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Social media marketing matters more than you could ever imagine; practically everyone is on social media. So, your entire target audience is easily accessible on these types of virtual platforms.

Some critical social media marketing trends include things like improving customer service efficiency with chatbots, keeping content concise, partnering with influencers, and having video as your main form of content. Moreover, services such as a Miami Video production company can help you create successful video content.

But with that said, if you aren’t too sure how to start using Instagram to market your business, then we’ve listed some straightforward tips.

Understand The Anatomy Of Instagram Profiles

No two social media sites are alike; a Facebook profile looked completely different from an Instagram profile. This can make it a challenge for anyone to start navigating and using a platform for the first time, as you will need a while to figure out how things work.

On your Instagram profile, people can see your profile image, a profile description, highlights, posts, tagged posts, and video posts; these are the main components of your profile that you will need to update regularly.

Adding Your Profile Photo And Description

First, you will need to add your profile image after setting up your business account with the help of the site’s account setup steps. Your profile image should showcase your brand without being too chaotic. That said, it’s also best to upload an image size no less than 110×110 pixels; quality images are key in Instagram.

Your description should sum up your business, and it’s a savvy decision to use your brand mission or vision here. However, the description should be concise and catchy. It’s best to avoid a detailed, lengthy description as social media users are unlikely to spend the time reading through it.

Your Business Information

The three main components in this section are contact options, category, and page. If you have a Facebook profile, you can connect it to your Instagram account. By linking the accounts, you can post to Facebook automatically when posting on Instagram, simplifying ad campaigns substantially. You can also share Instagram stories the same way.

When it comes to the category, this refers to the industry that your business is in; selecting the right industry category makes it easier for the platform to use your content in a relevant manner.

Furthermore, your contact options are vital. This will determine how social media users can contact you. It’s also best to add all relevant contact details, from a business website and email to customer care and your contacts or others.

Understanding Hashtags

Hashtags were initially centered around Twitter and used to ensure posts gain traction; they allow to follow and join particular topics. However, hashtags are now used on most social media platforms, including Instagram. However, hashtags have not been as successful on Facebook.

Using the right hashtags on Instagram can ensure your audience can find your business. And because users can follow hashtags that they are interested in, it’s pretty essential to research popular hashtags to use.

There are digital tools you can use to search for the best hashtags. So, if you don’t have the budget to research, these tools are a budget-friendly solution.

Posting Video Content

While you should do things like schedule posts at particular times when social media use is at its highest, posting video content is critical.

Photo and image ads are still valuable, although Instagram users tend to opt for video content as a favored form of content. Unlike Facebook, where written content seems to work best.

Creating compelling video content can be tricky, but you can use video production services to ensure each post is successful. Video clips that are short in length, bold, and catchy work well. And if you aren’t too sure what types of video clips do well, you should scroll through some viral clips to identify elements of effective, concise video ads.

Instagram is a trendy social media site with roughly one billion active users every month. The overall popularity of this platform makes it an excellent choice for marketing, as the platform serves as an accessible way to reach your audience.

That said, if you are not having much success with Instagram marketing, you can rely on services to help you improve your channels. From video production services and SEO agencies to social media managers, there are tons of affordable services out there that can enhance your brand identity on social media to boost your bottom line.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa