Best Chess Sets of Kaoori Chess Company

Chess is a sweet and fascinating game that refreshes your brain. However, the experience lies in the chess set you are using. At the beginner’s level, any chessboard and pieces are good to go. You can use plastic, cardboard, or any other material efficiently in making chess sets. 

But as you graduate, the chess set becomes an essential consideration. You start to discover various designs, construction, artistry, and functionalities. These aspects are essential in offering a powerful experience. As chess becomes a thing for everyone, many stores are popping up. Some are offering genuine sets, while others will sell substandard chess sets.

For this reason, you need to be choosy when deciding where to get your chess sets. One of the best chess sets dealers is Kaoori Chess Company. This company features authentic, high-quality, and well-crafted chess sets. Here is a review of some of the best chess sets from Kaoori:

Luxury Chess sets

If you desire a mixture of personalization and classical chess experience, a luxury chess set is a perfect pick. This set is a product of colorful wood that features different designs and styles. It has superb coloring that enhances your view and allows you to make creative and tactical moves. 

The Kaoori luxury chess sets are a craft of high-quality wood and come in varying themes to meet your preference. This aspect makes them durable and offers value for your money. With them, you enjoy a tasteful game with a high-class chess experience. 

Themed chess sets 

Do you have a movie you love or want to play chess in a particular season? If so, the themed chess sets are a perfect choice. These chess sets are set to match a particular season or event. They come in different designs and artworks themed for movies, festive seasons, or holidays. 

Kaoori’s range of themed chess sets is a nice pick as a special gift for a chess lover. They have a superb design feted for particular seasons and chess grandmasters and movies. For instance, you will find a Game of Thrones or Harry Potter-themed chess set from the Kaoori store. 

Staunton Chess Set

Staunton Chess set stands out as the hallmark of standardization and design. They are popular and common in chess tournaments. Also, these sets are available in different types and designs. There are those crafted from wood, while others are handmade. 

The construction material also differs. You will find wood, plastic, and semi-stone crafted chess sets. These chess sets stand out because of their unique crafting of the pieces, particularly the King and the Queen. With them, you will have a combination of modern and classical chess-playing experiences.   

Antique Chess Sets

Play chess with your ancestor by sharing their experience. The Antique chess sets are a good way to get back in time. It is among the foundational designs of the chess set that propels chess history. 

This chess set is a good idea for people looking for something unique made just for them. Considering durability, antique chess sets can serve you for decades. The pieces are products of high-quality wood or ivory. This construction is not only sturdy but also long-lasting. 

Tournament Chess Sets

Are you looking on to taking part in a chess tournament? Kaori is your partner when searching for a quality chess set for the task. The company offers a wide range of tournament chess sets that will make your competing experience awesome. 

These sets meet international standards and are worth for every professional chess player. From the design to piece and board sizes, the tournament chess sets align with the World Chess Federation requirements.

In a word, Kaoori has every type of chess set you need. Whether you are looking for a professional, luxury, or tournament chess set, you can find it in their store. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa