App Won’t Open on Mac – Fix it with Amazing Hacks

Most of the Mac user often face the problem that the application failed to launch. There is a lot of reason behind this issue. Mainly when you are using the Operating System X Yosemite or earlier then you may face the disk permissions error. It is the most likely reason behind this problem. The flags of the file system are set with the help of disk permission. Disk permission defines whether the item can be executed, read, or written. When you are installing an application like Safari then the permission is initially set.   

If you are on the list of the Mac users and you are using this Operating System for the first time, then it’s quite difficult to resolve this issue without any help. But nothing to get worried. There is a lot of prominent solutions which can solve this issue quickly. Here in this guideline, we are going to provide you with a complete solution to fix app won’t open on Mac. If you want to get relief from this situation, then go through the mentioned steps. Let’s start.

Easy Tricks And Tips To Resolve Application Not Opening Mac

When the disk permission gets out of work, then the permission prevents the application to work in a proper way. To resolve this problem you are advised to stick to the methods which we are going to mention in the next section.

Method 1: Update Prebinding

Sometimes the application fails to open due to an update failure. You can resolve the launch failure by updating prebinding. To perform this follow the steps:

  1. At first, log into Windows with an original administrator account.
  2. Launch the Terminal which is located in the utilities or application.
  3. Now type ‘sudo update_prebinding -root / -force.’ Then hit on the Return button.
  4. When the Windows prompt the password then enter the password of the admin. Hit the Return key again. Wait for some time. Now you will see some messages flashing on the screen. This procedure is completed after returning the terminal to the normal prompt.
  5. Now type the command ‘exit’ and hit the Enter key from the keyboard.
  6. After that, start the application.

Method 2: Using the Kill Process Of The Activity Monitor

Killing the application-related procedure with the help of the Activity Monitor (hit on the item and click the ‘Quit Process’ button). It will allow you to open the proper application. This is applicable in such situations where a restart can resolve the issue with app opening. Open the activity monitor which is located on the utilities or applications, to find the procedure which is connected with the unsettled app. After that, quit the activity monitor and open the application again.

Method 3: Remove The .plist Files

If there is any corrupt .plist file on the system, then it might be the reason behind the non-opening application. Some preferences files get stored in the folder named Preferences. These are located in the Library folder of the home directory (~/Library/Preferences/ plist.).

Open the ~/Library/Preferences folder and find the .plist files which are connected with the unsettled apps. Move the .plist file to the Desktop. Some apps come with more than one associated .plist files, you have to be careful to clean for all the files. After that, you need to check if it has solved the app won’t open on Mac issue or not.

Method 4: Re-install The Application

Re-install the application from the download source or original media. When any component or an Apple application is not opening correctly, then restore the application with the help of the Apple installation discs. Now check whether the application not opening Mac issue is solved or not.

Method 5: Check The Permission

If there is an issue with the permission then it can affect the application of the Mac Operating System X. Using the Disc Utility of the Apple which is located on the utilities or application try to repair the permission of the disc.

If you fail, then use the installation disc of the Mac Operating System X. Insert the disk and restart the system by pressing the C on the keyboard. After completing this process, move the cursor to the Utility menu and choose Disk Utility. Go to the First Aid tab and hit on the Repair Disk button.

Sometimes, after the backup or while transferring the backup data back to the startup device, the disc permission of the Mac Operating System X becomes corrupted. To fix this problem you have to perform the following steps:

Step 1:

Move the cursor to the unsettled application and open it in the folder. Hit on the application by pressing the Control key or you can use the gear-shaped Action menu to access the ‘Show Package Contents’ option.

Step 2:

Launch the Contents folder, and find the MacOS folder. After that, you have to execute the permissions for all users. To execute the permission you need to modify it on the folder. Go to the utilities or application and open the terminal to do this. Now type the command ‘sudo chmod 755.’ Do not hit the return button. Be careful about this.

Step 3:

After typing the command move the ‘MacOS’ folder to the Terminal Window. Then hit the Return button. When the prompts the administrator password then you have to enter the password.

Now the directory of the Mac Operating System X can execute, read, and write privileges for the owner, group or others. When the Digidesign Core Audio driver is installed on the system as a part of the pro tools, then some applications won’t open Mac. When you are facing this problem then perform these steps:

Step 4:

Update the driver of the Digidesign Core Audio to check if it can fix the issue app won’t open on Mac. Now you have to search for the latest version for the Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) by going to its official website.

When this step does not help you, then try the next step.

Step 5:

Open the Audio MIDI Setup by going to the utilities or application. Now move the cursor to the Audio Devices tab. Select the ‘Built-in Audio’ option under the Default Output pop-up menu.

Method 6: Create A New User Account

After performing the above methods if you still face the issue then try to create a new user account. Now check if it can launch the application under it. If it happens, then you must have the corruption issue that is directly related to the user, in such cases, you need to go through the above methods.

On The Whole

The App won’t open on Mac is a common problem for the Mac user. Here, in this guideline, we have provided some easy hacks which can fix this issue in a proper way. We hope, after performing all the methods given in this article will help you to resolve the application won’t open Mac.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa