Asus Router Lights Meaning – Expert Guide 2023

Asus included various status lights on its high-end dual and tri-band routers. These LED lights have different meanings and blink green or red for different reasons. Hence, understanding all the Asus router lights meaning is important. It will help you to identify internet-related issues and find a viable solution.

Most Asus routers feature at least 5-7 lights that help users to know the router status. You will notice a Power and WAN or Internet LED in almost all the Wi-Fi routers. The manufacturer also added the WLAN and WPS status lights in the latest router models.

There are ADSL, LAN and USB LEDs in the advanced Asus routers. Alongside, you will see a Reset button in the networking device’s back panel. If the wireless router generates a network problem, press the button to resolve it without an expert’s help.

Here, we have explained all the Asus router light meanings and their possible fixes:

Power Light

Your Asus router power light turns solid green/blue when it is on and is ready to provide high-speed internet on the connected Wi-Fi-enabled devices. No lights on the router indicate the power cables or wall outlet might be faulty.

Moreover, the wireless router’s power LED won’t light up for loose or faulty cables.
Disconnect your dual-band Asus router’s cables from the power outlet. Reconnect the power cable to the correct port after 2-3 minutes to fix the “No Power” light error.

Is your Asus gaming router’s power light blinking slowly? It means the device encountered a firmware update failure. A corrupted firmware might generate this problem in the Wi-Fi router.

Restore the device’s default factory settings if this issue occurs. Furthermore, you can download and install the latest firmware version for the router to eliminate the slow power light flashing issue.

2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz Status Lights

You will see the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi icons in all the dual-band Asus routers. Depending on the model you use, these two LEDs might turn solid green or blue when the Wi-Fi band is active and ready to use.

If the 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz lights start blinking green/blue, don’t worry. It indicates the client devices are using the Wi-Fi bands to transfer the data from one device to another. However, these LED indicators will turn off when the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequencies stop working.

How to Fix the Asus Router 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz not Working?

If you see no light on the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi icon, access the Asus router’s web GUI.

Don’t know how to get into the router’s web interface? Open a web browser from your computer, enter the networking equipment’s default gateway IP and press “Enter”.

Enter the Asus dual-band router’s default username and password when the login page opens. Click “Login” or hit the Enter button to open the device’s web GUI. Navigate to “Advanced Settings”, tap on “Wireless”, and select “General”.

Choose “2.4 Ghz” or “5 Ghz” bands based on your bandwidth requirements. You must use the 24 GHz band for low-bandwidth activities like reading articles. But, consider switching to the 5 GHz bands when streaming high-graphics games or videos.

Here are the other solutions to solve the Asus router 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz light not working:

  • Update the firmware from Asus wireless router control panel.
  • 2. Disable the Smart Connect feature from the router’s settings page.
  • Factory reset the device to eliminate the Asus router’s Wi-Fi band issue.

Internet or WAN Light

Understanding the Internet or WAN light meaning is pretty easy. It turns solid green or blue when the router establishes a secure and stable internet connection. This Asus router LED flashes green or blue when uploading or downloading data.

Does the Asus wireless router’s internet light turn red from solid green? It signifies that the router is facing difficulty connecting to the internet.

It can be because of faulty or loose Ethernet or coax cables. Ensure all the router cables are connected securely to fix the blinking red light error.

How to Fix the Asus Router Red Light, No Internet Issue?

Multiple reasons can cause the Asus router to blink red light, but no internet issue. This internet connectivity error can occur if the modem is not connected to the router properly. Connect a compatible modem with the Asus router to overcome the signal loss issue.

Additionally, you must reboot the Asus dual-band router and DSL modem to clear the cache and minor software glitches. Reconfigure the router settings via the router’s dedicated mobile app.

Besides, you must check whether the WAN is set up properly to obtain an automatic gateway IP. If it isn’t, the Asus router will cause the red-light issue.

Open the Asus router’s web interface, scroll down to “WAN” and choose the right WAN connection type. Update the router’s firmware if the internet connectivity issue persists.

WPS Light

The WPS light is located at the backside of most of the Asus routers. A blinking WPS LED indicates a verification process is going on on the device. It will turn solid green or blue and remain lit for 5 minutes after completing the WPS authentication.

Asus routers’ WPS status light remains off by default. It will only turn on when you try to set up the device on the WPS method. However, you must connect the router to a compatible Wi-Fi-enabled device to use the WPS function. Otherwise, the router will fail to detect the connected computer or smartphone.

ADSL Light

Do you see “ADSL” in the Asus router’s front panel beside the Internet LED? It indicates the router uses an ADSL connection to create a local area network without using wires. This LED will turn solid green or blue when the ADSL connection is on.

The flashing ADSL green LED on an older Asus router indicates connection failure. Check your wireless router and DSL modem’s wires and cables. Reboot these two networking devices to easily resolve the network problem.

The ADSL light will remain off if the computer is connected to a faulty router port. A damaged Ethernet cable can be the reason behind such an occurrence. Repair Asus’s wireless router port and replace the existing Ethernet cable to eliminate the problem.

LAN and USB LEDs – Learn these Asus Router Lights Meaning

There is a LAN and USB light in all the new Asus router models. If you notice a solid green LAN LED, it indicates the Ethernet port has an active connection. It blinks green when transferring data from the router to the client device.

Fix the Asus router’s Ethernet or LAN port if the LEDs are off. Otherwise, you might experience issues connecting the PC to Wi-Fi. On the other hand, the wireless router’s USB light will blink green when the storage device is in use.

A solid green/blue USB LED indicates a flash drive is connected to the router’s USB port. The light will turn off when you disconnect the storage device from the port.

Your router’s USB light will fail to light up if you connect an incompatible USB drive. So, ensure the storage device is compatible with the router for a quick and hassle-free media transfer.