Converting JPG to PDF in 4 Steps Without Downloading Any Software

The most widely used formats these days in digital marketing, information gathering, and lesson planning are Portable Document Format or PDF and Joint Photographic Experts Group or JPG. Some readers and presenters choose the JPG format because of the fitting scale with their smartphones. But, most prefer the PDF format because of its portability and security. Now, converting JPG to PDF usually requires trusted software. One of the best in the business is Adobe Acrobat. However, not all people can afford to pay the fees, or even have enough storage for its software. Luckily, there are some things that you can do if you scour the internet long enough.

So, there are 4 steps on how to change JPG to PDF file online.

1. Website Selection

There are several websites on the internet that offer conversion of files. These files can be documents, photos, audio, and videos. Make sure that you are clicking the right button and the site is secured. Cookies pop up with these websites and you have the choice of whether to accept them for fast access or not. There are also applications that are downloadable and can be used offline for converting JPG to PDF files.

2. Uploading

Open your Windows File Explorer and select the image you want to convert with a file extension of .JPG. There is no limit so you can choose more than two images by dragging and holding forming a rectangle to highlight the images. You can also do this by pressing and holding the Ctrl key as you select the image. Doing this will make multiple pages on the PDF document.

3. Hit The Convert Button

Once you have uploaded the desired images, click the Convert button. The software or the website will automatically convert the files. Be sure to have a strong internet connection when you are converting online. Some websites do not work well and will keep you just waiting for nothing.

4. Downloading Process

Download the PDF file and open it through your PDF viewer application. As you have clicked the download, the file will be automatically saved on your computer or smartphone. You also have the option of sharing the link or saving it to your online drive.

Using PDFBear As Your Converter

This converter is a user-friendly one. It is fast and simple and is 100% free. It also guarantees that your uploaded files are secured through SSL Encryption. Unlike other converters, the PDFBear is compatible with any gadgets including Mac and Andriod. It supports files like GIF, TIFF, BMP, PBM, and PNG.

You can convert to PDF and from PDF to other formats, organized by splitting and merging, and you can also optimize the converted PDF through compressing and repairing.

1. First Step

As you open this website, it gives you three options where you can choose your file location to be converted. You can select from your computer, external devices, and dropbox.

2.  Second Step

Once you select the file, it is automatically uploaded. You can do batch uploading if you have upgraded your subscription. Before you can click the “CREATE PDF NOW” on the right side, below the uploaded image is a dropdown list for paper size, the paper layout of landscape or portrait, and margin.

You can also add an electronic signature once the uploaded files are saved on the server. This will serve as your identity and authority of the converted files too.

3.  Final Step

Wait for your pdf file to be converted and download it for viewing and saving. If the downloading fails, you can always add or drag files to be uploaded.

Why PDF?

The JPG file is just a raw one and can be blurry when opened. The fact that you need to use a photo editor or electronic pen for highlighting important content is bothering and a waste of time.  Converting JPG files to PDF has a lot of advantages. The format is universal and convenient. This format has the smallest size, unlike the others. You can save space for your phone’s memory in PDF format. You can protect PDF files by putting a code and take note that when it undergoes conversion, the third party will not be able to read the data or edit it.

This is one of the most interactive formats with reliable functionality. You can see features of hyperlinks, markups, movie clips, audio, and other file attachments. However, it is hard to make edits unless you want to convert it to a document format.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa