Arris Router Won’t Enable Wireless Functionality & Features [Solved]

Arris routers are quite reliable and high-performance networking devices. However, numerous users have complained that the Arris router won’t enable wireless functionality or Wi-Fi connectivity. If you face the same situation, this guide can help you troubleshoot the internal problem and boost the Wi-Fi network.

You might be unable to connect your devices to the Arris router over a wireless network. Or, the wireless column of the admin panel might have been greyed out. Wi-Fi outages are common in any networking device, regardless of the brand and build. Additionally, they can occur due to a wide range of reasons. It can be a minor software glitch or a hardware malfunction that leads to the Arris internet being down.

Apart from that, you might have selected the wrong frequency. A fault with the cable connection can also result in Wi-Fi complications for Arris routers. Let’s check out how you can overcome this situation.

How to Fix ‘Arris Router Won’t Enable Wireless Connectivity’?

As you already know what can trigger your Arris router’s Wi-Fi issues, you are ready to troubleshoot them. It’s difficult to address hardware breakdowns, but you can try solving software problems and misconfigurations. You can start by pressing the Restart button when the Arris router won’t enable wireless connectivity.

If your router lacks a Restart button, then you can carry on with the following methods:

Power cycle or Reboot the Arris Router

Your Arris router may struggle with a temporary phase of software glitches. That’s why you encounter the Arris router not connecting to internet. In that case, you can try a power cycle or reboot for the router.

Perform the following steps if your router doesn’t have a dedicated Restart button:

  • Power off both your router and modem.
  • Unplug them from their respective power sources.
  • Wait for a while so that the electricity will drain from both devices.
  • Next, plug both the modem and router into power sources.
  • Turn them on.
  • Check if the Arris WiFi router not working issue gets resolved with this simple power cycle.

Check for Overheating

This might be something new for you, but overheating can disrupt your overall Wi-Fi experience. That’s why you should keep a few certain tips in your mind to prevent overheating and bring back your Arris router Wi-Fi functionality.

Here’s what you can follow to avoid router overheating:

  • Keep the router in a well-ventilated area.
  • Ensure you keep the router far away from heat conductors and heating vents.
  • Don’t keep the router under direct sunlight.
  • Keep the router and modem clean enough so that generated heat can pass through their ventilation holes.

Disconnect Some Devices

You might have connected too many computers, smartphones, and other devices to your Arris router. This might create network congestion, and the Arris router won’t enable wireless connectivity any more. And, you might not be able to connect more devices to the same network.

Try this hack to improve the connectivity. Detach every connected device from the Arris router. Simply turn off the WiFi setting on your device and wait to check if it improves the wireless connection. Move on to the next troubleshooting hack if you still struggle with the Wi-Fi issue.

Try the Right Configurations

Enter your Arris router’s web-based control panel to adjust network settings. Go to any web browser and type the router’s IP address. Log into the admin interface with the right credentials.

Now, execute the following settings there:

  • Switch to the 2.4GHz frequency band rather than the 5GHz one.
  • Deactivate the guest network if you enabled one.
  • Update the Arris router’s firmware.

In addition, place the router in the middle of the room and lift up its antennas to point upwards. Ensure that no metal object or large walls interfere with the connectivity between the Arris router and the device you’re using.

Opt for Troubleshooter Programs

You can try Windows Network troubleshooter if you have a Windows PC. Connect your Windows computer to the router via wired means when the Arris router won’t enable wireless connectivity.

Now, you can continue with the following steps:

  • Locate the Network icon on the Taskbar of your computer.
  • Right-click on it to explore content menus.
  • Choose the option that says, ‘Troubleshoot Problems’.

Now, you need to wait for the troubleshooting to be complete.

Disconnect the VPN Service

Reportedly, VPN services can interfere with the Wi-Fi speed. Each time you use a VPN service to connect to the internet, it modifies your IP address. This is certainly a security measure, but it can harm the overall speed of your Arris router’s Wi-Fi connectivity.

You might come across the Arris router settings greyed out because you have connected the current device to a VPN service. To ensure that the VPN isn’t the culprit, turn off the service. Then, check if your Arris router’s Wi-Fi works or not.

Reset DNS

Resetting DNS might be fruitful when your Arris router won’t enable wireless connectivity. It can flush out the problem with DNS and refresh the system so the router can go back online.

Here’s how you can reset DNS on a Windows 10 computer:

  • Right-click the network icon from your computer’s Taskbar.
  • Choose ‘Open Network & Internet Settings’ from the pop-up menu.
  • After that. Click the ‘Change Adapter Options’ under Advanced network settings.
  • Right-click the current network and click the Properties option.
  • Opt for the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4’ option. Then, select Properties.
  • Turn on the option that says, ‘Obtain IP automatically’. Click on the ‘Obtain DNS Automatically’ option.
  • Afterwards, click the OK button to verify your edits and close the window.

Restart your router and check if the issue persists.

Reset the Arris Router to its Factory Settings

In case nothing has improved your Arris router’s Wi-Fi connectivity, then you should try resetting the device to its factory settings. You can visit the router’s settings page using its IP address and logging into the admin interface. Locate the Reset option under the router’s control panel.

Hit the Reset button and confirm your action by entering the password. Now, you must wait a few minutes or longer for the router to reset. Otherwise, you can press and hold the physical Reset button on your Arris router to perform a hard reset.

Long-press the Reset button until all the Wi-Fi lights start flashing. Release the button once all LEDs become solid. Follow the router’s user guide to find the Reset button and use a sharp object to press the button.


Hopefully, the guide helps you to resume your Arris router’s Wi-Fi functions. Chances are there that the Arris router won’t enable wireless access if there is any hardware malfunction. You can seek expert intervention to fix the router or replace it.