What is the Best DPI for Gaming? How to Calculate EDPI?

Computer games are awesome, isn’t it? But, there are tons of things that work behind the scenes. Starting from the installation to mission complete, a lot of lines of code, .dll files, GPU, resources and others are being processed. Have you heard the term DPI? Let’s inform you first that the DPI is one of the most important features of gaming.  

As the mouse plays an important role in gaming, the presence of DPI (dots per inch) is overwhelming. When you move the mouse, the DPI decides where and how much you have to move to get the game going. Some of the best DPI for gaming will decide the smoothness and clarity of a game. 

The DPI Mouse Movements in Details 

A normal mouse that you use in your daily life has an approximate 1600 DPI. Compared to that of gaming mice, it has more than 3500 DPI. DPI also controls the hardware capability of a mouse as well as the sensitivity. 

It’s obvious that you can confuse the fact of DPI and sensitivity. These two are different from each other. If you bring a normal mouse and set its sensitivity to the highest level, this doesn’t increase the DPI. 

A mouse with a high and best DPI for gaming will need a low sensitivity. This combination of settings will reflect an accurate and smooth mouse movement. Do you have a monitor that has a high resolution? Then, a high DPI mouse will come in handy. 

The Importance of DPI

Understanding the DPI will help you while playing games on your computer. It allows the mouse cursor to move quickly. Let’s say you are playing a shooter game like Call of Duty, Project IGI-Cover Strike or I’m Going In, Battlefield, and others. These categories of games need a high and smooth mouse sensitivity. Otherwise, the shot of a loaded rifle against the enemy will not be successful. 

Here, you can think that a normal mouse with the maximum sensitivity will work. If this happens, then there is a high chance that you will miss the shot and eventually fail the mission due to high sensitivity. Thus, a high DPI is required. The DPI stabilizes your aim so that you can take the shot. The best DPI for gaming is only available in the gaming mouses.

What is the Best DPI for Gaming?

Shooting games are of various kinds. Not all the arms and ammunition are the same in every game. Their firepower, aiming system, and reloading system vary. This is fully controlled by the DPI of your gaming mouse. On average, for most shooting games, near about 400 to 1000 can be the best DPI for gaming. You will get precise accuracy in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and many more. 

Crisis, Far Cry, COD: WW2, COD: World at War and other types of heavy and CPU intensive games will need from 1000 to 17000 DPI. This same DPI is applicable for real-time games based on strategy and tactics. 

Finding Out the DPI of your Mouse

Whenever you are buying a mouse, the DPI is present in the specification section. No matter which mouse you purchase, the location is the same. Generally, during the early 2000s, the normal and gaming mouse have the DPI of 800 and 1000. As time passed by and technology evolved, the DPI continued to upgrade. Now, a general and a gaming mouse has more than 1200 and 1600 DPIs. Technical experts say that these can be the best DPI for gaming in terms of the gaming mouse. 

Can you Change the DPI Settings?

Yes, of course, you can change the DPI settings in a normal and gaming mouse as well. But, the matter of fact is that their procedures are different. For the normal mouse, you have to get the help of a third-party application. Whereas, the gaming mouse has their own dedicated DPI increase and decrease button. 

What are Effective Dots per Inch?

The true and raw sensitivity of a mouse is called EDPI. You can find this feature only in the gaming mouse. When the game is on and the mouse is in use, the feature multiplies the normal DPIs and automatically calculates how much DPI you will need to shoot a bullet from a sniper, reload the rifle, throw a hand grenade, move the rifle back and forth and many more. You don’t require any type of hardware and software settings to run the feature.

The EDPI Calculations

The EDPI calculation is a bit complicated. So, you have to go through all the data that are given below. 

Let’s say you and your friend are both playing a game. You are named player A and your friend as player B. Player A’s DPI is 1200, and the game intensity value will be 4. When your friend’s DPI is 800, then the game intensity value will be 6. 

So, the EDPI of A will be 1200×4=4800. Player B’s EDPI will be 800×6=4800. So, what’s the result? The DPI may be the same but the EDPI in every game and every mouse will be different.