Fix Discord Overlay Not Working Error And Access Your Games With Quick Solutions

A majority of the gamers has reported the error with the Discord overlay not working while playing games on their devices. So, when this issue hits your Discord app, it will prevent you from exploring its outstanding communication features. This means you will no longer be able to carry out conversations with your Discord members or friends while playing games on a full-screen. According to many players, they can’t see the feature of Discord overlay while playing the games. However, there are some users who are experiencing this problem only during accessing a few specific games. So, you can also be among those who are facing all kinds of Discord overlay errors in every game. Now, if you want to resolve this problem and resume communicating with the other players during the gaming sessions, keep reading this article. Here, you will get to learn both the causes and the solutions regarding this overlay error in your Discord app.

What are the Possible Reasons due to which you may find Discord Overlay Not Working?

If you are noticing that Discord overlay not working anymore while playing a game of your choice, it can occur due to several causes. So, before discussing the technical methods to fix overlay issues, check out the following reasons behind getting this error.

Game Overlay Settings

One of the main reasons that are capable of making overlay stop working can be the option itself. This can usually happen when you have not configured the settings for Discord overlay. Hence, if somehow this feature is turned off, you will not be able to view it while playing games.

Scaling of Display

There are some users who like to experiment with the resolution and scaling features of their display devices. Hence, if they have scaled the screen or zoomed in too much, this can hide the option of Discord overlay on their systems.

Mobility of Overlay Option

It is convenient for Discord users to move the Discord overlay across the screen as per their requirements. So, if unknowingly you place this option out of the range of your display, the overlay will seem to be not working properly.

Feature Blocked by Antivirus

Sometimes, a few specific antivirus software can interfere with the Discord overlay application. A majority of gamers on World of Warcraft are hence, reporting about the error of Discord overlay not working WoW. There are many players who are facing a similar issue while playing in Overwatch as well. Hence, if the antivirus program identifies these applications as suspicious, it can block the Discord overlay. So, you can misinterpret this condition and assume that overlay not working.

Enabling Hardware Acceleration

When the option of hardware acceleration is turned on, it provides a special boost to a few specific programs to run efficiently. So, if your system is giving preference to other functions over Discord app, this can prevent the feature of the Game overlay.

What Fixes Can You Try To Troubleshoot Discord Overlay Not Working?

When you come across the error of Discord overlay not working Overwatch or WoW (World of Warcraft), it can be an annoying situation. Fortunately, there are some technical solutions to deal with this error and fix the option of Game overlay in your system. Now, let’s have a look at a few of these methods and enable the overlay feature in Discord app.

Solution 1- Make Sure that the Game Overlay is Turned On

Many times, you may not be aware that the option of the overlay is not enabled on your game in Discord. So, double-check whether this feature is on before trying any of the technical methods.

Enable Discord Overlay

First, open the app of Discord and find the icon for User Settings on your avatar’s right side. On the left pane of the application window, locate the tab for ‘Overlay’ below the heading of ‘App Settings’.

As you click on ‘Overlay’, it will show an expanded view with advanced settings on the right side. Hence, hit the toggle switch for ‘Enable in-game overlay’ and make it ‘On’.

Next, scroll down the left pane and select the tab of ‘Game Activity’ below the option of ‘Overlay’. On its expanded view, you can easily figure out the status of ‘OVERLAY’. In case if it is enabled, you will find the game within a green box that indicates ‘OVERLAY: ON’.

Now, if don’t see the overlay feature here, simply click on the monitor icon next to your game. This will enable overlay for the game that you want to play using the Discord app.

Add Game to Overlay List

For some reason, if you don’t find the game in the gaming list or enable overlay, you have to add it manually. In order to do that, follow the steps discussed above and open the expanded settings for ‘Game Activity’. Then hit the tab of ‘Add it!’ beside the statement ‘Not seeing your game?’.

This will display the list of games in the drop-down menu, which you can add to the list for game overlay. Hence, select the games you want to play with the enabled overlay feature and click on ‘Add Game’ button. Make sure that you are doing this for each game separately in order to make the Discord overlay work.

Solution 2- Adjust Display Scaling Percentage

When the display is scaled too much (say more than 100%), it can block the user’s access to the overlay option. Hence, you can always re-scale the properties of the display in order to bring the feature of the game overlay.

To perform this method, hold the Windows logo button and press ‘I’ key simultaneously. Then go to the tab of ‘System’ and click on ‘Display’ from the left pane.

Below the heading of ‘Scale and layout’, you will get different options to change the size of apps, text and other parameters. Hence, choose the option of ‘100% (Recommended)’ to restore the original scaling of the display. Hopefully, now, there will not be any kind of issue to locate the overlay feature while playing games in Discord.

Solution 3- Disable Hardware Acceleration for Discord

If running the option of hardware acceleration is the major cause why overlay stopped working, turning it off can be the proper solution. So, let’s discuss how to turn off this feature for your Discord app with the following steps.

Open the Discord app on your PC and hit the gear icon to view the ‘User Settings’. Then scroll down the items on the left pane and click on the tab of ‘Appearance’.

Next, go to the right pane on the Discord app and view the option of ‘Hardware Acceleration’ under the section of ‘Advanced’.

In case the toggle switch for this feature is towards the right and turned on, you need to make it off. Hence, click on it or move towards the left for disabling hardware acceleration for Discord overlay.

Further, you may have to hit the tab for ‘Okay’ on the confirmation window and relaunch the Discord app. Hopefully, you will find that the overlay feature is working fine after turning off hardware acceleration and restarting the application.

Solution 4- Relocate Overlay as Per your Convenience

The ability to move around Discord overlay is a big issue for many gamers instead of a blessing. Hence, you need to trace down its actual location and bring it within your display range to make use of the overlay feature. So, in order to relocate the option of the overlay, try the following steps.

Step to Move Overlay

First, exit the gaming window, where you are experiencing an issue with the overlay feature. Now, open the Discord app and press and hold the keys of ‘Ctrl’, Shift’, and ‘I’ at the same time.

This will display a javascript console on your active Discord but, on the right side of the window. You need to click on the icon of ‘>>’, which is situated at the right corner of the console segment. After that, choose the option of ‘Application’ and go to the ‘Storage’ section.

Here, select the tab for ‘Local Storage’ and double-click on it. This will create a new entry below this option and can have its label as ‘https:\\’.

As you click on this link, it will show a list of items on the right pane. Hence, find the option of ‘OverlayStore’ and right-click on it. In some Discord apps, you can find this option as ‘OverlayStoreV2’ as well.

Now, hit the ‘Delete’ option and reboot your discord app. You can also restart your computer or device where the overlay stopped working and see if the issue persists.

In case, none of the above solutions could resolve the technical issues with game overlay, try to update your Discord app. This method of updating is also valid for those who are experiencing Discord overlay not working WoW or Overwatch apps. Otherwise, you can consult a Discord technician or gaming expert to obtain fixes for the error of Discord overlay not working. If you have some troubleshooting tips to deal with the overlay feature, you can share your methods in the comments below.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa