4 Best Keyboard and Mouse for PS4 — The Ultimate Guide

The PlayStation 4, like every other console, uses a built-in controller by default. Though controllers are convenient for most games, they’re not suitable for winning competitive game titles. 

The analog stick on a PS4 controller provides little accuracy. It also causes hindrances while playing FPS games. Thus, switch to a keyboard and mouse for PS4 for next-level gaming.

Multiplayer games, like Fortnite and Call of Duty, offer keyboard and mouse compatibility. All you need to do is pair the PS4 to the keyboard and mouse to access the game. 

Moreover, a mouse and keyboard combo offer more accuracy and precision. Thus, it will ensure victory in competitive deathmatches or raid battles. There are many high-end keyboard and mouse combos available for PlayStation 4. 

However, you must check whether they are compatible with the console. Otherwise, running online video games might be challenging. Besides, gamers must check the new mouse’s sensor, if they play FPS shooter games. 

Here is the keyboard and mouse combo for PS4 that will improve your gaming experience.

1. Spirit of Gamer Xpert G900 

If you need a suitable keyboard and mouse pack for PS4, Spirit of Gamer Xpert G900 is the right choice. There is no need to use a gamepad when using this keyboard and mouse combo. Xpert G900 comes with a game board which you must place on a flat surface. 

The mouse’s right analogue stick is for precise aiming, and the left analogue stick is for “WASD”. Press the left analogue stick to change the game directions swiftly. Moreover, Xpert G900 eliminates the need for a default controller for PS4 games. It is equipped with an optomechanical keyboard which has 4 macro recording buttons.

Spirit of Gamer Xpert G900 is ideal for playing FPS and simulation games. This mouse and keyboard combo is designed for MMORPG games like Final Fantasy XIV and Guild Wars 2. The G900’s mouse has an optical sensor of 3200 DPI. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the gaming mouse will be. Spirit of Gamer 900 mouse and keyboard has an anti-ghosting feature. It will be a valuable addition to the gaming setup. 

Drawback of Spirit of Gamer G900

Despite being one of the best and easy-to-access keyboards and mouse for PS4, this combo has a drawback. The G900 doesn’t have V (melee attack) and G (grenade) keys which are essential for first-person shooter games.

2. HORI TAC Pro M2

HORI’s new TAC Pro M2 is compatible with PlayStation 4. This keyboard and mouse combo is licensed by Sony and designed for FPS games. The mini mechanical keyboard has 20+ customisable keys. There is a touchpad with switches and ergonomic wrist rest, which is comfortable to use.

Tac Pro M2’s mouse has a stylish yet simple design. It offers a DPI of 3200 and helps professional gamers to adjust the sensitivity with two buttons. Besides, the external keyboard is compatible with any other gaming mouse. Thus, if the Hori Tac Pro M2’s mouse stops working, you can continue playing the game with a new one.

HORI TAC Pro M2 comes with built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Besides, gamers can update key layouts and input options with the HORI Device Manager app. Install the app on Android or iOS and adjust the keyboard configuration for PS4 games. 

The TAC Pro M2 has exclusive features like “Snipe & Walk” buttons to reduce output for precision snipping. HORI TAC Pro M2 has an ADS lock and adjustable mouse acceleration. It offers an excellent entry-level gaming experience to users. 

Drawback of HORI TAC Pro M2

TAC Pro M2 is the best alternative for the PS4 controller. However, this keyboard and mouse for PS4 don’t feature a light bar and motion sensors. Thus, if you need a mouse and keyboard combo with these features, search for another option. 

3. BlueFinger RGB Keyboard and Mouse

The design of the BlueFinger gaming keyboard and mouse is eye-catching. It is the best-suited keyboard and mouse combo for PS4. Its RGB backlighting will highlight the gaming area with an outstanding appearance. Press the “Lock” key to turn on and off the BlueFinger gaming keyboard’s backlight. 

The keyboard has 104 keys, and all these letters glow when you connect it to the PlayStation 4. Moreover, the keyboard has a built-in steel plate and a durable 61-inch USB wire. Users get 19 non-conflict keys to press or hold multiple keys simultaneously.

BlueFinger’s gaming mouse is ergonomically designed and has a 59-inch USB wire. It has 4 different LED breathing lights, which change automatically. If you want to turn on or off the mouse’s backlight, press the “Forward” and “DPI” keys together. 

Furthermore, with a DPI of 2000, this mouse will help you to aim better in shooter games. Many gamers use BlueFinger’s keyboard and mouse combo for its easy-to-use features. The keyboard is also waterproof, which helps to avoid accidental spills.

Drawback of BlueFinger RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Some users faced keyboard issues when playing Fortnite on PS4. Try to update the console software if you experience any problems with the keyboard/mouse.

4. Empire Gaming Armor S-100

Are you looking for an affordable keyboard and mouse for PS4? Consider buying the Empire Gaming Armor S-100 pack. The semi-mechanical keyboard is equipped with 105 keys, including 12 multimedia shortcuts. Additionally, users get 19 anti-ghosting keys to avoid conflicts while playing multiplayer games.

Empire Gaming Armors-100’s mouse offers a comfortable grip for all types of games. With its 800-6400 DPI, you can move quickly while playing a shooter game. Besides, the advanced mouse features 6 RGB options and a high-precision optical sensor. You also get a mouse pad and gaming headset with this keyboard and mouse combo. 

Armor S-100’s RGB headset has a circum-aural design and earphones with pads. Thus, you can play PS4 games without sound leaking issues. The headset also has a high-performance and directional microphone. So, if you need an aesthetically pleasing mouse and keyboard combo, go for this one, 

Drawback of Empire Gaming Armor S-100

There is no battery included in the Empire gaming Armor S-100 keyboard set. If the existing keyboard stops working, you can’t fix it by installing a new battery. This indicates users have to replace the Armor S-100 keyboard with a new one. 

What are the Other Best Keyboard and Mouse for PS4 that are Worth Buying in 2022?

You can buy Orzly’s keyboard and mouse for PS4 for a hassle-free gaming experience. The membrane-based keyboard has 19 anti-ghosting keys and includes a headset and mousepad. 

Additionally, you can go for the Cooler Master MS120 gaming keyboard and mouse pack for PS4. Logitech’s keyboard and mouse combo will also be compatible with PlayStation 4. So, take time to research and choose the best one for the gaming console.