The Three P’s Required For High Performing E-mail Campaigns In 2018

E-mail campaigns are one of the cheapest ways to generate leads for your business. Whether it be remarketing, a thank you mail or a reminder mail, it is always an effective means of getting your ideas across in the right tone.

Time after time new tools emerges claiming to kill e-mail campaigns. they more or less fail every time and are no match for the revenue generating capability of e-mail marketing. Once your initial campaigns are successful, you often wonder what needs to be done in order to keep this upward trend.

E-mail campaigns

Email teams are usually put together in a poor manner, people claiming to know all of the digital marketing get into email and don’t perform optimally. E-mail Campaigns are a specific niche requiring expertise.

The tools that the team use are also important. Most tools out there are just brought up with other things in mind. Then they are transformed into Email tools at the last minute.

Email marketing campaign

The Three P’s For Top-Notch E-mail Campaigns 2018

  1. People

While there are many e-mail specialists out there, selecting individuals with their roots in all areas of email is very important. If your team is filled with people whose primary expertise is marketing, it might not be a very good idea. The team should be cross-functional and should be open to new practices.

email marketing team

  • Seek out people with proven expertise and knowledge in email design, strategy, e-mail development.
  • Also, ensure that your team encompasses a group of talents rather than a pool of similar skills.
  • The team should always try out different things, they should research and search for new opportunities for engagement and conversion.
  1. Process

Process improvements should aim at making the whole process better and faster. Leave your developer with high priority tasks and get transactional email’s out of their systems.

Next, you should keep a library of all the email templates. Try to use modular elements in templates so that you need not start every template form the beginning.

email marketing process

  • Check out the performance of the elements by doing multivariate tests to find the best option. For promotional email use batch testing and for transactional email continuously test the email making minute changes on the way.
  • Implement a performance analysis for all your campaigns, regardless of priority. Try to bring a standardized policy for all email campaign performance tests.
  • Finally, improve upon the results and implement the findings of the conducted tests. Enable a decision-making system which will review every E-mail before deployment.
  1. Programs

Presenting your team with the right tools and technologies will enable them to employ strategies effectively. Tools enable less human input leaving them to work on the creative prospects like content and design.

email campaign strategy

  • A template editor will be necessary for a high performing team, this will enable the team to work on codes and get live previews on their work.
  • An automation integration with dynamic content management and customer data personalization which will able to take out data from promotional and transactional campaigns.
  • A testing tool capable of multi-device rendering and client applications
  • A proven analytics system or tool to measure key performance indicators.
Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa