try this method. First, restart your device by following the above-mentioned steps. After Restarting the device. Follow the steps written below.

  • First, Press the F8 key from your keyboard.
  • Then the Windows logo will appear on your screen.
  • Now navigate the arrow keys and choose the Safe Mode which will be shown in the boot menu.
  • Now hit the Enter from the keyboard.

Solution 3

To get rid of the issue install the updated version of Windows 7. To update the Windows version follow the steps written below. At first, go to the Start option on your device. Then type ‘Update’ in the search box. After that, select the Windows Update from the list which will appear on your screen. Now click to Check for updates option which will be shown on the left side of your device screen. Now, check if there is any pending update. After completing all these tasks click on the Install update option.

Solution 4

The problem could arise if there is any hardware problem with your device. If this happened to you then go through the steps to solve the problem. Go to the Start button. Then right-click on the main drive option. Click on the Properties. Now you have to select the Tools tab and you need to check if there is an error from the Error-checking division and choose the  Check now option. After that, select both of the options that have Automatically fixed file system errors and Scan for and Atattemptecovery of bad sectors options. Now click on the Start button. This could resolve your problem.

Solution 5

The blue screen problem may occur due to the reason of memory issue. Here are the steps to resolve the issue. At first, go to the Start button and Click on the Control Panel. Now type ‘Memory’ in the search box. Now select the ‘Diagnose your computer’s memory problems’ option from the list which will appear on your screen. Now follow the instruction as guided by your computer.

Solution 6

By using the Startup Repair Tool manually you can solve the problem. But you can install this system only when you have a recovery option preinstalled on your computer. To access it at first, remove the CD, DVD or any USB from your device and restart your computer. And then Press and hold the F8 key from the keyboard. After that, the device will start to reboot. Now select the Advanced Boot options then click to Repair your computer option by using the arrow keys. After that, press the enter key. Now select the keyboard layout and click on the Next option from the System Recovery Options. After completing all these tasks, click on the Startup Repair option.

If the recovery disk is available for your device then follow this step. First, you need to install the recovery disk on your device and then restart your computer. After that, boot up your device from the disk. Choose the language and the keyboard layout and click on Next.  After that, click on Repair your computer option and Startup repair from the System Recovery option.

By following these methods you can solve the problem of Blue Screen Of Death Windows 7. Hope this guide has helped you to resolve the issue.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa