Ultimate Guide to Resolve Can’t Reach Oculus Runtime Service Error

If you get an error message saying ‘can’t reach oculus runtime service’ on the screen of your device, that means the oculus is unable to communicate with the Oculus’s core service. Most of the time, you might encounter this error if there is a setting mismatch. Even sometimes due to the software conflict, you can also face this trouble.

This is a common issue, however, you need to troubleshoot it immediately as it can lead to some serious damage. Therefore, if you deal with this problem and want to fix it instantly, then stick to this article. In the rest of the content, we have provided you some easy and practical solutions which will definitely help you to troubleshoot the error within a flicker of time.

Probable Causes for Can’t Reach Oculus Runtime Service Issue:

There is a lot of reasons that can be responsible for the occurrence of the error message ‘can’t reach oculus runtime service’ on the screen. Hence, take a look below:

  1. If there is a Setting misconfiguration on your device, then most of the time because of it, you need to deal with this problem.
  2. Sometimes, due to the backend running applications, this issue can irritate you.
  3. In case, you have not updated the oculus application for a long time, then also it can be a valid reason for the appearance of this error message on your device.
  4. If, you enter the wrong time and date on your device, then at times this can lead to this annoying error.

Now, if you want to know how to fix can’t reach oculus runtime service, then you should keep an eye on the feasible solutions and eliminate the flaws.

Fix Can’t Reach Oculus Runtime Service Problem with Some Proven Solutions:

Please follow the undermentioned solutions to resolve the problem without any hassle.

Solution 1- Install the Official Oculus Patch

At first, we suggest you, install the latest Oculus patch and if the problem still persists after that, then try the next one. To launch the latest Oculus application first, you need to visit the official website and download the latest version.

Once, you have successfully downloaded it, then right-click on it and select ‘Run as administrator’ option. In case, your security software blocks the software from installing, then what you need to do, is to unblock the file and continue the installation procedure. When it is running, then you need to click on the Repair option.

Now, the new version of the Oculus software will be installed and the specific modules will be replaced.

Finally, restart your machine and then try to turn on your system without this error message. If you successfully do that, then your job is over. Otherwise, proceed to the next solution.

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Solution 2- Change the Date and Time

As we said earlier if you enter the wrong date and time, then this can lead to this issue. Many users reported that they encounter the ‘can’t reach oculus runtime service’ error message on their device and once they correct the date and time, they get rid of the trouble quickly. In your case, if this is the reason, then we strongly advised you to make sure that you give the correct date and time. For that, you need to follow the below-given steps.

  1. At first, you need to press the Windows + S keys together on your device. After that, type ‘ settings’ within the dialog box and open the Settings application
  2. Once the Setting application opens, then you have to click on the Time and Language option.
  3. Next, you should unmark the dialog box next to the ‘Set time automatically’ as well as ‘Set time-zone automatically’ option.
  4. Thereafter, you need to click on the ‘Change date and time’ and set the time to a previous date.  Next, click on the Changes option to take the effect of the changes.
  5. Finally, you should restart your machine and plug into the oculus and try to launch its application again. Unfortunately, if you are still unable to troubleshoot this error message, then don’t panic. Here is another alternative solution for you.

Solution 3- Launch the Application from the Directory

In case, you are still encountering the error message ‘can’t reach oculus runtime service’ after applying the above two solutions, then we advise you to install the application manually with the help of File Explorer.  For that, at first, you have to navigate to the proper directory and after that launch it. Soon the app will install from the right working directory and probably, the error will be resolved. To apply this solution, here are a few steps that you need to follow.

  1. At first, you have press the Windows + E keys simultaneously to open the File Explorer and after that, you need to navigate to the given directory.

C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\OVRServer_x64.exe

  1. In case you install the system to a different directory, then simply you have to navigate there and click on the file. After that, you have to right-click on that file and choose ‘Run as administrator’ option.

Once, you have successfully completed the above two steps, then finally reboot your computer and then check whether the issue has been resolved or not. If still, you are unlucky, then try the next solution.

Solution 4- Restart the Oculus VR Runtime Service

So, none of the above solutions works for you, right? well, don’t worry. Here is another trusted solution for you that you can try out. Sometimes, if the current running service is not running with the current parameter, then some time for this the error message might pop up on the screen.

So in such cases, you need to restart the Oculus VR runtime services. For that, at first, you have to press the Windows + S keys together and after that, type ‘services.msc’ within the given file and hit the Enter button.

Now, the Service tab will appear on the screen. Under this section, you have to search for the ‘Oculus VR Runtime Service’. Once you found it, then you should right-click on it and choose the Properties option.

Then, you should wait for a few minutes and thereafter, you should tap on the Start option.

Then, again restart your computer, then launch the application and check if the issue has been resolved or not. If not, then have a look at the next solution.

Solution 5- Reinstall the Software

If all the above-given solutions fail, then we recommended you uninstall the Oculus software completely and after removing it, you need to delete all the local stored files manually and thereafter, you should download a fresh copy from the official website. Now, take a look below.

  1. In the beginning, you need to open the Run dialog box and for that, you should press the Windows + R keys together on your keyboard. Once, the Run dialog box successfully opens, then you should type ‘appwiz.cpl’ within the given filed and hit the OK button.
  2. Next, you should search for the Oculus software. Once found, then right-click on it and click on the Uninstall option.
  3. Once, the Uninstalling procedure is completed, then download a fresh copy from the official website of this Oculus software and once done, again reboot your system and now the error message will not irritate you anymore.

Solution 6- Disable the Third-Party Software

This is the last solution that you can try to remove the ‘can’t reach oculus runtime service’ error message from your system. As mentioned earlier,  sometimes when you trying to open the application and if your security software, as well as other third-party software, is running on the backend, then you might face this can’t reach trouble.  In that case, you have to disable the security software as well as all the third-party software temporarily, then check if the error has gone or not. If not, then we advise you to completely uninstall that software.

That’s it. We wrap the discussion. Hope with all the above solutions you can resolve the issue. Now, we suggest you, read all the above-mentioned solutions thoroughly and apply them one by one on your computer and check which one is working for you.  However, if you have still doubt, then feel free to take expert help and get the permanent solution to this error.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you reset Oculus runtime?

1. Right-click the Start button and select Properties.
2. Click the Search button. 
3. If the Search field is visible in your taskbar, you can also click it directly.
4. Hit Enter on your keyboard after typing services.
5. Right-click Oculus Runtime Service and select Properties.
6. Press the Restart button. It will most likely take few moments to complete.

How do I update Oculus runtime?

To get OculusSetup.exe, go to Download Oculus Software. To install the latest version of the Oculus app, run OculusSetup.exe and follow the onscreen instructions.
Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa