Benefits of Hiring a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

Managing the business efficiently is one of the top priorities for many business people out there. Implementing professional CRM software into your daily flow is no longer an ambition but rather a necessity. Some companies prefer to hire Dynamics developers, while others choose a more affordable way and hire an MS Dynamics CRM consultant. In this article, you will be able to find everything you need to know about what kind of specialist it is and how they can give a boost to your business.

Microsoft Dynamics: What Is It?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a software suite designed to improve the process of customer relationship management. With this set, you can organize your sales, marketing, and services process much faster. The package is used as a full-fledged platform for working with clients, and its configuration depends on specific goals using . NET.

The Microsoft Dynamics line includes the ERP applications Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics SL, and Dynamics Retail Management System (known as Dynamics RMS).

By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, during the first three months of operation, the number of closed deals increases significantly and the sales cycle gets significantly shorter. All company’s employees get to use a single knowledge base, get access to a convenient transmission of requests, transparent building, if necessary, of queues of requests, making customer service the most efficient and convenient.

Role and Main Responsibilities of a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

The typical duties of an MS Dynamics CRM consultant are a bit different from the ones of the Dynamics developer. Here is the list of the most typical duties of  such a specialist:

  • Documenting business processes on assigned projects;
  • Providing assistance with MS Dynamics CRM architecture;
  • Providing assistance to the internal resources with pre-sales or support processes including MS Dynamics CRM;
  • Consulting the team on the proper CRM implementation techniques, providing professional training to employees;
  • Providing pre-sales CRM demonstrations for clients;
  • Acting as a communication point between clients and the team.

Dynamics CRM Consultant

Source: Mobilunity

Main Benefits of Hiring a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

The decision to hire a Dynamics Consultant can bring many benefits to your business. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest ones:

1.    It Gives You the Kind of Experience That Your Team Doesn’t Have

It is one of the most common reasons for companies to hire consultants in the first place. With a specialist like that, you will be getting access to the kind of knowledge and experience that your team lacks. With that level of professionalism, a consultant will be able to quickly and effectively put your team to training, even if they are absolutely new to CRM. Professional user training can significantly increase the time users get adopted to the CRM. This way, the execution speed of your business processes will also increase.

2.    It Decreases Your Expenses

Hiring a consultant will always be much more affordable than hiring a CRM developer. At the same time, recruiting an internal consultant will also be cheaper than finding a freelance worker or the same sort. However, this way, you will have to invest time and money into your employee’s training which sometimes might not be exactly what you need.

By hiring an external CRM consultant you can spare your employees insufficient training and take some load of tasks off of them. It might eventually save you a lot of money if you decide to hire MS Dynamics Consultants exactly when you need them instead of keeping these specialists permanently on your staff.

3.    It Allows You to Get the Best CRM Solution

If you hire a Dynamics consultancy specialist, you will not just hire someone who knows how to run CRM Dynamics and can adapt it to your needs. It means hiring a professional with many years of experience who has seen hundreds of real-life CRM implementation solutions. This way, they will be able to adapt it to your business not just “by the textbook” but according to the best solutions on a real market.

4.    It Strengthens Your Security

While companies are growing, their security protocols should be getting more developed as well. There is nothing more important than keeping your client’s data safe if you want them to remain your clients. A Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a perfect solution if your clients’ safety is one of your number one priorities. A professional consultant will be able to assist you with setting everything up the way you need to and ensure that there will be no failures in the future.

5.    It Allows You to Bring Automation Into Your Daily Workflow

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a very flexible and functional platform. It allows you to automate the sales process and the execution of contracts or service maintenance. With its help, you can adapt even to very complex and original business processes, but the system itself must be configured for a specific company. This is where a Dynamics consultant might be the very person you need.


Source: Mobilunity

Typical Rates of a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

Before hiring any kind of specialist, it is important to learn about their responsibilities and typical rates. By knowing what the market holds for you in terms of hiring a Dynamics consultant, you can carefully weigh out all pros and cons for yourself.


USA UK Germany Ukraine Spain
$ annual rate $122,000 $80,643 $71,703 $36,800 $40,628


As you see, the prices vary. However, the lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean the lowest quality. Ukraine offers one of the best IT specialists globally who can bring your company to the top for an affordable price.

The time difference between the USA and Ukraine is from 7 to 12 hours. It seems that this is quite a lot, but even under such conditions, there is still an opportunity to provide daily communication between Ukrainian developers and American customers, and this is very important for the success of the project. At the same time, there is practically no time difference between Europe and Ukraine, so a shift towards working with European customers seems more and more likely every year.

Final Thoughts

More and more companies are learning about the benefits of having a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant on their team. Implementing the Dynamics CRM helps your sales, marketing, and service teams focus on effectively managing customer relationships and eliminates a lot of routine tasks. Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates seamlessly with a variety of industry solutions to leverage synergies from customer data management technologies. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation helps automate the interaction process with the customer at all points of contact: from filling out a customer card to after-sales service.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa