Are TrustPilot Reviews Worthy for GameStop Users?

Joining an online casino is like any other online bargain as it involves your hard-earned money. Several offshore websites promise the best experience for punters looking to explore casino games while on self-exclusion. However, there are many things to consider before joining gambling sites, not on GameStop. 

Not all are desirable. Even worse, some are scams, so it is essential to review each independently. TrustPilot reviews offer a way to quickly determine if a casino meets its claim and has reviews on numerous other online companies. You can find real player reviews to gather more information about the experience before depositing your money.

What is TrustPilot?

TrustPilot is a Danish company launched back in 2007 and provides access to a robust platform where users can leave reviews about their experiences shopping online. With more than one million monthly reviews, TrustPilot is a goldmine for players looking to find real customer reviews about different gambling sites. 

The review platform allows users to create an account with a valid email and leave reviews based on personal experiences with the company in question. Punters also leave reviews about casinos, so you can quickly search for a brand and see how it rates. According to its mission, TrustPilot is all about giving consumers (such as casino players) a voice. A quick look at how the platform works reveal it is legit and features real consumers, which is always a good thing. 

Using TrustPilot is easy. They collect reviews from consumers worldwide and allow anyone to create a free account. Once you have an account, you search for the name of a company and read reviews about gambling sites, your local companies, or even stories about UKGC. Trustpilot will pull up a dashboard showing consumer reviews and the average rating (out of five stars). You can then leave a review of your experience with the casino and post it. The platform will ensure you are not a robot before posting your review. Note that you won’t need to sign up for an account to view business ratings. You can just search for a casino and check out its reviews and stats, ideal when comparing different offers.

Are TrustPilot reviews objectives?

Most dissatisfied consumers will leave negative reviews, while only a few of the satisfied ones tend to give positive feedback. As such, it is hard to say the reviews are objective. Personal experiences are also different, so if there are many similar reviews, it could be spam or an issue that has been raised by many players. Over the years, businesses and casinos have joined TrustPilot and claimed their good and bad reviews, answering most of the latter. Dissatisfied consumers can choose to change the rating once their issues are addressed, which is a good incentive for businesses looking to improve their ratings online. This shows that TrustPilot is legit and offers reviews from real customers. 

While reviews aren’t always objective, there’s a lot you can tell about the experiences. People mostly comment about games, customer support, and banking methods, which are crucial aspects when joining casinos licensed outside the UK. Trustpilot gives all players an equal chance to share their experiences and rate the service using a star-based system. The platform then calculates the average rating, which is conveniently displayed, so you can quickly gauge the casino’s performance. To use TrustPilot effectively, you need to focus on each review and check for red flags. Some companies pay for polished reviews, which may look unnatural to others provided by real customers. 

Players can use TrustPilot to tell if others are impressed by the offers in a given casino. The average rating plus sentiments expressed in each review are crucial in drawing this decision. However, TrustPilot reviews don’t often focus on the nitty-gritty details about what matters most. If you are looking for reputable non-GameStop casino sites like, it is important to find comprehensive reviews that offer more details about the website, software, license, game variety, fairness, bonuses, security, payments, customer support, and more.


Using TrustPilot you can find users’ reviews about almost every site, even InternetTableTalk. The platform offers a goldmine for players looking for trustworthy reviews before joining a casino. All you need to do is type the name of the casino to pull up the relevant information. Nonetheless, TrustPilot alone isn’t enough to learn more about a specific casino, unless you are willing to read hundreds, possibly thousands, of personal feedback.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa