Why Asus Touchpad Driver Windows 10 not Working?

Asus touchpad driver not working becomes a hot concern as this has become one of the most annoying error that several Windows 10 users encounter. This issue especially occurs after updating the Windows OS. If you face the same error on your Windows-based device, then go through this article. As in this article, we are going to discuss some of the reliable ways by which you are able to resolve this issue on your own. But before that, you must know what factors are responsible for this issue.

Generally, due to the new update of Windows 10 OS, the Asus touchpad drivers get damaged and ultimately results in such kind of error occurs. Besides this, your device can be infected by malware or spyware and give rise to the Asus driver related issue. Apart from these, defective hardware related problems become a major cause behind this error.

Fix Asus Touchpad Driver Not Working on Windows 10 Error With Ease:

As you have seen, there can be various reasons behind the Asus touchpad driver not working error. However, whatever be the cause, once you get stuck with such error, without resolving this, you will not be able to use your device smoothly. Thus, learn the discussed methods and find a suitable one for the problem that you are encountering. Hopefully, these methods will help you to sort out this matter quickly.

Method 1: Enable the Mouse

Before walking towards the technical ways, you require to check the internal settings for your Asus device. If you notice that the device is in the Disable mode, then follow the below steps to reconnect the touchpad or mouse.

Step 1: At the beginning of the step, go to the Windows Home screen and right-click on the Windows icon. Now, write “Settings” in the Run dialog box and hit the Enter button or click on OK. This action will open the Settings windows.

Step 2: Now, in the Settings window, find the Device option and once you find it, left-click on it to launch a new tab. Now, click on the Mouse & Touchpad option which is on the new tab. Thereafter, in order to run the Mouse or Touchpad, go to the Properties tab and choose the Additional option.

Step 3: Afterward, navigate to the Devices tab and review all the hardware settings. Now, make sure that the Mouse or Touchpad option is enabled. If not, then hit the Mouse or Touchpad option in order to enable it.

Once you are done with the above steps, check whether the Asus touchpad driver not working issue gets removed or not.

Method 2: Review the Device Manager and Update the Device Drivers

After enabling the mouse or touchpad, if the issue still remains, then Windows Device Manager can help you to know the details of the hardware queries. Therefore, in order to examine the Device Manager, follow the steps below.

Primarily, you need to go to the Windows Start menu. Then, in the search field, write “Device Manager” and press the Enter button. Now, choose the top result to open the Device Manager. Here, you need to locate and select the mouse and other pointing devices which is found under My Computer. Next, right-click on the Touchpad ad hit the Update Driver Software option in order to save the new changes.

If you are running an outdated touchpad driver, then you should update the touchpad driver. In that case, you need to click on the “Automatically Search For Updated Driver Software” and then right-click on the device’s touchpad. Here, you will notice the Enable or Disable option. If the Disabled option is selected, then you need to Enable it. Now, reboot your device to apply the new changes on your Windows 10 device.

If in the Device Manager, the Asus Touchpad device doesn’t show, then you can be assured that the device is in the Disable mode in the Basic Input/Output System setup.

Method 3: Check the CMOS (BIOS) Setup

When you enter the CMOS setup or Basic Input/Output System, you have to review all the hardware device connections as well as the settings. If the Touchpad is in the Disabled mode, then you need to Enable it. Once you are done, reload your device and see if the Asus touchpad driver not working issue has been resolved or not.

Method 4: Repair Corrupted System Files

After performing the above methods, if the Asus touchpad driver not working issue still appears on the Windows 10 device, then this issue might be related to the corrupted system files. In such situations, you need to perform an OS repair installation. To install a repair, you can use the Operating System install disk.

Final Recommendations

Hopefully, after performing the above methods, Asus touchpad driver not working issue should be resolved. If you have further queries regarding the Asus touchpad driver Windows 10, then you can share your queries with us by commenting on the feedback section below. But, if you face any kind of difficulty in catching-up any of the above methods, then you can take help from an expert who can provide you the ultimate solution.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa