Best NWN2 Console Commands & How to Use them?

Neverwinter Nights 2 is a popular role-playing game available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The Adventure Game: The Dungeons game inspires the development of NWN2. However, the difficulty level of the latter is higher than the former. Players can overcome the game challenges using the easy NWN2 console commands.

The NWN2 commands are a series of codes that enable the game’s cheats. You can configure the game configuration and unlock the rewards using these commands. Besides, the cheat codes allow the gamers to change the game value. 

Do you want to alter the in-game character’s alignment? Find the right NWN2 console commands that will help you to do that. Moreover, you can assign or remove the game character’s feats using the cheats. 

However, the NWN2 commands might not work in some instances. Then, restart the online video game to resolve the cheat code error.

Now, let’s get to know the NWN2 commands which will be useful for online players:

How to Implement the NWN2 Console Commands?

Knowing the basic NWN2 cheat codes will ensure victory on the deathmatches. Besides, you can improve the gaming experience by using the console commands. However, every NWN2 player must know how to use them to unlock rare items. 

First, you must access the developer console by pressing the tilde (~) key. A dialogue box will appear on the screen, similar to chat. Write the NWN2 command on the blank field and hit the Enter button to enable the cheat code. 

The NWN2 Commands that You Must be Aware Of

There are several Neverwinter Nights 2 commands available for gamers. However, before using them, you must connect the gaming PC to stable Wi-Fi. 

Access the role-playing game and try out the following easy-to-use commands:


The “runscript” command helps the players to enable script parameters. This cheat code works just like a functional call of a programming language, like C++ or Java. 

Wondering how you can use this cheat code in the Neverwinter Nights 2 game? Press the tilde key and enter “runscript ga_local_int(“FavoriteNum”, “=-2”, “MightyGnome”)

Hit the Enter button after entering the NWN2 console command. Ensure to check all the characters are written correctly in the cheat code. Otherwise, you won’t be able to change the script parameter value. 

This cheat command will run “ga_local_in” into 3 string parameters. If you receive any error message while using the command, restart the game. Access the dialogue box and enter “rs” instead of the “runscript” command. 


The feat is an exclusive feature of NWN2, which gives the in-game character a new capacity. Besides, you can improve the character’s existing power using this feature. However, unlocking this feature might be challenging in this RPG game. Thus, if you want to add a feat, open the NWN2 game and press the “~” key.

Enter the “givefeat #” Console command in the pop-up box and press the “Enter” button. Write this cheat code without quotations and replace the “#” with a number from “0-2255”. For instance, you can get deflect arrows with the feat 8 ID, whereas gamers can unlock the “diamond soul” with feat 215 ID.

Do you want to remove a feat from the Neverwinter Nights 2 character? Write “removefeat #” in the dialogue box and hit the Enter button. However, ensure not to put any quotations in the NWN2 console command. Replace the “#” with any number from 0-2255. If the game character has “feat 203”, write “removefeat 203” to disable it. 

Combat Debugging

The debug console command allows you to add shortcuts and more advanced options. This cheat code helps you to manipulate the game, which a player can’t generally do. 

You can enable the in-game combat mechanism using the “debugmode 1” command line. If that doesn’t work, enter the “enablecombatdebugging 1” cheat code. Besides, “debugmode 0” can help you to disable the debugging feature.

Altering Alignment 

Alignment is the tool which develops the NWN 2 game character’s identity. Each alignment represents different personality types or personal philosophies. You might find significant differences between two lawful good characters in NWN2. 

Gamers must know the number of alignments to change the character’s personality. For instance, “1,2,3,4” helps the players to choose a Good/Lawful alignment. However, “-1, -2”, -3” or “-4” allows you to select the “Evil/Chaotic” alignments.

Open the PC or console and access the Neverwinter Nights 2 game. Press the tilde key and write “rs ga_alignment (#.#)”. Press the Enter button and check if you have unlocked a new character identity or not. You can add a maximum of two alignments together using this cheat code. 

Give Experience

You can increase the kill and quest experience points using this NWN2 command. Besides, online gamers can also give a negative amount to level-down characters. All you need to do is add the “-” symbol in the cheat code. 

Access the dialogue box by pressing the “~” key and write “givexp -#”. Replace the “#” with the amount of experience you want to reduce. 

Additionally, you can get more “XP” in multiple matches using the “givexp #” command. Ensure to write the number of experience points you need to go to the next level. Don’t add any quotations while entering the cheat code.

Give Item

The “give item” console command adds a new weapon for the in-game NWN2 character. However, players must know the item’s material code to use them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to unlock the weapon even after using a cheat code.

Double-tap on Neverwinter Nights 2 from the desktop and right-click on the character you want to receive the item for. Open the in-game console by pressing the tilde key. Write “giveitem <code>[#]” and press the Enter key afterwards. Here, <code> is the item’s material code and “#” is the number of items you want. 

Did you receive a confirmation message after using the console command? Then, you successfully added the item for the NWN 2 character. Close the console by pressing the “~” key and reopen it to add another item. 

Need a pair of boots for Elvenkind? Enter “giveitem nw_it_mboots002” to get this legendary item. Besides, you can give the selected character 99+ arrows using “giveitem nw_wamar001”. Use “giveitem nw_it_gold001 7500” to get 7,500 gold for the character.

What are the Other NWN2 Console Commands Which You Must Use?

Use the “rs ga_infleunce (x, 150)” command to maximise the companion’s influence. However, you must enter the influence value correctly to do that. For instance, if you have selected “Khelgar” as your companion, enter “1” instead of “x”. 

Moreover, players can use the camera while playing using the “dm_unlockcamera” console command. Increase the “Constitution” points using the “setCON x” cheat code. Do you want to get more “Charisma” points? Use the “setCHa x” console command for that.