Antivirus Protection For Google Chrome Browser – Presented By The Microsoft

We all are concerned about malicious links and phishing issues while using PCs and laptops. Often the Antivirus Protection for such problems is given by the browser itself.

They just block the sites and the links which are suspected to be malicious. It is being automatically done by Google Chrome. But what if you get more support from other sources for such Antivirus Protection?

Well, that is an extra topping on your delicious pizza.

Antivirus Protection

And this toppings has been brought to you by the Google’s rival Giant company “Microsoft”.

This company has brought their own antivirus software for the Google Chrome browser. They have released the defender program for antivirus through the Chrome extension.

This extension is particularly able to scan the malware and blocks the URLs and links which it finds malicious. Thus you get double protection for your PCs without extra effort.

How Does Microsoft Extension Software Give Antivirus Protection?

Not only the links, but this extension is also successful in blocking the phishing emails which look like suspicious to it. Thus the emails are also protected by this extension.


Many may think that the need to download this extension isn’t required. This is because Google itself provides an extension for such protections. So what is the need for Microsoft’s extra care?

But we find that there is a need. Microsoft claims that 99 % protection is provided by their extension compared to 87% protection to Mozilla Firefox. Now you can hopefully realize why Microsoft extension is being preferred much in spite of having such Antivirus Protection.

How To Get This Extension On Your Machine?

This software has been developed for the users of the Web browser, Microsoft Edge, which is the default on its Windows 10 operating system. Also, this is available as the Chrome extension too.

This extension has a list of different malicious links and URLs which are being blocked. This henceforth helps to prevent any kind of virus attack or harm to the system.

Even the scam sites and the emails phishing are being blocked. Thus they are guarding the system in different ways even your Google protection.

antivirus software

How Does It Work?

As per the screenshots provided, when any website is suspected to be malicious, then a red screen will come to alert you. With a back to safety links, you can easily avoid the website and go back to safety.

So if anyone is at risk of getting worried about the malicious links or any other prospects, they must do this extension. This can surely be additional protection for your system.

This windows 10 software extension is already been launched. If anyone is interested to download this, easily do it from the website. Just follow the instructions and get to save the system from ultimate harm.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa