Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5100 with Easy Troubleshooting Methods

The users in the recent ages are complaining about a very common issue in their Canon printer and that is Canon printer error code 5100.

Code 5100 indicates that the problem is related to ink cartridges. In case something is hammed in the cartridge carriage, then there is a chance of getting the same error code as well.

Due to internal contamination, the users might encounter the Canon error code 5100 on their device. Moreover, a fault in the carriage drive path such as bad gear, motor, belt, and damaged rails is equally responsible for the occurrence of this issue.

Apart from that, due to the bad printhead, the users can confront the 5100 error code in their Canon printer. If any packing material is left inside the printer, there is also a possibility of having the same problem with your device.

When the ink tanks are not seated properly or if you did not clean the encoder strip for a long time, then you can face the same issue as well.

Hence, if you are using Canon printer and experiencing the same issue, then, first of all, you have to know the problem-causing factors and then follow the solutions that are mentioned below.

This article will guide you to get rid of the issue at the earliest possible. Keep following the methods and implement them exactly in the same manner as stated below.

Feasible Methods to Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5100:

If you are confronting error code 5100 with your Canon printer, you might experience some symptoms that might hamper your work.

The alternative blinking of the power lights is the most common indication of the glitch. Follow the below-mentioned solutions one by one and check which one is suitable for you.

Method 1: Check the Inner Parts of the Printer

In case, if any tiny object gets stuck inside the printer, then your Canon printer might not work properly. In such cases, the very first thing that you have to do is to turn the printer off and also unplug the power cord as well.

After that, open the machine and check inside of the printer very minutely. Inspect to see if there are any stray pieces of paper or dust particles get stuck inside it or not.

In case, you find any tiny object, then perform the next method. 

Method 2: Perform Purge Mechanism

You can find a sliding mechanism in the printer when the print head is not used for a long time. If it is not lubricated enough, then this can create the error code in your Canon printer.

At such instances, you should lubricate those sliders with some grease. But remember not to get it on the black caps or the small wipers. 

Also, extract the right panel of your Canon printer and take access to the clean mechanism.

Method 3: Clean the Timing Strip

After performing the second method, you have to clean the timing strip. You can find that there is a thin plastic strip placed across the drive belt.

Now, you have to tap on the five black vertical lines on this strip. If you notice that the strip is uncleaned, then you might encounter the 5100 error code on your device. You have to clean this strip gently with a damp lint-free cotton swab.

Method 4: Reset the Ink Cartridges

If the previous methods are not enough for you to fix the Canon printer error code 5100, then reset the ink cartridges and then check if the same error code is still showing up on the display or not.

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is to switch off your Canon printer and then unplug it from the Power source. After that, tap on the “On/Off” button when you plug the power cable back in.

Now, you need to tap on the “Stop/Reset” key for two times while you are holding down the “On/Off” key. Now, release the “On/Off” button. This will put your Canon printer into factory mode.

Then, navigate to choose the right arrow button until the “Shipping Mode 3” option is highlighted on the display. Next, click on the “OK” icon as well. For once more tap on the “Stop/Reset” key while you notice a message that states “Without Cleaning.”

It suggests you print a page and check if the problem gets fixed or not. Now, lift the cover of the printer up and keep waiting until the cartridges move to the left. After that, you have to unplug the printer from the power source and lift both ink cartridges out and close the cover as well. 

Once you see a message that says “Replace Cartridges”, you should place the cartridges inside it. Finally, try to print a page when the printer recognizes the cartridges.

Method 5: Reseat “All Ink Tanks” Option

When all the methods fail to solve Canon printer error code 5100, then this is the ultimate method by which you will be able to resolve the error code on your own.

First of all, you should check the paper feed areas of the printer. You can use a flashlight of your mobile or other bright light to check the inside part of your printer. Also, investigate that there are no paper jams in the printer that may lead to the error.

Now, look inside the printer where the inks are placed. Also, be sure that there is no paper jam inside the printer that restricts the print head to move freely.

Finally, remove and reset all of the ink tanks inside the printer and strive to print a printer and check if the problem is still showing up or not.

Concluding Lines

Are you still experiencing the same problem while you are going to print any documents? Then leave your valuable comment in the feedback box and let us know the exact issue you are facing now.

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Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa