Best MicroATX Cases of 2022 — 5 Best Budget-Friendly Options

The popularity of compact-sized PC builds increased over the years. However, choosing the best microATX case for that build remains a challenge. Enthusiasts must check a few factors before buying the right PC case. Ensure the computer case matches the Micro-ATX motherboard’s size.

Additionally, the MicroATX should have at least two fans to move air around the chassis. Pay close attention to the number of air vents on the case. Don’t forget to check the amount of space available to mount case fans. Besides, cables are one of the essential parts of any PC build. Thus, you should get a MicroATX case where cables can be easily connected.

You might find a handful of MicroATX cases on the market. However, not all PC cases contain a front panel, causing problems connecting external peripherals. 

Thus, you must search for a Micro-ATX case with a front panel with a headphone or mic jack. Additionally, it should have a maximum of 3 USB ports and other connectivity options.

Now, let’s find out the best MicroATX PC cases that currently have high market value:

1. Phanteks EVOLV mATX — A Next-Generation PC Case

Phanteks EVOLV mATX is a high-rated MicroATX case of 2022. It has a tempered glass side panel and can hold GPUs up to 12.5 inches long. Thus, the latest RTZ 3090s and RTX 3080s GPU will easily fit in this case. Additionally, you get a PSU shroud in this computer case for continuous power supply. 

This high-end PC case can hold a larger 360mm AIO cooler/radiator. Besides, it offers plenty of convenient cable management options. Phanteks EVOLV mATX’s interior is spacious. It features a 200mm fan at the front and a 140mm fan at the rear. 

There is also an I/O panel on the microATX cases on the right side. Phanteks EVOLV mATX looks visually pleasing, all credit goes to industrial design. Besides, its exterior case is built with aluminium and the rest of the body is made out of steel. Further, the side panel fits perfectly with the case. 

Moreover, this Phanteks case is available in three colour schemes – Satin Black, Anthracite Grey and Galaxy Silver. So, choose the best colour option and buy this MicroATX case by spending a few dollars.

2. NZXT H400 — Get Everything in One MicroATX Case

NZXT is widely known for offering the best PC cases emphasising quality and design. The H400 model is the most purchased microATX case in the H-series lineup. 

It is NZXT’s one of best creations which have top-notch build quality. The PC case’s construction is solid, and it offers excellent cable-management options.

NZXT H400’s I/O panel has a minimalistic yet classic design. The manufacturer also included numerous dust filters in this case. The case is available in four colour combinations to match your taste. 

The users have praised its elegant all-steel construction. Moreover, it has a tempered glass panel and a compact PSU shroud as well.

You get a new cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and strips in the case. There is a motherboard tray on the back of this kit. NZXT H400 also features an adjustable single bar cable. Moreover, this H400 layout makes the PC building process easier and less time-intensive.

3. Lian Li 205 — The Best Overall MicroATX Case

Lian Li’s 205M P case is a perfect option for gamers who are looking for a premium chassis at an affordable price. It doesn’t consume much space and can fit anywhere in the PC setup. Moreover, this MicroATX case can hold video cards that are up to 14.8 inches in length and 6.2 inches in height.

Additionally, users can install five cooling fans and a 240m AIO cooler on its front panel. The Lian Li 250M has two built-in 120 mm fans for fast cooling. It is one of the smaller form-factor cases you will find on the market. 

Moreover, Lian Li 250 is available in two different colours – Black and White. You have to choose the best colour option that goes with the PC build. Users get removable magnetic dust filters and space for GPUs up to 350mm in length. 

Under the main case panel, there is also space for installing the PSU. This area can house a 180mm long power supply and a drive cafe for two storage mediums. Its drive case can support either two 3.5-inch HDDs or a 3.5 HDD and a 2.5-inch SSD.

4. Thermaltake Core V21 — Designed for Gaming PC Builds

This Thermaltake microATX case is the latest addition to the Core V Series. Core V21 is a quadrate chassis that offers an effective thermal solution. It allows users to create dual systems by upgrading the PC’s external units. The manufacturer designed this case for vertical or horizontal orientation on the motherboard.

Additionally, you can adjust the chassis for a better viewing presentation and cooling. There is also a removable PSU dust filter embedded inside the case. Further, you get a shockproof rubber gasket on the PSU bracket for sound reduction. 

Gamers can open the chassis and stack the liquid cooling system easily. There is also enough space to install 6 storage mediums inside the chassis. The maximum radiator length supported in Core V21 is 600mm. 

Besides, its modular drive allows you to install a dual expansion slot VGA up to 350mm in length. Professional gamers can also install a 185mm tower CPU cooler inside the case. Apart from this, there’s still plenty of space available for cable management.

5. CoolerMaster MasterBox Q300L

MasterBox Q300L is the best-value MicroATX case out there. It is perfect for compact-sized computers. It features magnetic dust filters, which create a unique outlook for the chassis. Additionally, users get a modular I/O panel in this case which can be adjusted to 6 different locations. 

Do you know what the best part about the CoolerMaster MasterBox Q300L is? This MicroATX case can be placed either in a horizontal or vertical position. There is also an edge-to-edge side panel to display your PC build. CoolerMaster included a motherboard tray in this chassis. 

Behind the motherboard tray, there is 28mm of space available for cable management. The open design of MasterBox Q300L guaranteed excellent thermal performance. This case’s front panel supports up to two 140mm fans and a 240mm radiator. Moreover, MasterBox Q300L’s rear case panel also supports a 120mm fan or radiator. 

What are the Other Highest-Selling MicroATX Cases of 2022?

You can buy Thermaltake’s S100 model if you need a MicroATX case within your budget. It can hold GPUs up to 12.9 inches in length. Additionally, you can install 6.4-inch CPU coolers in this PC build case easily. S100 can also hold up to 5 fans inside its premium quality chassis.

Do you need a PC case with two preinstalled cooling fans? Consider buying Montech Flyer. It is a cost-effective option and offers advanced features. It has a full-length PSU shroud, an excellent acrylic side panel and an RGB strip. 

Moreover, you can also fit a 12.9-inch graphics card and 6.2-inch CPU coolers inside the case. So, take time to research, check the review and choose the best MicroATX cases.