Acer Laptop Beeping on Startup Horribly: Stop It As You Want It ASAP

You might detect that your Acer laptop is making loud repeated beeping noise while booting up. This is a common problem for Acer laptop users. If you are in a trouble with this kind of problem, then this guide is for you. It will help you to get rid of the problem you are going through with Acer laptop beeping on startup issue.

Acer Laptop Beeping on Startup: The Solutions

If you are experiencing loud repetitive beeping noises out of your Acer laptop, then the solution is in your hands. Keep your eye on the article to resolve your problem by your own self.

Solution 1:

To resolve the issue, at first, you should try this method where you need to press and hold the l key while starting up the system. Then, check that if the system is producing the same sound or not. If the system is still stuck with the same problem, then disconnect the keyboard from your device. And restart the machine from the logic board and after that, check that is the problem is resolved or not. If the problem is resolved, then you have to pop the D key and clean it. And check out if the method is working or not. After that, you can replace your keyboard.

Solution 2 :

The other solution to resolve the issue is you can uninstall the Realtek audio drivers and you can install the generic Windows. But, this can affect the audio functions of your device. If this method does not help to resolve your problem then you can upgrade to the updated version of realtek driver. This is an effective solution to resolve the issue.

If your device starts beeping before loading the Windows, then the problem is not related to your driver. In that case, it is the heating problem with the charger or the battery of your device. The heating issue might trigger the trouble.

Solution 3:

If you are facing the problem with the Acer laptop keeps beeping on startup. Then, here is another way to resolve the issue. For availing this method, you can try the Disable Beep option from the Device Manager. If you want to disable the beep from the device manager then at first, you have to right-click on your computer screen. Then, you need to choose the properties. After that, you have to find the device manager option from the hardware tab. Next, you have to choose the view option or you can choose the show hidden devices option from the menu. After completing these tasks, find out the non-plug and play drivers option from the menu. Next, right-click on the beep after clicking you will disable it.

When your device directs you to reboot at that moment, you need to select the ‘no’ option after that, you have to again right-click on your screen and move on to the properties. You can change the startup type to disabled from the driver tab. Next, click on the stop button to complete the task.

Solution 4:

Disabling the beep in the registry is the other way to resolve the issue. You can follow the steps written below at first you need to open the regedit.exe from the run dialog box. Then, you have to move on to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Sound. Lastly, search the beep key from the given list and change the value to the “no” option.

Solution 5:

You can use the Disable Beep in sounds panel to resolve the issue. To progress with the disable beep in sounds panel at first, you have to go to the control panel. Then, find out the sounds and audio devices panel and click on the sound tab after that, you will find the default beep from the list. Then you have to change the sound from drop-down bottom to “None”. Next, click apply to control the volume of the beep. You also can change the critical stop to “None”. At that moment you have to turn off other items from your device.

You can follow our article to resolve the issue with Acer laptop beeping on startup. Hope the above-mentioned solutions will help you to resolve the issue.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa