Can You Use Verizon Network in Puerto Rico?

If you travel frequently, you would want to use a network available in most places. It has become one of the main concerns for people who love traveling. Verizon can offer you vast coverage and great service across the USA. 

Since Puerto Rico is a US territory, you can surely use your Verizon network there. However, you might not get the same experience as in other parts of the USA. Read to know more about how Verizon work in Puerto Rico. 

Verizon Cellular Coverage in Puerto Rico?

Does Verizon work in Puerto Rico? Verizon does not have any towers in Puerto Rio, and they use the towers of other carriers. So, it depends on how good these other carriers have coverage across the island. 

In this case, you need to check the coverage of Liberty Latin and Claro. Both of them have good coverage in Puerto Rico, so Verizon would have the same. 

However, it is not as simple as that, and the coverage depends on your location. There are plenty of towers, but they seem to be mainly located in and around urban centers. After all, there are more people and hence higher demand for networks in those places. So, you might get the best quality of service in and around urban areas of Puerto Rico. 

The service is overall stable in rural areas as well. You might find the network speed to be a bit on the lower side. Other than that, Verizon can offer you good network coverage in those areas. 

What about the Data Coverage?

Verizon might not be able to provide you with the same quality of data coverage in Puerto Rico. This answers your query, “Does Verizon work in Puerto Rico?” As of now, you would get a significantly slower internet speed. Moreover, you might not get any data coverage in some parts of the island. 

Verizon Hotspot Coverage in Puerto Rico

You can also set up a Verizon hotspot in Puerto Rico in pretty much all locations. However, you might not get the same quality of coverage in all areas. Many users in Puerto Rico have reported facing difficulties in finding hotspot coverage. You might find websites and emails loading slowly, and message sending takes quite some time. 

Where can You Get Reliable Coverage?

San Juan and Rio Piedras are among the areas with the best Verizon Wi-Fi coverage. There are some other areas as well that you can find using the Verizon coverage map. This map is available online on the carrier’s official website and can be quite helpful. Check your browser if you are unsure about the coverage in a specific area. 

The white areas on the map indicate the regions where Verizon does not work. So, according to Verizon’s coverage map, they work in most parts of Puerto Rico. However, the reliability of the coverage differs across the island, as mentioned earlier. 

Can You get the same Verizon Plans in Puerto Rico?

Verizon applies the same plans and limits in almost all places where they work. So, you need not worry about the plans in Puerto Rico being any different. They are the same as plans and limits that apply in the USA. Moreover, they have the same prices in Puerto Rico as well. 

Are there any Roaming Charges?

Many Verizon users might be confused about whether Verizon considers service in Puerto Rico international. In case you are wondering the same, it is considered to be domestic as of now. And, as you might know, Verizon does not charge any extra for domestic roaming services. 

So, you would not incur extra charges in Puerto Rico if registered in the USA. Your device might show the network as roaming; you need not worry about it. Only the people using international roaming services have to pay extra charges. 

How do Verizon Phones Perform in Puerto Rico?

Verizon phones can offer you a great service in other parts of the USA. However, you might face various issues with the service in Puerto Rico. You might find inferior coverage on your Verizon phone even in metropolitan areas. Moreover, you would usually notice a low speed.

You would also have to work with outdated wireless mobile technology in Puerto Rico. Your device can mostly find 3G coverage, and 4G or 5G would be rare.  

Are there any Verizon Stores In Puerto Rico?

You might need to find a Verizon store for various help, such as does Verizon work in Puerto Rico. However, you should avoid such situations in Puerto Rico as there are no Verizon stores. All the former Verizon stores have been turned into stores for other carriers. 

So, you probably would not find much help by approaching them. You can only seek help online from Verizon if you need any in Puerto Rico. 

Alternatives to Verizon in Puerto Rico

From what we have seen, you might need an alternative to Verizon services in Puerto Rico. Also, you cannot set up a Verizon network as there are no stores. You must get an alternative SIM card to set up a new network, and that would be a viable choice if you want good service in Puerto Rico. After all, you can expect better coverage from them and service centers to help you. 

Do you frequently travel to Puerto Rico? Then, it might be a great idea to get a local SIM. Otherwise, you can also simply check into a hotel with good Wi-Fi. Online travel companies can help you find many hotels in Puerto Rico in that category. All you need to do is go for the one that offers you the strongest Wi-Fi.