Directv Login | Manage Your DIRECTV Account (Step-Wise Guide)

Directv Login

The control panel of your router is called the DirecTV router web interface. All the settings are easily changed and stored here. You have to login to your DirecTV router if you want to change anything to your network.

Instructions and Requirements to Follow:

We will tell you the complete instruction and all the things that you need to log in to the DirecTV router.


Following a straightforward way, you can easily access the DirecTV web interface. Here are the things that you require.

  • DirecTv router.
  • Internet accessibility. You can use a LAN cable or WiFi to connect to the internet.
  • A web browser that you definitely have.

Here are the instructions that you need to follow in order to connect the interface of your DirecTV router for diagnostics and configuration.

Step 1: Double-check if You are Connected to the DirecTV Router

You have to be connected to the DirecTV router’s network in case you want to reach the setup pages of the DirecTV router. So first, connect to the network using an ethernet cable or WiFi.

Also, you have to remember that if you do not know your DirecTV router’s password, use an ethernet cable to connect to it. In this case, you do not have to put a password.

Step 2: Get into Your Web Browser and Go to the

Now, you have to type the IP address of your DirecTV router into the address field of your web browser, after opening it. is the most popular IP address for DirecTV routers. In case this IP address is not working for you, search the IP address for the exact model that you are using. Moreover, you can easily locate it from the default DirecTV IP Address list.

Step 3: Enter Your DireTV Router’s Username and Password

Once you perform the previous step, you will see a field of username and password. Enter the current username and password of your DirecTV router there. After that, hit the Enter button on your keyboard or click on Sign in.

Now, you are done with the login procedure of your DirecTV router. After logging in, you can also configure anything you want.

Configure Your DirecTV router

You can modify any available settings after logging in to the DirecTV admin interface.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that you cannot break the network while configuring your DirecTV router.

You should also note down the current settings of your router before you modify anything. In case you face any problem after modifying, you can get back with the help of it.

Solution for DirecTV router or Network Stops Working After You Change the Configuration

If the DirecTV home network has broken due to any change that you have made, do not worry. With the help of the generic 30.30.30 hard reset trick, you can easily get back to zero anytime.

This is the last option that you have. Hence, you should log in to try and get back to the settings, if you still can access the DirecTV interface. As we already instructed note down the original value before modifying it.