4 Innovative Methods to Create Avatar from Photo

Your profile picture is your identity in all of your social media accounts. It seems that you are bored with uploading the same photo. What if you can upload and keep a picture of yours in a cool and creative way? Did the word “Avatar” come to your mind? Yes, you are absolutely right. Let’s know how to create Avatar from photo at ease.

When you want to create avatar from photo, then your original photo is required. Of course, there are several innovative methods that are necessary. Don’t worry, you will come to know about all of them. After creating the avatar, surely, you will be astonished by the transformation. 

Create Avatar from Photo: The Procedure in Details 

Before heading towards the process of creating the avatar you must learn about certain vital information. The method that you are about to follow is the general procedure. And, nearly all the applications that you need to create avatar from photo follow these. The transformation algorithm is common among all the applications. Whereas, the features and functions might be different. 

1. Get the Avatar Making Application First

There are a lot of applications that will help you to create avatar from photo. What will do now? Download and install all the applications? No, it is not possible. You have to search and find an avatar creating an application that is easy to understand. In addition to that, the user interface must be simple and straightforward. After research and analysis, you have to install the application in your system. 

2. Uploading the Picture

You can either take a picture with the help of the system webcam or upload the photo that you have taken previously. Facial recognition or similar to this function is for the webcam photo. Manual creation, manual upload, upload manually and others are meant for uploading the previously taken photo. 

3. Gender Selection and Customization 

Select Male or Female and proceed further. You can witness a lot of customized features that you can add to the avatar. And, those maybe hairs, eyebrows, eyelashes, dresses, spectacles, nose, eyes and many more. In addition to that, you can also add custom colours to the hair for better looks. 

4. Finishing up and Share

It seems that you are all set to create your new avatar. Finish the task and download the picture. Hopefully, the Download option will be available in most applications. Other than that, you will also get some additional options of sharing the avatar to other social media applications, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others. 

Let’s Create Avatar from Photo with Some Apps and Websites

There are several online and offline applications with which you can create avatar from photo. Some of them are given below. So, let’s check them out to know more. 

1. Zmoji

It is a mobile application that helps you to create avatars from a photo. Basically, two styles are there: instant conversion and separate customization. The instant conversion will scan your uploaded picture and convert it randomly. The facial customization is done by the application with the help of its AI algorithm

The customized function will consume some time. The application is embedded with an integrated keyboard that will help you share the complete avatar. You don’t have to pay as it is free on Android and iOS. 

2. Use BeFunky

It is also a mobile application to create an avatar from photos. Apart from all the common features, it has the ability to create an avatar in transparent background. Few people complain about the background. Actually, they wanted the background to be transparent rather than opaque. This application will not completely convert the image that you have uploaded. A bit of tweaking and twist with the picture will take your avatar to another level. 

3. PickaFace

PickaFace is a website that converts or creates avatar from photo. There is one fantastic feature of this website which is the design. More than 500 design features are present that you can apply to your picture. After connecting to the social media applications, you can ask your friends to see, like and comment on the avatar. On the very first step, you need to register on the website with a valid Email address and password. Then, only you can gain access to all the features. Lastly, joining the large community will help you to deliver innovative ideas for website improvement. 

4. Face Your Manga

Like other avatar creation websites, Face Your Manga will also help you to create an avatar in a customized format. Some people say that the process of getting the final product, which is the avatar, is a bit time-consuming. Maybe they are right because the avatar you create will be sent to your valid email address. Furthermore, you need to open the email account, clicking on the download link, and you will get to the avatar. 


Regarding the mobile application, never install any application that creates an avatar for you from unknown resources. Those setup files may contain malicious files that can harm your mobile phone. Always opt for the Play or App Store to download the applications. Create your avatar and enjoy it with your friends.