An Existing Connection was Forcibly Closed by the Remote Host Minecraft — How to Fix it?

Minecraft allows the gamers to connect to multiple servers. But, sometimes, it causes network issues while playing on remote servers, like Hypixel. This prevents the users from playing the game, and a “connection lost” message pops up. Restart the video game to troubleshoot “an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host Minecraft”. Moreover, several reasons could trigger this Minecraft error. It could be for changing the DNS addresses. The DNS cache can prevent you from connecting to the game servers. 

Windows Defender firewall could generate issues while playing Minecraft. The Minecraft players can get this error message for an unstable Wi-Fi connection. Restart the wireless router to overcome this connectivity problem. 

You can also use the mobile hotspot when playing Minecraft from the PC. You can encounter this error when a server outages. Minecraft fixes it within a few minutes. But if the error persists, follow these solutions to restore the connection.

6 Solutions to Resolve “An existing Connection was forcibly closed by the Remote Host Minecraft”

The Minecraft server issue can be solved without technical support. But, you need to acknowledge the reason behind this connection failure. An outdated browser could lead to this Minecraft error most of the time. 

Furthermore, the browser cache can prevent you from playing the game. Clear the web browser’s cache and cookies to fix the issue. And, if that doesn’t work, implement the following troubleshooting methods:

1. Disable the Windows Defender Firewall 

Windows Firewall prevents unauthorised users from accessing PC data. But, it could prevent Minecraft when connecting to the remote servers. Turn off the Windows Firewall to get back the connection. 

Do you use a Windows 10/11 device? Press the Windows, and I keys together to access the Setting app. 

Tap on the “Update & Security” option and head towards Wireless Security”. Opt for “Firewall & network protection”, and choose the home network which is currently active. Locate the “Windows Defender Firewall” option and move the slider from left to right. Close the Settings app, open Minecraft and connect to servers without hassle.

2. Remove Public Access from Java™ Platform SE Binary 

Disable the Java platform if the connection error is fixed after disabling Firewall. Otherwise, you will face problems when playing this online game. Hold the Windows and R keys together, write “appwiz.cpl” when the Run box appears. Press “Enter” or click “OK” to get the Program window. 

Move towards the “Windows Firewall” section. And, find the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall” option. Here, you will get the “Java™ Platform SE Binary” folder, double-tap it, and choose “Private”. 

Did you get more than one Java-related folder? Mark all of them as Private, click “OK”, and close the window. Restart the Windows computer, open Minecraft and try to connect to the game servers. If the video game displays the error message, proceed to the next solution. 

3. Reset the Hypixel server’s Session

Hypixel is Minecraft’s largest and highest quality server network. And, when the server overloads with many players, connection issues occur. Disconnect and reconnect to the Hypixel server to overcome the problem. 

Open Minecraft, tap on “Multiplayer” to get the saved server names. Look for the Hypixel server, double-tap it, and choose “Delete”. Moreover, you need to choose the “Add server” option and enter the Hypixel IP address. Or, you can click “Direct connect”, go to the server address box and write “Stuck.hypixel.net_.”. Tap on “Join server” to resolve the connection error from this Minecraft server. 

4. Clear the DNS Cache

Removing the DNS cache improves the home router’s connection. And, it will also help you to fix Minecraft’s connectivity error. Press the Windows and R keys together, write “cmd” when the Run box appears. 

Write “ipconfig/flushdns” and press “Enter” to clear the DNS cache. Restart the computer or laptop and play the game without server issues. 

5. Change the DNS Server

The DNS servers stop working when it’s not configured properly. Besides, it also slows down the internet connection, which triggers this Minecraft error. Re-configure the DNS server to eliminate this problem while playing the game. 

Press the Windows and R keys together, write “control” when the Run box opens. Press “Enter” or click “Ok” to access the Control Panel tool. Choose the “Network and Internet” and wait until the new window opens. Tap on “Network and Sharing Center” and move towards “Connections”.

Click “Ethernet” or “Wi-Fi” and select “Properties” when the Status window appears. Search for “Internet Protocol Version4” and choose “Properties”. Head to “General”, find the DNS server section and enter “” in Preferred DNS server.

Write “” in the Alternate DNS server, click “OK”, and close the DNS settings window. Reboot the Windows device, open Minecraft and check if you can connect to the servers. If not, switch to Google Public DNS from Cloudflare to solve the issue.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall the Java Platform

A corrupted Java program could cause issues when joining the Minecraft server. Thus, remove it from the device to resolve this connection issue. Press the Windows and R keys together, write “control” when the Run box pops up. Hit the “Enter” button and go to “Program” when the Control Panel window appears.

Write “Java” in the search box to find the application. Right-click on it, choose “Uninstall”, wait for at least 2-3 minutes and restart the PC. Open a web browser, write “Java” in the address bar, press “Enter”. Open the Java website, choose the right OS and click “Download”. The gamers can play Minecraft after installing the latest Java app version. 

And, Lastly, Uninstall and Reinstall Minecraft…

Uninstall the game if none of these solutions solves the server issue. Open Control Panel, tap on “Add or remove”, choose “Minecraft”, and select “Uninstall”. Ensure there aren’t any Minecraft-related files on the device. Open a web browser to access the Minecraft website.

Log in to the Microsoft account, click “Download”, and select the OS. Minecraft will be downloaded on the PC within a few minutes. Open the game, and add or join the remote servers without further inconveniences. If still the error “An existing connection was forcibly closed” exists, reset the network settings to avoid connection issues.