Best Cyber Security Affiliate Program You Should Try Today

Affiliate marketing has become a major industry that provides really good opportunities to people. Every day, more businesses start affiliate programs for their services or products and offer good commissions. With these programs, bloggers, YouTubers, and publishers make a lot of money just by promoting products to their audience.

In short, affiliate programs provide win-win deals for both sides. Before we explain the best cyber security affiliate program, let’s see why the cybersecurity market can be more profitable for your affiliate income.

Cyber Security Market Is Growing 

Today, joining a cybersecurity affiliate program can be an excellent opportunity to earn a really good income. As our businesses have become more web-oriented, and cloud-native, there is a growing need for cybersecurity. According to Statista, the estimated value of the cyber security market is 239.04 billion U.S dollars, and by 2026 it is forecasted to grow to 345.04 billion dollars. This shows that every day more people or businesses consider purchasing cybersecurity software and services. 

Before their purchase, these potential new consumers constantly search for information on the internet and look up publishers, bloggers, business representatives, or YouTubers’ opinions about the company and service. So, these marketers play a critical role in consumers’ purchase decisions. 

When these marketers create credible and persuasive content, for each monthly or yearly purchase and renewal, they get 40-50% commissions. Additionally, 40-50% is a very generous commission, because in most affiliate programs the base commissions are between 20-25%. So, joining a cybersecurity affiliate program can be really profitable for you.   

Why NordLayer Is the Best Cyber Security Affiliate Program?  

Before joining a cybersecurity affiliate program, you should consider some variables such as the company’s market share, quality of its products, brand awareness, brand equity, and brand image. For example, promoting a company that has low brand awareness, bad service, and low-quality products won’t get you traffic or conversions, and maybe it’ll harm your credibility and reputation. 

On the other hand, joining a cybersecurity affiliate program of a well-known company that has a good brand image, and high-quality products, you’ll generate more search traffic to your content. More importantly, you’ll get more conversions and increase your affiliate income. 

When variables like brand recognition, brand image, quality of the product are considered, NordLayer has the best cybersecurity affiliate program amongst all. It offers good commissions, ensures high search traffic, and conversions rate. 

To become an affiliate partner, all you have to do is fill out an application form, and wait for the approval. Afterward, you can promote any of the Nord family of products such as NordSecurity, NordVPN, NordLocker, and NordPass. Let’s take a closer look at its commission offers and benefits.

Good Commissions

NordLayer affiliate earnings consist of two types of commissions. Firstly, it gives a 50% share for monthly purchases and if the same customer renews his subscription, the affiliate marketer gets 40% commissions. Secondly, it gives a 40% commission for yearly purchases, and if she renews her subscription, the marketer gets a 30% share. 

NordLayer’s cybersecurity affiliate program commission offers are very generous. Lastly, it is an excellent opportunity to gain good income as you’ll get commissions every time customers purchase or renew their subscriptions. 

Higher Search Traffic and Conversions Rate 

NordSecurity is one the most known and trusted cyber security companies in the world and its the umbrella company of NordLayer. Additionally, NordLayer has brand awareness and recognition all around the world. So, promoting its products will generate high search traffic for your content, and as you reach more people your channel or blog’s popularity will increase. 

Lastly, NordLayer is a reliable brand, and this makes your promotion efforts easier and increases your chances to get high conversion rates.  

Last Remarks

Today, the internet provides endless possibilities and opportunities to make money. Affiliate marketing is one of these everlasting opportunities, and all you have to do is promote a brand and get a commission for each purchase of your audience. 

The cybersecurity market provides generous commission rates for affiliate programs. As this market is expected to grow each year, there are a lot of potential new customers. By joining NordLayer’s cybersecurity affiliate program, you can get your share of this constantly growing market.      

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa