Difference between React JS and React Native

In this article, we will talk about two powerful tools, two ingenious giant Reacts that are popular and loved by developers. Although React JS and React Native have a common base and are generally similar in structure, they pursue individual goals and have a unique history of coming into the world from each other.

Before comparing them, we need to talk about each separately.

ReactJS can be called a JavaScript library that has its own open-source code. Developers use ReactJS to build and improve user interfaces. ReactJS is easy to understand, but extremely efficient and useful, especially for large projects. This framework consists of two key segments: components and HTML documents.  The structure is created with the help of components.  Components are stacked on top of each other, ranging from small structures to large structures that perform complex mechanisms.

Why ReactJS?  This question torments many and there is always one simple short answer to it.  By itself, ReactJS is not heaped with unnecessary complexity.  The training doesn’t take long.  The basic requirements can be mastered in a matter of hours.

Let’s explore in detail the reasons for choosing ReactJS

1. What is difficult is easy

The paragraph title sounds strange, doesn’t it? But that’s essentially the case. If the goal is to create a complex web application, obsessive thoughts are always inspired that it is daunting.  But with ReactJS, coding and stuff become an easy task.

2. Reusability

Remember what was said above about the components. They are superimposed on each other like a wrapper and due to this, the original common root component is formed. That is, everything is essentially connected and thanks to this, the same components can be reused.

3. High level of performance

Due to the existence of a Virtual Document Object Model (DOM), performance will always remain high and components will not be converted to a physical Document Object Model.

4. Speed ​​and load

ReactJS gives high speed and performance under high loads.  You can get this result if you combine ReactJS and ES6/7.

5. Openness

As we have already learned, open source is one of the characteristics of ReactJS and this is one of the advantages.  All because it makes it possible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to improve your performance based on reviews.

We’ve summed up all the advantages of using ReactJS, but you know what else has a lot of advantages?  Devox Software!  Use the talent of geniuses for mind-blowing results

Get to know React Native. React Native is a framework that is used to build mobile apps.  It works perfectly and on equal terms with such operating systems as IOS and Android.

Let’s talk about the benefits.

1. Reboot in real-time

What you make to the code in the form of any changes will eventually change during the development process and any innovations are brought to the screen in a matter of seconds.

2. Performance stays high

The goal of React Native is to satisfy all the needs of developers. React Native, which is very important to consider, works in symbiosis with the use of GPUs.

3. Support

This structure is constantly evolving and has tremendous public support.

We got to know ReactJS and ReactNative. Now it’s up to you to figure out the differences.

  • The history of React Native started in 2015, while ReactJS was a few years earlier (i.e. 2013);
  • The history of creation is also different.  A specific person who came up with this prototype is behind the creation of ReactJS.  And this is Jordan Walke. With React Native, the situation is different. Here the creation is assigned to the Facebook corporation itself;
  • They generally have different goals and objectives.  ReactJS is, as we have already figured out, a library, and React Native is a platform for creating mobile applications;
  • React Native structure is not managed by DOM;
  • React Native is a complete framework.

So, we got acquainted with React JS and React Native. Now we know about their differences, advantages, and features. It is important to remember that in general, they complement each other.  After reading this article you can also check this link. There lies the most outstanding solution that you can apply to a project.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa