[FIXED] Apex Legends Blurry GUI | Complete Guide to Fix it

Apex Legends is a consistent and one of the most popular war games that have a superb fan base. The gameplay is very much addictive, but recently, some users are facing Apex Legends blurry graphics. As a result, the gamers are unable to enjoy the proper beauty of the game. Obviously, there are reasons behind the issue. 

Improper game configurations are one of the main reasons. In addition to that, an old version of graphics drivers, missing host files, and other secondary reasons behind it. Now that you are familiar with the reasons, this will help you to sort out the issue easily, with tried and tested solutions. 

Is the Apex Legends Blurry? Solutions to get a Clear Output

Before implementing the solutions, make sure that the game is not corrupted. On the other hand, when the game download is in progress, don’t open it, as this is another reason for the game’s corruption. After the complete download, let’s proceed with the solutions. 

  1. System Requirements: Verify

    To run the game smoothly with high-end graphics, Windows 7 64-bit OS is recommended. In addition to that, the processor must be an Intel Core i3-6100 or MAD FX-4350 CPU. Looking upon the volatile memory, it must be 4 GB. The GPU volatile memory should be a minimum of 1 GB. Last but not least, the storage space should be a minimum of 30 GB. Check whether there are any items that don’t match the recommendation. If there are any, replace them. 

  2. Adaptive Resolution: Important Changes

    A game launcher or a specific platform will be suitable for playing the game. Regarding the Apex Legends blurry issue, you have to make some important changes in Adaptive resolution. It’s available in the “Advanced” tab. Now, set the resolution to 0 or keep the space blank. Let’s begin the game and check whether the Apex Legends are blurry or not. 

  3. The Anti-Aliasing Graphics: Close it

    Navigate through the “Settings” and find out the option of “Anti-Aliasing”. Now, make sure the value is set to none. If there are other values present over there, you have to make it “None”. Reboot the Apex Legends and check whether the issue still persists or not. 

  4. The Graphics Drivers: New Version

    Getting the new version of the graphics drivers involves two different ways — Automatic and Manual. You can opt for any one of them. The Automatic procedure will help you to get the new drivers via Windows update and a third-party application. 

    Whereas, in the terms of manual updates, you have to visit the computer manufacturer’s website. On the other hand, there is also another way of updating the graphics drivers. Navigate through the “Device Management” and find out the HD graphics adapter. Now, choose the “Update Driver” option and wait. After the installation, hopefully, the Apex Legends blurry will not occur again. 

  5. Nvidia Graphics Control Panel Settings: Re-configuration

    It seems that you are using an NVIDIA graphics card. So, to resolve Apex Legends blurry graphics issues, you must re-configure the control panel settings. Navigate through the panel and choose “3D”. Here, you have to re-configure the 3D settings. Once again, choose “Manage 3D” and select the program (Apex Legends). 

    If you cannot find the game, there is also an option of adding the game manually. Select “r5apex.exe”. Now, move downwards and try to find out the “Antialiasing-FXAA”, change the settings and enable the option. Finally, apply the changes and close the window. 

  6. The Streaming Quality: Adjust and make Necessary Changes

    The graphics of the gameplay play a key role while you stream the game online. When Apex Legends blurry issue occurs, the streaming, as well as the quality of gaming graphics, must be incompatible with each other. So, navigate through the game Settings and try to increase the streaming quality. After that, look for the resolution. If it is low, you have to increase it. Hopefully, this will fix the issue. 

  7. Game Host File Re-configuration

    The Apex Legends host file is located in the system drive of your computer. When the Apex Legends blurry issue takes place, there must be some misconfiguration with the host file. So, let’s have a look at it, find out the file name “*hosts ID”. Without bothering any codes present over there, scroll down and write these two codes: international-gfe.download.nvidia.com ota-downloads.nvidia.com

    If the host file is in any other format, make sure you open the file with the help of Notepad. After writing the codes, save the file and surely, your problem will be solved. 

  8. The Display Driver Uninstaller: Its Key Role

    The DDU application is directly linked to the graphics card that you are using in your system. Of course, you have to get the application first. Clean the display drivers of your computer with the help of “Clean and Restart”. It’s recommended by the tech and gaming experts. Before running the cleaning process, make sure that the GPU is set to the desired name of the graphics card or the processor. 

Critical Issues with the Motherboard or Graphics Card?

Now, sometimes the textures also might get involved in this matter. The above-mentioned solutions will fix all the blurry issues. If a certain situation occurs where the graphics are working fine, but the textures are still blurry, then you need to check the graphics card. Seek help from tech experts and ask them to check both the motherboard and the graphics card. If any issues are detected, seek help from the authorized service provider. 


As usual, either of the solutions will definitely help you in resolving the blurry issue. All you need to do is to carefully implement the above-mentioned solutions. Hopefully, your gaming session will go well, without any interruption. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa