Use Of GPU By The Intel To Detect Necessary Threats- Speeds Up The Anti Virus!

As a matter of fact, people must understand that the need for a good antivirus is something that they must never overlook. There are various techniques associated with an antivirus that you should know.

For instance,

Recently, Intel has brought some innovations to the world of antivirus. These will affect the lives of people in the most positive ways possible.

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Certainly, there are two important things that Intel has decided to do. Understanding these two separately can help people ensure they are using the correct antivirus Technology for themselves.

The Accelerated Memory Scanning By Antivirus

The accelerated memory scanning helps you suspicious patterns while scanning for the viruses in the memory.

Still confused?

Let me break it down for you.

There are some malicious tools and viruses that can usually be in your memory. But, you may not be able to see them. It is because they are present in the most disguised way possible.

Tracking them and cleaning them off easily is not an easy affair. So, this is only why the memory scanning process is necessary.


This is exactly where the tracking of the memory footprint becomes really necessary for the antivirus tools. It will then be able to understand a pattern of a manager software being available if any.

One of the other problems that we often face with the scanning process is the fact that the CPU is something that becomes extremely slow during scanning. But with this new change GPU will come into action rather than the CPU.

This will help in ensuring that people can use the computer while they are still scanning for the viruses. Also, the CPU usage will come down to just 20% of the entire 100% that is being used otherwise.

Taking The Help Of AI For Real-time Threat Recognition

This is something that may not interest traditional users. But will definitely come into a lot of help for the people who are dealing with cloud computing as well as the data centers.

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It is something that will help you detect that telemetry data. Moreover, it can protect the entire system from various faults that may come with the Spectre and meltdown. In fact, this will help in recognization of the exact behavior abnormalities of the processes as well.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa