Complete Guide Dane-Elec Router: Manual, Settings and IP Address

Setting a networking device is highly essential if you want to access the device’s remarkable features. Thus, if you have recently bought a Dane-Elec router then you must know how to access the web interface.

Here, we will help you with a complete guide on how to reset the router along with detailed insight into its settings and manual. 

Reset Instructions for the Dane-Elec Router

First, you should try to perform a reboot to reset the Dane-Elec router. If it fails to respond then you can try to perform the 30.30.30 reset on your router to fix the random issues

However, often a simple reboot can be the solution and you might not need to opt for a hard reset every time.

Login Guide and Password for Dane-Elec Router

Are you looking for the default username and password for the Dane-Elec router? Searching for your exact model on the official website is the best way to find the answers. 

Additionally, there is another way, i.e. putting the most popular username and password for the routers. Here are those:

  • Username: root (100%)
  • Password: root (100%)
  • Network name: Media Streamer (100%)

You have to keep in mind that for security purposes if you are changing the default username and password. You have to reset the router before you can access the router with the default username and password. It is the same for the Network name (SSID).

Default IP Address for Dane-Elec Router is the most common IP address for the Dane-Elec routers. Keep in mind that this IP might not work for every Dane-Elec model. In that case, you have to get into the official site of Dane-Elec and search by the exact model of the router you are using.

Dane-Elec Router’s User Manual

You should definitely follow the user manual that can be found at if you get confused while re-configuring the settings. You can find also find the manual of your router on the official website of the Dane-Elec router.

Find the Exact Model of Your Dane-Elec Model Router

You have to check your router’s label to find out which model of the router you are using. Probably you will see the label on the backside of the router. You will find the specific model in this label. 

In this label you will see a label named “MODEL” and the model number will be there after it. If you need to know the exact version of the router you have, there has to be more information in the “P/N” number. Filter and find your model, using the number once you get it.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa