The Best Screen Recording Software for PC

There are certain situations where you might feel the need to record what’s on your computer screen. Be it for making tutorials or capturing the best moments of gameplay, a screen recorder would be a worthwhile addition to your PC. In fact, it can be called an essential tool for making your life a little simpler. The number of people using screen recording software is steadily on the increase. As a result of the increasing demand for such software, they are being created in large numbers.

Naturally, not all of them would give the same performance. So, you would obviously want to find the best one, and EaseUs RecExperts is the experts choice in 2021. So, keep reading for useful information ahead.

Have you tried the EaseUS RecExperts Screen Recorder?


When you think about a good screen recorder, there might be a lot of factors that come to your mind. There are different views on what a good screen recorder is. But, one thing that everyone must look for it’s multi-functionality. There are some pieces of software that allow you to perform different tasks.

EaseUS RecExperts is probably the best among them, and not just because it claims to be so. The people who have to use it greatly approve this software. If you ask them, they would highly recommend this as a useful tool for your computer. Apart from its performance, you would also love the fact that it is completely free. So, anyone can get this software and make their recording tasks a little easier.

EaseUS RecExperts Performance Review

Since it is a multi-purpose software, you would have to know how it performs each function. Only then would you be able to figure out its overall performance.

1. Recording Gameplay

A good screen recording software is essential for all those who are running gaming channels on YouTube. There are many pieces of software that can serve your purpose just right in this matter. But, for optimal performance, you must try out EaseUS RecExperts in terms of YouTube recorder. It can go beyond your expectations in terms of its quality of the recording. With this software, you can record your gameplay in an ultra HD quality. If you’re thinking of starting a gaming channel or making better content, this would be an essential tool.

2. Recording Audio and Visuals at the same time

As you might know, recording the video of the screen along with the audio is a complicated task. In some cases, you would be required to record them separately. A lot of work is required in the process, hence taking a lot of time. But, what if you could perform both at the same time? This used to be a dream, but not any more.

With the EaseUS Experts screen recorder, you can make this possible. With this software you can record the audio of any media file, along with the video, making it one of the best free video recording software. In addition to that, you can use it to record the background audio at the same time, as well. And, you would love the quality of the recording. In fact, you might decide not to use any other software for this particular task other than EaseUS Experts screen recorder.

3. Webcam Recording

This versatile piece of software also allows you to record your webcam. Sometimes, you might need to add your webcam as an overlay while recording a screen. Now, you don’t have to look any further. With EaseUS RecExperts, you can smoothly perform both these tasks and that too for free.

4. Useful Features

This software doesn’t just allow multiple functions, but it also comes with useful features that you’ll love. These are as essential as the main functions, and the software would be incomplete without them.



You can record any part of the screen using this tool. To select the area you want to record, you have to simply drag the cursor over it. In addition to that, it also allows you to record a certain window while there’s another window on the screen. If you want to zoom on a specific part of the content you’re recording, you can do that as well.


For your convenience, this tool also allows you to schedule your screen recording. This is a feature that you would surely find useful more than often. You can simply set the time in advance since when your recording is going to start and for what duration, it will go on. Moreover, it also allows you to set the area of the screen that you want to record.


You also get an editing feature along with this tool. It allows you to perform all the editing tasks that you’re going to need. Forget getting a separate tool for that purpose. Find your video too long? Simply use the video cutter given in the editing option.

Having a problem with the audio? This amazing tool can fix that as well. Remove any background noises from your video. You can even adjust the quality of the audio to the optimal level. In case you need it, this tool also allows you to add any arrows, text, etc to your screen recording.


Not just creating and editing, you can use this amazing tool for sharing the videos, as well. It allows easy uploading of your videos to sites like YouTube. On top of that, it also allows you to easily download the videos.

Is this Software Free?

EaseUS RecExperts is free to use, but it has some limitations, like recording time limits, of the free version. You can pay for it to enjoy full version of it as you want. You can avail monthly, yearly, or a lifetime plan, whichever suits your requirements. These might be available to you during the discount seasons, so you might want to keep an eye on the offers and deals. Thus, this software would surely be a worthy investment to make.


The EaseUS RecExperts is definitely a must-have on your computer. There is no other software that you’ll find enriched with so many functions. When it comes to screen recording, it offers an unprecedented level of flexibility. From creating to editing to sharing, this tool would make each step super easy and enjoyable. Even though it is a little on the pricey side compared to others, it is completely worth what you pay.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa