Apple Music Not Working iOS 10 | Simple Solutions to Troubleshoot Gadget App Errors

With the introduction of Apple Music, users across the globe didn’t waste time subscribing to this audio app. Although there are a huge number of customers who love to listen to music using this application, you will still find many users who are facing technical problems with the Apple software. The issue that is becoming a huge concern for such users is the problem of Apple Music not working iOS 10. If you are also experiencing the same error regarding the music app from Apple, you can go through this article. Here, you will get to understand what leads to the error, especially while working on iOS 10. Also, those who are looking for technical fixes to resolve this app issue on their Apple gadget, can try the troubleshooting solutions discussed in this content.

Understand How You Can Resolve Apple Music Not Working iOS 10 Error

The problem of  Apple Music not working iOS 10 can occur due to multiple reasons. It can be experienced by users who have installed Apple Music on 11,11.1, 11.2,11.3, 12, and above versions of iOS as well. When this issue hits your gadget, you can identify this problem by a few symptoms that are discussed as follows.

Common Symptoms Of Apple Music Issues On iOS-Based Devices

The following issues are frequently reported by Apple iOS users who listen to audio files using this Music app.

The radio stations may not work properly if there is an issue with the Apple Music application.
Customers may not be able to make any purchase of Apple products or subscribe to the music app due to this error.
Sometimes, you can even get the message notification of ‘Unexpected error code 4010’ while playing anything on Apple Music.
Users can’t play the music app on their Apple gadgets including iPhone 6s/6 Plus/7/7s/8/8 Plus and more.
If you add a queue of songs to play on your iOS device using Apple Music, it can skip a few items randomly.
You can experience syncing problems between the Apple Music server and the gadget playlist due to this app error.
There can be problems while loading the songs into your ‘My Music’ folder on the Apple iPhone/iPad.
It can lead to frequent crashes and unresponsiveness of the Apple Music app on your device.
Some users may not be able to log into their Apple Music account due to this error.
It may also prevent you to set the Apple Music as your device’s ringtone or its background tune.
Sometimes, any critical problem with the Music app can also lead to the notification of ‘Item Not Available’ when you search for songs.
This issue can prevent users to sync the audio files from the Apple app to their gadgets.
You won’t be able to access the Music app offline and also can get ‘This media is not supported’ error message.

Solutions To Troubleshoot  Apple Music Not Working iOS Problem

Now that you are familiar with the list of symptoms, you can observe while accessing Apple Music on iOS devices, let’s check the troubleshooting solutions to resolve these problems. The following quick fixes can hopefully help you to fix the Music app on your Apple gadgets using iOS.

Solution 1- Restart Your Apple Music App

Restarting any application or program can resolve many technical issues, hence try to restart the Apple Music to fix the error. To do this, simply exit the Music app that you have opened currently and wait for 2-3 minutes. Then click on the Home screen and locate the Apple Music icon in the applications. In order to restart it, simply click on it once and try to download songs to see if the error is resolved. You can also visit the App Store and hit the Apple Music button to open the program.

Solution 2- Turn On The Flight Mode

Sometimes, an issue with the audio application can get fixed by switching to the Airplane Mode and then turning it off. So, go to the ‘Settings’ tab on your iOS device and locate the feature of ‘Flight Mode’. You have to enable this option for a short time (say 20 to 30 seconds) and then turn the Airplane Mode off. Now, launch the Music app on your iOS device and try to play some songs on it using a stable internet connection. If the solution doesn’t work to resolve Apple Music not working iOS 10 issue, try the next method.

Solution 3- Restart Your iOS Gadget

Often, the Apple Music app can be made to work again simply by rebooting the iPhone or iOS device. So, if you are using an iPad or iPhone device with 6, 6s, 5, or 5s versions, you can long-press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously to reboot it. For iPhone 7 Plus, or 7 devices, you have to long-press the Power key and the Volume Down tab to restart them.
In case you are using 8 Plus, 8, or X models of iPhone, it requires you to hit the Volume Up button. After this, press the Volume Down key immediately and then long-press the gadget’s Power button. This will restart your gadget, after which you can try to use the Apple Music app again. In case you see no improvement with the application and the error remains the same on your iOS device, check out the next solution.

Solution 4- Change Network Settings

If the Music software is not working properly on Apple devices due to network issues, you can try to reset the internet settings. Sometimes, due to a lack of proper wireless or Ethernet connectivity, you can experience errors with Apple Music. So, in order to reset your network configuration, click on ‘Settings’ and then open the ‘General’ tab. After that, hit the option of ‘Reset’ and choose ‘Reset Network Settings’ from the list of available options.

Solution 5- Open Apple Music Differently

Many times, the way in which you launch the Apple Music app can play a significant role in causing a problem. So, the best way to resolve any such error is not to repeat the same old method to launch the Music application. To open this Apple app in a different way, you can first click on the ‘Settings’ icon on iOS applications. Then go to the ‘Music’ tab and hit the option of ‘Join Apple Music’ or try something else (for example, Show Apple Music). Now, try to download a song on the Music app and see if you are still getting any sign of this error as discussed above.

Solution 6-  Turn On iCloud Music Library

Sometimes, the problems generated on Apple Music can be mitigated by enabling the iCloud Music Library. Once you turn this feature ‘On’, it can restore your access to the entire music folder stored in the Library of this Music application. Also, if you make any changes (for example, add or remove songs from the playlist), it will be updated automatically in all your connected devices. Hence, if you want to enable the feature of iCloud Music Library, click on Apple ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Music’. Then slide down the screen and locate the option of iCloud Music Library. Make sure to move the slider switch towards the right to turn on this feature.

Another way to confirm this action is when the switch turns green, it confirms that the iCloud Music Library is enabled on your iOS device.

Hopefully, you will be able to fix the issue of Apple Music not working iOS 10 or any other version using the above solutions. In case you can’t view anything after adding new items to your Apple Music account, try to enable Automatic Music Download. You can turn on this feature by clicking on iTunes & App Store and then locate this option next to the ‘Music’ tab.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa