9 Ways to Fix Discord Screen Share Black Screen

Discord Screen Share Black Screen

The latest version of Discord is facing a new type of issue. According to the users who have reported, the problem is taking place when they are sharing the screen with someone else. It is showing a black screen and the receiver cannot see the desired media files. This is generally known as the Discord screen share black screen. 

It seems that you are facing the issue and need to take care of the situation at the earliest. Before that, it’s better to know the reasons that are causing the problem. Some of them are different permissions access, full-screen mode, error in voice and video settings and many more. So, let’s check out all the best possible solutions.

1. Grant the Administrator Privileges

Discord is a third-party application, sometimes it requires admin rights. The rights are also known as permissions or privileges. The Discord screen share black screen can take place due to this reason. Now, the Discord application shortcut is obviously present on your desktop. Right-click on it and run it as administrator, the application will open eventually. Now, connect with your friend and try to share the screen and check whether the problem persists or not. 

2. Turn off the usage of the Latest Technologies

The latest technology feature uses most of the system resources to provide you with the ultimate Discord experience. Somehow, this is now creating problems like the Discord screen share black screen. So, you need to turn off the feature as soon as possible. 

Double-click to open the application and access the Settings. Now, navigate through the voice and video section and you will be able to see “Use our latest technologies for screen sharing”. Turn off the toggle and try the online screen share once again.

3. Switch to the Borderless Mode

The Discord application doesn’t support full-screen sharing. That is why the normal mode of sharing is also known as the borderless mode. If the Discord is in full screen, turn it off. The escape (Esc) key from the keyboard will help you to do that. 

4. Turn off Windows Aero

The transparency of every Windows gives a cool look. This happens just because of the presence of Windows Aero effects. This feature consumes a good amount of volatile memory as well as graphics. On the other hand, it might also be responsible for the Discord screen share black screen. So, you need to turn it off. 

If you are using the OS of the previous versions like Vista or 7, then access the Control Panel and go to the personalization. There you will find the option of Windows Aero, read the on-screen instructions and turn them off. If you are using Windows 10, then right-click on the desktop and select Personalize. 

After that, the personalization settings will open with the help of the main Settings. From the left-hand side, you will see multiple options, choose colors and you will find the Aero effects. Turn off the toggle and hopefully, the Discord screen share black screen will not occur again. 

5. Update the Graphics Driver

The easiest way to update the graphics driver of your computer is to install a third-party application. With the help of the application, you can choose, as well as select which driver you want to update. Just install the application and scan the entire computer. Wait for some time and the application will show the list of drivers that are outdated. 

Obviously, there will be an option for the update. Click on the desired drivers and download the latest version. When the task is finished, restart your computer to save the changes. Now, open the Discord and try to share a screen with your friends. 

6. Download Discord’s New Version

The outdated version of the application might also be responsible for the Discord screen share black screen. That is why you must download the latest version to eliminate any type of problems. Let the outdated version remain installed on your computer as it is. Now, open the official website of Discord and download the latest setup file. 

Wait for a couple of minutes till the download completes. Now, open the Downloads folder, double-click on the newly-downloaded setup file. The installation process will start automatically. Read the on-screen instructions and complete the installation. If the prompt to overwrite the files appear, select Yes to all. 

7. Switch off the Hardware Acceleration

If Discord uses the complete hardware resources, then you will be able to use all the features smoothly. This results in hardware acceleration. If your system’s hardware is good enough, then there might be no issues. If not, then the Discord screen share black screen takes place. So, it’s better that you turn the feature off from the application. 

Open the Discord application and access the settings. Navigate to the appearances and check whether the hardware acceleration is turned on or not. If it is on, then turn off the toggle. Now, close the application and start in once again. After that check whether the issue still persists or not.

8. Turn off Unnecessary Programs

When you start your computer, it is obvious there are several programs that start when the computer boots up. You might not need those applications right now as your main work is with Discord. So, with the help of the Task Manager, disable all the startup applications. Select all the programs, right-click on them and click on End Task. 

9. Remove all the Discord Cache File

More amount of cache files in the Discord system directory can result in Discord screen share black screen. So, you need to delete the cache files at the earliest to sort out the glitch. Now, when you close the Discord, it keeps on running in the background. 

Thus, open the Task Manager and stop the application. After that, access the system drive and open the AppData and its sub-folder which is named roaming. In the sub-folder, you will find the Discord folder, delete the folder, reboot the computer and re-launch the Discord. 

Important Note…

If none of the above troubleshooting procedures works, then you need to format and reinstall the OS. A bootable drive with an installed OS will come in handy. Format the entire computer, install the new version of Discord. As per the experts, no issue will take place any further, as the formatting process will wipe out all the glitches that were associated with the OS. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa