Various Types of Android Email Notification Sound and Its Uses

A smartphone has various types of in-built sound effects. The Android OS is built in such a way that every pre-set sound effect will ring as per its functions. Recent research has stated that a large number of Android users are getting confused with the Android Email notification sound. 

Now, when you purchase an Android phone, by default, mostly the notification sounds remain the same. It is the same for SMS, WhatsApp message, Email and others. Exactly, here is the main confusion, and you are going to sort it out easily. 

A Tour to the Sound Section 

In order to access the Android Email notification sounds, you need to access the Android system sound section. It is situated in the Settings. So, navigate and tap on “Sounds” or “Sounds and Notifications” or “Sounds and Vibration”. You can witness a lot of options; find the option “App notification sound”. Here, you can customize the notification sound of Email. 

If the previous procedure doesn’t work, then open the Gmail app and access the General Settings. Search for the Notification Sound option and manually choose a sound. Your choice can be either from the system or from the dedicated music application. 

Turning on the Android Email Notification Sound

You have to navigate to the Settings of your phone and access the sound section. If you are using a single SIM card, then select a tone from the dedicated sounds effect for SIM 1. You need to do the same task separately for SIM 1 and SIM 2. 

What about the High Priority Emails?

In general, the Android Email notification sounds are set to a normal label. As the high-priority emails are very important, they will eventually override the others. So, navigate to the Gmail app and tap on three horizontal lines that denote the Menu. After that, tap on “Settings”. You can see the profile picture of your account. Beneath that, tap on “Notifications” and choose “High Priority only”. The system will randomly choose a tone. When you receive an email of high priority, the tone will be played on the phone overriding all the other notifications. 

Turning off the Android Email Notification Sound

Of course, the Gmail app will come in handy. Navigate to the “Settings”, and then go to the “Notification Sounds”. You need to tap on “Email” or “Chat and rooms” to bring out the “Advanced Settings”. Thus, you will get the option to pick a tone from the system sounds. Scroll up, and you will get the option of turning off the email notification sound. 

Are you using the Stock Email App?

The stock android email application is a bit different from the customized email application. In order to set the Android Email notification sound, tap on the Email app and open it. After that, navigate to the “Settings” with the help of the dedicated menu. Then, choose “Email Notifications” and select a tone from the dedicated downloaded sounds. 

Why aren’t you Receiving Android Email Notification Sounds?

It seems that you haven’t allowed the notification to show in the movable drop-down dimension. In addition to that, a few Android phone’s “Battery Saver” mode automatically turns off the notifications. For activation, you need to open Settings and navigate to the “Apps” After that, tap on the Email application and turn on the toggle button of “Allow notifications”. On the other hand, you can recharge your phone to 100%, and then turn off the Battery Saver mode. 

Adding the Customisable Sound

If you are not satisfied with the system’s dedicated sounds, there is an option to add any other sound of your choice. On the very first step, you have to get the desired audio file on your phone. After that, visit the “Settings” and navigate to the “Sounds and Notifications”. For email alert, tap on the sound name and move to the top. Once again, tap on “Add” and include the audio file in the list. 

Are there any Sounds available for Sending an Email?

Not really. Every Android phone has a fixed collection of sounds to notify you when you send any message via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc. Similarly, there might be any type of sound effect that is already fixed by the system while you send any Email. A few tech specialists can advise you to use other third-party applications to customize the notification sounds regarding sending an Email. But, it is not that necessary. 

Wrapping Up…

Google always advises its OS users to keep all the dedicated applications up-to-date. The stock Android Email and customized Android Gmail also need to be updated from time to time. The outdated version of the apps will not function properly, and as a result, you might face a few complications.