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Acer Monitor No Signal: Quick Guide to Solve It Like a Pro

It is very frustrating to see the signal error of the monitor. Most of the Acer users have reported this particular issue. Here, basically, the monitor cannot receive the input signal due to some internal problems of the computer or of the monitor itself. So today, in this article, we are going to find some solutions for Acer Monitor No Signal to rest assured.

Can We Fix Acer Monitor No Signal? Learn How :

There are so many ways to solve the signal problem with the Acer monitor. Here in this article, we have found the top nine solutions for you. If you are still facing the problem, then you need to follow the instructions one by one:

Solution #0.1 Manage the Input Source

This is the first step that you should do. In this step, you need to press the source or the input button for managing the input source to the HDMI port. Here, one thing that you should keep in your mind that, if there are many HDMI ports, then you have to choose the right HDMI port among these.

Solution #0.2 Update the Graphics Drivers and the Chipset Drivers

Updating the graphics drivers and the chipset drivers is another unparalleled way to solve the monitor problem of Acer PCs. Basically, in this step, you need to download and install the particular software for continuing the process. So, in this step, you have to go to the browser and download the particular software. After downloading, you need to install it and press the “Scan now” button. After that, the software starts scanning deeply and it can easily detect the problem of the drivers after scanning. Now, you have to click the update button and install it.

Solution #0.3 Plug-Unplug the power cable of the Acer monitor

According to the users, this is the simplest way to solve the no-signaling problem of the Acer monitor. At first, you have to unplug the power cable of the monitor and plug it in again a few seconds back. After doing this, you have to check whether the problem is solved or not and if you do not get the solution then follow the next method.

Solution #0.4 Disconnect and Reconnect all the HDMI Sources

Basically, if there are so many HDMI sources, then this method is very suitable for you. In this step, you have to disconnect the monitor from the HDMI ports first. After that, you need to unplug the power cable from the monitor and 5 minutes later, you should connect the power cable to the monitor. Now, you have to connect one device to one of the HDMI ports of the computer and switch on the device. You also repeat the method 4 to 5 times for each device and the HDMI. Here is one thing to keep in your mind if you have one HDMI port, then no need to follow this method.

Solution #0.5 Factory Reset of your Monitor

This is the way where you can easily solve the issue by performing the factory issue on your Acer monitor. At first, you have to connect an external monitor and then you should turn on the Computer and try to allow it to load fully. After the loading, you have to press the Windows key and the P key at the same time and open the “Easy Display Switcher”. In this section, you need to select the “Computer only” option. After that, you have to shut down the computer and disengage the external monitor. Now, the process is almost done and you need to start the computer again.

Solution #0.6 Using the Troubleshoot hardware

In this step, you have to check the VGA port first. After that, you need to check the cables are working properly or not. If they are not working properly, then you should replace all the cables with another such as DVI, HDMI, etc.

Solution #0.7 Power Saving Mode

This is another way to detect the signaling problem. In this step, you have to check whether your computer is in Sleep mode or not? Basically, the computer can not receive any signals when it has entered a power-saving mode or sleep mode.  So, in this method, you need to press any key on your keyboard for a few seconds and then you can see that your computer wakes up again. You can also move the mouse for waking up your computer. After doing all these things, the Acer Monitor No Signal problem will be solved.

Solution #0.8 Start the computer once more

Sometimes, the monitor signaling problems can be solved after restarting the computer. Here, we will discuss the restart process of your computer. At first, you have to shut down the computer and a few minutes later, you have to connect the VGA cables and start the computer. After doing this, you have to notice whether the VGA connection is working properly or not.

Solution #0.9 Update or Change The Driver (Graphics Card)

The monitor signaling problem can be occurred due to an outdated graphics card driver. If the update is not possible then you should try HDMI or another connection. Basically, you have to download the newest version of the graphics card from the particular website of the manufacturer and download it. After downloading, you need to install the driver and then you should run the driver on the computer. After doing all these things, the driver starts scanning and after the deep scanning, it can detect the problem of the monitor. Basically, you need to follow the instructions for the updating and after that, you need to start again the computer and check the VGA connection starts working properly or not.

Your Response

So, we have already discussed all the premium and possible methods of solutions. We made the methods and instructions more simplified. Therefore, we hope that you can easily understand the methods and try to fix the problem. The Acer monitor signaling problem is not a major issue. So, if you are an Acer user and you face this type of problem, then you need to read the article briefly and follow the instructions one by one. You can ask your questions and queries regarding this issue in the comment section. We will give a positive reply to you surely.

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