Complete Tutorial to Download Gmail Emails in Six Steps

Gmail is a preferred email service provider developed by Google. However, using a Gmail account in a computer is totally a different concept as there is no separate Gmail application available. So if you are willing to download Gmail emails then to perform this, follow the instructions as written in the below section of this article.

As Gmail uses a standard POP3 mail system so it can be saved with the desktop email program. Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook are useful desktop email programs which can be used easily to configure Gmail.

How To Download Emails From Gmail?

Downloading an email is possible by these undermentioned methods. So, try not to escape to skip any step. In case, if you miss out on any step, you may not get fruitful results. Before starting the process it is better to check both the status of the internet connection and the working condition of the browser. After ensuring both are in workable condition now proceed with the steps explained below.

Step 1: Log In To Your Gmail Account

As the browser is in working condition now open a new tab and close the other which is used for checking the working condition of the browser. By using it, go to the Gmail official site. Now click on “Sign in” from the right top of the official page. Doing this will navigate to a page, where you need to enter the username of your Gmail account. After providing the username click on “Next” and then it will ask you to enter the corresponding password of this account.

Further, click on the Sign inbox, this will open your Gmail account. Wait until the Gmail account gets loaded. Then jump to the next step as instructed below.

Step 2: Navigate To The “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” Tab

Once the loading is done, then go to the right gear-like symbol and click on Settings. On doing this, you will find that the General tab is already selected under this Settings window. Now you need to choose the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab from the upper menu panel.

Step 3: Select Either “Enable POP for all mail” Or “Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on”

The second section of this Forward and POP/IMAP window is POP download. Here in this section, you need to choose the best for your convenience. The topmost choice is “Enable POP for all mail”, which can be select for the emails that have already been downloaded. The alternative choice is “Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on”. After selecting any among these two options proceed with the next step to download Gmail emails.

Step 4: Select Choice Under “When messages are accessed with POP”

Further, under the “POP download” menu, go to the menu list that is “When messages are accessed with POP”. By dropping down the menu bar, you will get different options which are as follows.

  • Keep Gmail’s Copy in the Inbox (Default)
  • Mark Gmail’s Copy as Read
  • Archive Gmail’s Copy
  • Delete Gmail’s Copy

The choice depends upon how you want the copy that is present in the Gmail box to be handled.

After performing all these above-mentioned tasks hit on the “Save Changes” box, to confirm the changes.

Step 5: Launch An Email Client (Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook)

Here we are explaining the usage processes of two different email clients, you can choose any of these for downloading Gmail emails.

Thunderbird: Open the Thunderbird client and then start the process of adding a new account. To do this, from the left-hand side of the Thunderbird homepage hit on Local Folders. After that, click on Add A New Account. Next, navigate to the Gmail account and fill all the requested information fields on the appearing window. Then select Continue, and confirm the automatic account settings.

While this process for the Outlook user’s will be totally different and to learn this, continue this below section.

Outlook: After launching the Outlook email client follow this path, File>> Info. On doing this, the Outlook information page will open. Then from the top section of this Outlook information page click on the Addition symbol, which is located beside Add Account. After that, you will get “the Manually Configure Server/ Additional Server Types” option below this Microsoft Outlook account window, click on it. Further, follow the below step to continue downloading Gmail emails using Outlook.

Step 6: Continuing Process Under The Outlook Window

Click on “Next” on this Additional Server Type window. On doing this, after a few seconds “Choose Service” dialog box will open. Here ensure that the Internet E-mail check box is active. After that, click on Next, this will open the Internet E-mail Settings window. Under this Email Settings window, you need to fill up all the Gmail account details in respective fields. Select “” and “” as the incoming and the outgoing mail server respectively. And then fill up the “User Name” field with your entire email address including the domain name that is “”.

Now, from the lower right side of the dialog box hit on More Settings, this will open the Email Settings window. Further, from here tap on the Outgoing Server tab and activate the checkboxes beside this below-stated context.

  • My Outgoing Server (SMPT) Requires Authentication
  • Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server

After activating these above-said checkboxes, click on “OK” and then on “Next”. Then wait until the system got prepared to send and receive test email messages. After that, return to the main Outlook window by clicking on Close option followed by Finish.

On following all these above instructions you can learn how to download emails from Gmail.

For downloading the new account emails select on Send/Receive. On doing this all the download emails will get stored in the mail folder of the hard disk drive.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa