Received “Apex Legends Party Leader Quit” Notification? Resolve it with 5 Easy Methods

With a large fanbase, the Apex Legends, a Royal battle game has gained much popularity. The gameplay and graphics are so realistic that you will be lost in its immersive gaming environment. But recently, few players, as well as game experts, have been witnessing Apex Legends party leader quit notification. 

Now the matter of fact is that, if you are playing solo, it’s absolutely not an irritating situation. But, the problem starts when you are trying to connect to the multiplayer mode. This will eventually not allow you to play with your friends against other people. So, you must bring the situation under control. First, let’s check out the reasons. 

Keeping the game idle for a longer period of time can be one of the main reasons. The other possibilities are like facing an error in joining the other people in the game, the absence of game permissions, an error in the Origin-in-game feature and many more. You can only resolve the error with a bunch of fast and effective solutions stated below. 

Apex Legends Party Leader Quit error? Resolve it

To bring back the Apex legends party leader, you must follow the following methods as part of the solutions. Before heading towards the solution, make sure that your internet connection is stable. It will be better that you restart your system once to clear up all the pending tasks in the RAM, as well as in the registry. 

1. The Game Settings: Necessary Changes

As per the reports, there are a few gamers who are facing the unresponsive behaviour of the game. If this happens to you, then obviously you must have noticed that sometimes, a pop-up message also appears with a “Continue” button. Hit this button and you will find yourself in the pre-match screen through the method of game redirection. Now, the “Apex Legends party leader quit” message will not display again. 

2. Helping the Leader to Rejoin the Battle Party

The “Apex Legends party leader quit” message means that the leader of the army is not participating in the battle. So, without the leader, no war can be won in the game. Thus, in the game Apex Legends navigate to the Game menu. It is also considered as “Settings” by some game experts. The Settings is located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Drag to pull out the Settings which will let you enter into the game lobby. In an alternative way, you can also revert back to the main menu. After that, try to join as a party leader and check whether you are getting the message or not. 

3. Apex Legends: Playing it in Admin Mode

Navigate to the Apex Legends Properties window. From the variety of tabs, choose “Compatibility” and select “Run this program as an Administrator”. Apply and save the desired changes. This will grant every system admin rights to the game and hopefully, the “Apex Legends party leader quit” message will not appear again. 

4. The Origin-in-Game: A Temporary Shutdown

The game library will open the gates for accessing the Apex legends game properties. Navigate to the Settings and you will finally reach the Properties window. In the General tab, the “Enable Origin-In-Game for Apex legends” will be visible to you. Activate the option by checking the box and click on “Save”. 

5. Apex Legends Cache Files: Remove them

As usual, to resolve the “Apex Legends party leader quit” error message, you need to remove or delete all the game cache files. Visit the “Local Files”, the option of clearing the cache will be present when you are playing the game on your PC. However, in the PlayStation or Xbox, there are no specific options for clearing the game cache files. 

If you are playing the Apex Legends on Sony PlayStation 5, then never enter into the Rest mode. You have to shut down the gaming console. Check whether all the lights of the console are off. Unplug the console’s power cord from the electric socket board and wait for some time. Now, press and hold the Power button of the gaming console and wait for the machine to start. 

Microsoft Xbox gaming console has a feature to clear the game cache and eliminate the “Apex Legends party leader quit” message. Before that, you have to turn off and on the console just like PlayStation. After the machine boots, tap on the Xbox logo. Scroll and navigate to the right side of the window and activate “Profile & System”. Choose “Settings” with the help of “A” from the controller. After that, choose Blu-Ray, Persistence Storage and then clear it up.

Are you Playing Apex Legends on Steam?

You know that Steam is the gaming platform that helps you to play preferable and excellent games. When the game cache has the possibility to restrict you from playing, then obviously you will clear the cache files. Navigate to the Library and select “Verify integrity of game cache”. When the process is complete, you have to allow Steam to verify all the game files. The operation might take some time, so wait. On completion, the window will close automatically. After this method, hopefully, you will not get any error on your next gaming session. 


As per the experts, you must use a genuine and licensed copy of the Apex Legends. The cracked or patched version of the games is easily available on the internet. And, they contain malicious files that might be harmful to your computer. If none of the above procedures works, then the game is surely outdated. Getting the latest version of the game will be your obvious task. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa