Apple Music vs Spotify: Choose the Best Music App

When it comes to the best music streaming platform, You will surely opt for either Apple Music or Spotify. However, with the same monthly subscription fee, as well as similar catalogs, it can be tough for you to decide which one is better. However, the role of judgment comes when you listen to music. Keep in mind, we listen to music to reduce our stress level. 

Therefore, it’s essential that you must consider several factors including stream quality, music discovery, and choose the best music app for you. So, if you are confused about Apple Music vs Spotify, then read to know more. As here, we will help you to pick the best-suited one for you Apple Music or Spotify.

Platforms Where you can listen to Apple Music and Spotify

You can use both Apple Music and Spotify on any Android and iOS device. Besides, both these have a desktop version. Apart from this, you can even listen to music in the browser. For Apple Music, go to and for Spotify just proceed to 

Apple Music vs Spotify: An Overall Compassion

There’s no doubt that both these platforms are easy to access and provide you with the best audio quality. However, sometimes music lovers are unable to decide which one is better. For your help, we have thoroughly compared these two platforms.

Streaming Quality

You can stream the Apple Music content at a speed of 256kbps. Also, can use the AAC format, as well as via one high-quality Bluetooth codec, you can stream the audio format. Apart from this, Apple Music can be streamed at its highest possible quality and deduce the streaming quality when you use cellular data. 

When it comes to the streaming quality of Spotify, it can automatically set it. Depending on the connection strength, you can adjust the quality. On the open-source Ogg Vorbis codec, and if you are a premium user, then you can stream this app up to 320kbps. On the other hand, if you use the free version, you can stream up to 160kbps.

Also, if you are a casual music listener, you will be satisfied with both the steaming apps. However, according to experts, if you live in an area with an unstable internet connection, then Spotify will be the best choice for you, as here you can adjust the quality.

Apple Music vs Spotify: Library & Music Selection

According to Spotify, they have a music collection of more than 50 million songs. On the other hand, Apple Music already crossed 60 million. With both these platforms, you will get immediate access to some specific albums. However, Apple Music offers some specific music videos, as well. 

In case, you activate the iCloud Music Library within Apple, then via all the devices, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can easily access the music. iCloud Music Library can match the song and if the song is not available, upload it. Therefore, you just have to sign-in to your account with the Apple ID and can save up to 100,000 songs within the iCloud Music Library.

On the other hand, if you download the Spotify app on your device, you are also playing the music. Remember that, Spotify only works for local files. However, Spotify offers you a product advantage, but Apple Music can divide the podcast within a dedicated application.

Apple Music vs Spotify: Interface and Navigation

On mobile, Apple Music provides a clean white look. On the other hand, the Spotify app produces a dark mode on both iOS and Android devices. However, with the main tabs, including the library, search, and radio, you can easily access both apps. 

Now, while you are listening to music, Spotify plays short and animation videos. However, it depends on the music. Also, if lyrics are available for that specific song, you will see the lyrics. However, Apple does not provide you with such an option. Through Google Maps, you can control the choice list and listen to Apple Music and Spotify. 

Price and Subscription Plan

Both the streaming apps offer you a three-month free trial for the premium subscription. And, the basic cost is $9.99, £9.99 or AU$11.99 per month. If you are a student, you have to spend an amount of $4.99. However, for a family plan, you need to spend $14.99 for membership.

Apart from this, if two users live at the same address, then Spotify also provides a Premium Duo Subscription and the amount is $12.99, AU$15.99 or £12.99. For the student, Spotify offers additional subscriptions- Showtime and Hulu. Spotify is the only music server that supports an ad-supported tier. Hence, if you haven’t taken the premium subscription, still you can listen to free music.  However, Apple Music doesn’t provide you with such features. And, you can only hear a song, if you save it within the iTunes library.

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Apple Music Provide you better Search Functionality

When it comes to search functionality, Apple Music can surely beat Spotify. Here, you can search a song with its lyrics. It’s quite normal that you can forget the music title. However, if you use Apple Music, you just need to enter lyrics within Apple Music’s search bar and within a couple of seconds, you will be presented with that song. Still, now, Spotify doesn’t offer such a feature.

Test before you Purchase…

Finally, before spending a lot of money to purchase on your favorite music streaming app, we suggest you take the advantage of the three-month free trial. And, then purchase the most suitable music platform for you.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa