Struggling for a Fax Cover Sheet? 100+ Printable Online Fax Cover Sheet

The security, concision and professionalism displayed by a fax document seconds to none.  As an avid user of fax documents and fax services, my search for a perfect platform that could assist me in sending and receiving of faxes led me to discover CocoFax. 

If faxing is a regular way of business communication for your work, you might be aware of the constant struggle of making your fax look, well, different. To make your fax attractive, you need to make it look relevant, informative and captivating.

This is where CocoFax helps you leaps and bounds. As a virtual faxing platform, the ease and convenience offered by CocoFax enables a perfect blend of time efficient faxing and great fax cover page and sheets. Your fax presentation skills will only escalate if you use CocoFax. 

What is a Fax Cover Sheet?

Fax cover sheet is the first page that forms part of your fax document. It is almost like a glossary of items and well-articulated subject, sender, and recipient that is first received by the recipient of fax. 

A fax cover sheet not only adds value to your fax document but it also offers undeniable security to your fax message. With a clear specification of whom the fax is for and sent by, the risks of the fax landing up in the wrong hands are minimized. 

While fax cover sheets are very important to a fax, creating them is a task in itself. With creative limitations, you can find yourself struggling to come up with exciting cover sheets for your fax. Your struggle will end when you officially become a part of the CocoFax family. 

Fax Cover Sheet

Over 100+ Printable Fax cover Sheets

The volume of printable fax cover sheet templates offered by CocoFax is incredibly a lot. There are over 100+ printable fax cover sheets available on the platform. Imagine being in possession of 100+ unique fax cover sheets and adding value to your fax documents perennially. 

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What does a Fax Cover Sheet Comprise of?

Fax cover sheet consists of essential information about the fax. It has the necessary information pertaining to the fax. It makes the fax relevant and precise at the same time. The basic composition of a fax cover sheet is as follows:

1) Letterhead

In a corporate culture, the sheer identification of a company document is the letterhead. Usage of the company letter head is immensely popular for sending documents on behalf of the company. Letterhead can be perceived as the official header and footer of the company. 

The specifications of a company letter head are more or less the same. The vital company information is spread out in the format of a descriptive yet precise header and footer format. All essential company details are inserted there to make the document conclusive about company identification.

A letter head comprises company information like its name, logo, the company tax ID and other essential registrations. It also has the address and communication details to ease out the task if the recipient wants to communicate. 

2) Sender and Recipient Information

Clarity of the sender and the receiver of the message are essentially important. When it’s about sending information to a fax machine, the person next to the fax machine can have inadvertent access to the message. 

Precisely mentioning the sender and recipient information limits such unintended encounters. It is apparently quite clear whom the message is meant for and even if the recipient is not there, he/she can receive the fax message. 

3) Call to Action

A call to action means stating the very purpose of the fax? Does the person receive the fax need to do something about it? Do you require a confirmation, suggestion, or feedback?
Stating the call to action helps a lot as it acts as a directly actionable directive to the recipient. 

It lessens the possibility of ambiguity if there is apparent clarity on what is expected out of the recipient. The call to action also saves the time spent in dithering over the next apt mode of communication. The recipient can take immediate action. 

4) Subject

The one-line snippet of what the fax content is all about is known as a subject. It contains absolutely precise information about the content of the fax. The subject can state a sense of urgency if required. 

The subject of the fax should be all conclusive. It offers a very valuable insight into the content of the main message. It also helps in highlighting if the fax needs urgent attention. It assists in planning the action towards the fax and also offers immense ease of reference. 

Writing the right kind of subject is also an art and making the subject as conclusive as possible makes your fax document more effective. 

5) Comments

Sometimes, there are fiduciary and other details that don’t belong to any part of the cover letter. Such details can be included in the comment part of the cover page. It is that supplementary portion of the report that does not have any specific rules of inclusion.  

Benefits of fax cover Page

A fax cover sheet is that nice embellishment that your fax document needs to make it seem more relevant and important. It makes the fax document look more professional and there is an extreme possibility of the fax document being taken more seriously if it has a good cover page.

With vital details stated across in one precise document before the actual message, the information does not reach someone it was not intended for. This protects the message from any inadvertent leakages. 


A fax cover page is your answer to a better professional document. It adds a lot of value to your fax and literally casts an impression on the minds of the recipient. It acts as a well-drafted envelope that protects the actual message from unwanted glances.

You can discover over 100+ printable fax cover sheets when you discover CocoFax. You don’t have to stick to a particular format or way of sending faxes. This also gives you professional conduct that is appreciated by organizations by and large. 


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa