Best Operating System for Gaming: Detailed Review

Operating System for Gaming
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Everyone chooses the operating system according to their needs and specific requirements. Gamers are not the exclusion.

They need high-resolution graphics, voluminous sound, flexibility, speed, and performance.

In this article, we’ll review the best operating system for gamers, their pros and cons, and conclude with the final verdict on the best operating system for gamers in 2021.

How to pick up the best operating system for gaming?

The operating system is the heart of your computer, and while most people got used to the fact that they can get accustomed to any OS, we must admit any job has its requirements.

For example, programmers love using Linux, although its hard interface is not quite user-friendly. Starters will love Windows, although they have a hard time with protecting their PCs from viruses. When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, a user needs an operating system with profound system requirements.

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When it comes to gaming, different operating systems may fit depending on the level of gamer, the requirements to imaging, sounds, memory, and system performance.

Here are the criteria to pay attention to when choosing the best operating system for gaming:

  1. System performance: this requirement stands for the game’s speed and caters to zero levels of crash incidents.
  2. Hardware compatibility: this allows to avoid additional expenses for the hardcore games.
  3. User-friendly design: some systems are better for starters than others are tuned for advanced starters.

When choosing the best-operating gaming systems, a user should also know the game requirements, whether it needs high color resolutions, sophisticated system requirements, and any additional hardware.

The best-operating systems for playing games

Gamers hate operating systems causing the issues like slowing down, or crashing, as a successful game is a play of time, and any problems can bring about a lot of frustration and even financial loss.

The operating systems that don’t give issues of this sort and therefore are well suitable for gaming are Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, Linux, and Ubuntu.

1. Linux

Known as the safest operating system, most loved by hackers and back-end programmers, Linux also found fans among gamers.

Linux gives users unrestricted options, which is better than Windows, which restricts user options. The weak sides of this OS enlist somewhat slower speed and performance issues.

The system’s sophisticated design is also only suitable for seasoned users knowing the craft of coding. Also, the makers do not pamper their fans with the support level given to Windows and Macintosh.

2. Ubuntu

Although this operating system has poorer graphics and lacks some customization options, gamers love it for its unique features.

This operating system is a synthesis of Windows and Macintosh, so it has something to offer for those who would like a system like macOS with a bit of Windows.

3. Macintosh

The best side of macOS is the incomparable graphics; other operating systems don’t provide. Also, it is resistant to viruses.

The peculiar thing about macOS is that any user of the OS, a gamer or not, immediately falls in love with it and is reluctant to switch to another OS.

Although there are also drawbacks, for example, macOS doesn’t allow endless customizations and upgrades. Therefore hardcore gaming fans will find it not powerful enough.

Also, a Mac is not an upgradeable laptop, so if you decide to get a stronger version of the OS, you’ll have to change the hardware as well.

4. Windows

It’s perhaps the most popular operating system, and it is great for gaming too. Users love it for upgradeability and easy interface. Since the 90-s, the Windows OS has evolved from version 1 to the current version 10.

Yet, when it comes to gaming, users prefer Windows 7, 8, and 10.

  • Windows 7

Some gamers call Windows 7 the best operating system for gaming. It is equipped with DirectX software that collects APIs for multimedia, like games and video. It also allows users to install different game-related applications easily and safely.

Another merit of Windows 7 is that it doesn’t require sophisticated system requirements and will give a great gaming experience even on a budget laptop. While providing a wonderful GUI design, it’s much lighter than Windows 10.

Windows 7 gives a great visual experience. Besides the vibrant images, it offers voluminous sound and is quite fitting for high-resolution games.

Yet, besides numerous merits, a system has a significant drawback: it is not virus-proof, and a user needs to be very attentive in installing the best antivirus software.

  • Windows 10

Windows 10 is loved by beginners for its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge software structure. One of its greatest advantages is the stability to system failure. It is very important for gamers, as the system breakdown may be a very bad surprise during an important game.

Another pro is that Windows 10 supports a wide variety of games, although it doesn’t support some older version games.

  • Windows 8

This operating system topped its predecessor, Windows 7, in performance, and it is free from the flaws that were noticed with Windows 7.

Windows 8 is famous for its stability and is similar to Windows 10 in this regard. It recognizes most of the games available on the market, and users love it when it comes to installing ease.

Like any other Windows version, it is prone to viruses and requires heightened attention when it comes to security.

Yet, when it comes to hardcore gaming, Windows 8 requires additional hardware expenses, making it not the best operating system for starters.

Wrapping everything up

Most users willing to enter the gaming world will find a suitable operating system in a Windows range. Most of the Windows OS range is quite ideal for everyday routine tasks, sophisticated crafts, or even software development. The latter case provides services and allocates a dedicated development team like that provided by MLSDev to help resolve daily user problems and advance our digital world.

Although, sophisticated gamers will love Linux or macOS as well. So, the best operating system for gaming in 2021 will depend greatly on individual user needs. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa