7 Best Discord Spotify Bot You Must Add – The Ultimate Guide

You must know that Discord lets gamers add over 25,000 members to the online servers. One thing most people need to be aware of is its ability to add multiple Discord Spotify bots on the gaming servers. Hence, players can enjoy their favorite music tracks with their friends while streaming games.

Discord Spotify bots have gained massive popularity in the gaming community over the years. Moreover, adding Spotify bots on Discord is straightforward. You simply need to install the Spotify bot on your preferred Discord server.

Log in to your Discord account and access the Fredbot site – the free Discord music bot. Press the Invite to Server button and tap “Select a Server” from the options list. Click on the Discord server where you want to add the Spotify bot.

Select “Authorize” and “I am Human” when the pop-up box appears. Choose the Login with Discord option and click on “Add to Server. Write “;; commands all” to see the list of Spotify Discord bots you can add to the server.

Here, we have compiled a list of Discord Spotify bots that you must try and install:

1. Hydra

Hydra is the most added Discord Spotify bot. It is what every gamer needs. It has a simple yet intuitive interface that users can customize easily without commands. This Spotify bot features a list of commands, which a usual discord bot lacks.

Hence, you don’t have to know the steps on how to add music to the server when using Hydra. Do you know what the gamers most like about this Spotify bot? It provides multilingual support for the Discord users.

You can choose from 20+ languages after adding Hydra to your Discord server. Players can make song requests and control the bot easily. However, having a Spotify playlist is essential to use this Discord music bot.

2. MEE6

If you are looking for a Discord Spotify bot with an easy-to-use dashboard, MEE6 is the right choice. Installing and configuring this bot is easy on Discord. Users can also modify the modernization and leveling of the users accessing this Spotify bot.

MEE6 is a popular Spotify bot like Hydra. Many gamers use it in gaming Discord servers like PUBG and Roblox. Over 21 million people have added this bot to their Discord servers. MEE6 has a “Bot Personalizer” feature to make your Discord server look interesting to the other users.

Additionally, you can create welcome messages for the new members who join your Discord server. In the message, you can add the server rules and details about the ongoing gaming events or other activities. Furthermore, users can assign automated tasks to the members using the customs commands in MEE6.

3. ProBot

Probot has a simple user interface and can be customized easily. This Discord Spotify bot can be integrated with the gaming servers. Moreover, Probot offers Discord users easy-to-access and high-quality music tracks.

Do you want to moderate your Discord server from your gaming device? Consider adding Probot on your remote server. It features a built-in moderation system that can automatically remove members for their inappropriate actions.

The best part about the Probot is its “Embedding” feature. Discord members and administrators can create, send, and edit embeds to the added channels with a single tap. Besides, you can customize these embeds later by accessing your Discord server.

4. FredBoat

You must have heard about this Discord Spotify bot, right? It has over 5 million users across the world. However, you must know how a bot works before adding it to your game servers. It has a complicated interface that might be difficult for the new Discord users.

Fredboat isn’t only popular among Discord users, but it is also widely used in music streaming sites like SoundCloud. Moreover, you can use the Spotify premium features without paying the subscription fee when using Fredboat.

Gamers can view the live streams and access the playlist using custom commands. FredBoat shuffles and repeats the most listened-to music tracks. Hence, you don’t have to pause the games repeatedly to play your favorite song on Discord.

5. Vexera

Over 300,000+ users have added this Spotify bot to their Discord servers. It has an easy-to-understand interface that can be used to add the bot on the servers. Vexera works with music streams without causing network issues or lags.

Thus, you can have a seamless music streaming experience using this discord Spotify bot. Gamers can search for their favorite music tracks easily on Vexera. They can pause the song or resume it at any time. Besides, Vexera lets you add a personalized playlist, which the other bots lack.

It provides greater control over the Spotify bot on your Discord server. This multipurpose bot also has a list of moderation features. It is a reliable Discord bot that helps administrators assign tasks to members without hassle.

6. Rhythm

As the name implies, Rhythm is a design to share and enjoy music with other users. However, a beta version of this bot is now available for the Discord users. It will be released between November- December of this year.

When you open the Rhythm site, you will see three servers – Rhythm 1, Rhythm 2 and Rhythm 3. Rhythm 1 is for gaming, Rhythm 2 is for studying, and Rhythm 3 is for working, as mentioned on the website.

You will be surprised to know that YouTube took down Rhythm during the third quarter of 2021 for copyright Infringement. Rhythm is used to copy and download music videos from the websites and share them on the Discord servers.

7. 24/7

We recommend using 24/7 for the best music streaming experience when playing games on Discord. It also lets you share and listen to podcasts to the members added to your remote servers. Developers added this Discord Spotify bot for music enthusiasts across the world.

The 24/7 bot helps gamers manage and listen to unlimited music tracks regardless of their length. Besides, this bot lets you access radio streams from different sources and platforms.

Discord users get to choose from different plans for 24/7, and these are – Premium, free, and Premium Plus. The premium and premium plus plans let you access the advanced features of this discord bot. So, purchase the paid 24/7 plan for non-stop music, queue export, and import and autoplay the songs.

Failed to Connect Spotify to Your Discord Server? Try these Easy Fixes

Clear the Discord and Spotify app cache and cookies to fix the problem. Additionally, you must clear the cookies of the browser from where you access Discord. Try a different bot if the Spotify bot you want to use isn’t adding to the server. Updating the Discord and Spotify app will also help eliminate this issue.